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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Mama Nnuku's Gist Corner -The Patient

Welcome to Mamannuku’s corner... Sing with me! “Keresimesi elu Agogo Elu Agogo Olugbala wa de ooo Elu Agogo”. If you don’t know the song you can chop mouth along it is allowed.

The Gist:

In my 105 people compound then we had this man we called Alfa but we fondly call him yahlufa..

He is like a mini God as people come in and go out of his place seeking solution to whatever problems they had .

I noticed the man liked to give me money then, and me I like to collect, who rejects money biko?

From clap na the thing begin enter dance , as he started telling me how much he likes me and want to marry me, lol.. I dey secondary school that time.. 

The man go dey , dey psyche my brain but I no go respond, but once he puts his hands in his pocket , I go begin shine teeth like policewoman wey catch motorist.. hahhahaha.. (Dodges subs from the polices on this blog) .. biko it’s a joke oo , nobody should comman arrest me .. .

from dance na before the thing go enter break dance , I began to avoid yahlufa if I see am sef I no dey greet am I go just lock-up . but he kept giving me money, live chickens wey people bring as sacrifice abi wetin I no know, and lotta other gifts. He was the CEO and me yours truly was the accountant.. haahahhahaha ..

In my small mind I will be like truly maga’s exist in this world, this was my own small way of doing yahoo-yahoo (lmao). Well my mama must not know then, cox na the day wey she catch me I for say my last prayers join my ancestors .

My people it continued like that oo until the patient arrived...

One fateful day, he had this patient, I think the woman was suffering from what you oloyinbo’s call post partum disorder abi na post natal disorder :::

The woman was driven down to the compound in a fine black jeep that day, and was acting like someone that as partial skoin-skoin, but damn she was a beauty with flawless skin, as hospital wey yahlufa be na, lol. Her people carried her down there. The first few weeks they normally drive her down, but I don’t know what the conclusion was and she started staying there, Baba Debo could not put up a fight this time, cox he was settled and told she was a relative.

So after the woman started staying with him, the family comes time to time to check on her. And were told by yahlufa she needed to stay to be properly taken care of . tongues were wagging and everybody who couldn’t mind their businesses like me our antenna was up for any gist that will fly (lol)

After 2 months the woman was fine according to yahlufa and ready to go home to her people, so she left. Exactly 3 weeks after she left, early in the morning around 6.45pm she drove down to the yard and that was how breeze blow and fowl yansh open . (Lmao )

She was crying and swearing for yahlufa, that her husband and his people who drove her down there have chased her out of the house, because she was 3 Months pregnant, Yeeeeeepa! Yahlufa yaff scored goal on this woman body, lol.

 She kept on screaming to get the attention of everyone. Emi ni mo gba front ( na me dey front) People were blaming her that why did she allow herself to be brought to this man, but she has skoi-skoi na , how will she know, then another person said, now that she has gotten pregnant by him the skoi-skoi has disappeared . lol.. Automatically her eyes as cleared and the thing dawned on her... Poor lady!

Well did yahlufa take responsibility for the pregnancy? Lol news spread like wildfire and had gotten to yahlufas wives, ogbenni already as 8 wives and 7 kids.  So the skoi-skoi lady would have been number.9 with the 8th child.

My people I don’t know what later happened to the pregnancy, but we didn’t see the lady after like 3 times she came to do werey swear and shout .. Yahlufa was later given quit notice and he packed out one fateful day .. lol 

And na so the era of Yahlufa ended!


  1. Hehehehehehehehe..I knew d woman will collect.

  2. Hahahah oyibo Peper will never go scot free oo, that is how those baba sleep with pretty woman all in the name of mental the time them doneness born 5children there eyes will now clear, the woman will run away..

  3. The woman's husband is slow and ignorant, how do you leave your wife with another man in the name of curing her. Ingwanu.

    Vera Vera, lol.

  4. Hahahaha...mama nnuku u are funny o.Kai I jst day imagine how u go dey chop Yoruba with mouth. sotey u don turn has to as as a typical yooba gal wey u don be.nice one.

  5. Hahahaha...mama nnuku u are funny o.Kai I jst day imagine how u go dey chop Yoruba with mouth. sotey u don turn has to as as a typical yooba gal wey u don be.nice one.

  6. Na wa o! Baba come use the woman abunna as payment and donate pikin join...

  7. This is a lesson to people that leave their loved ones at the mercy of all these woliis, alfass, pastors especially parent with female-child. Stop allowing them sleep over alone in prayer houses. If there is a need for them to sleep over, be with them. Ultimately....learn how to petition God yourself. Pray,pray,pray..we all have access to God. Use yours for yourself and your family.

  8. This actually got me smiling. Nice one Vera keep it coming.

  9. Enter your comment...Mama Nnuku please are you from Adazi Nnoukwu?

  10. It has been happening oo... To those of u single girls that do go to ALPHA, Pastor or Babalawo take note.


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