Stella Dimoko A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha -7


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Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha -7

Anyone can send in a Polygamous Brouhaha...This was sent by a lady to push home the message that what a boy child can do,the girl child can do better....

A certain chief who wasn't all that rich got married to a pretty lady named Ngozi from owerri and brought her to Lagos from the village,one year after Ngozi gave birth to a pretty baby girl and they were so happy,after two years Ngozi had another baby girl and chief didn't find it funny at all but he endured and hoped the third will be a baby boy..

Ngozi took in almost immediately this time as she was already tensed and she gave birth to a third girl and chief got so mad,according to him he is a chief and need a heir (not like he is even that rich ooo)...he started telling everyone to get him a fruitful woman and that search started.

One year later he was introduced to another pretty lady named Ada and according to him she will give him sons because her mother had 5 boys and just Ada so Ada must be filled with male kids too...Ada came into the house and started carrying her shoulders high as the male kids manufacturer that she is and after 9months she gave birth to a baby girl,her shoulders dropped a bit but she bragged that she had her daughter first so others will be male kids and she hurriedly took in for the second child l,after 9months she gave birth to yet another girl and she became so humble and chief gave her one more chance and that made her so desperate she was advised by friends and decided to do something as she doesn't want a third wife in that house...

A friend of hers took her to somewhere and she was given something to drink,one of the first wife's daughters heard when they were talking about going there and told her mother but they kept quiet and watches events unfold,few months later she took in and was so happy and the joy increased when ultrasound showed it's a boy and her shakara started again and she bragged that she will give their husbands 4 sons and ngozi felt so bad and was always crying especially after being insulted by Ada.

One sunny afternoon labour started and Ada secretly went to the hospital as she won't want her enemies to know what's up so they don't come and kill her precious son,that evening she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and they named him chukwuebuka but the child didn't look normal and later it was discovered he had "Down syndrome "and chief became so sad and his blood pressure got so high but Ada assured him that she will still give him sound boys (as if she is God) and she wasn't able to fulfil that promise because she couldn't take in again till chief died 8 years later ..Today ebuka is 12 years and is an only son but his mother sees him as a burden but can't she can't help but do everything for him.

Ngozi's girls are all married and are successful in various fields and she has left the house for Ada and her kids as her kids bought a house for her..some people say Ngozi must have done something diabolical to make Ada have a special child but Ngozi insists it's as a result of all the rubbish Ada took and where her friend took her too before she conceived..Last time I saw ebuka I felt so bad for he poor baby as he was left all by himself in his poo wig flies everywhere...


  1. Imo, WHAT a man can do a woman can do better n what a woman can do, a man can do better. Just pray for good children, Evans is a male child, afrocandy is a female child,same with aisha Buhari and bukola saraki.

    1. Yes my dear, let's just pray for good children. Bob- risky is also a male child but see him today

  2. Mitchelle Obama is a female child and she has a male sibling.

  3. I dont know why most men think its the fault of the woman when they give birth to only female children, forgetting that they are the ones responsible for selecting the sex of the child.

  4. Na wooo, may God help All those Stupid Men with their foolish mentality of having Men child by force where as they are the one droping sperm of female children, Abeg ooo male child is not Wealth and also not the gate way of heaven...

  5. So many women going through so much all in the name of having a male child.

  6. is well.
    what despiration can cause though...


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