Stella Dimoko APC's Position On Fuel Scarcity


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Saturday, December 23, 2017

APC's Position On Fuel Scarcity

APC's Nation Publicity Sec,Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi just posted this on his Instagram handle.....

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Our party acknowledge the difficulties Nigerians are currently experiencing as a result of the unfortunate fuel scarcity across the country; especially at this Yuletide period. 

We understand that the Federal Government is doing everything to improve the situation and bring succour to the people as soon as possible.
We also understand the unhappiness of Nigerians at this situation, which is happening for the first time in the Christmas period since the APC administration came to power. 

We also wish to note that while we accept the choice of the opposition PDP to make political gains out of the difficulties that Nigerians are experiencing as a result of this fuel scarcity, we however condemn their desperation to make the government and our party look bad by maliciously fabricating and circulating fictitious statements in the names of our government and party officials and then attack us on the basis of those same statements that they fabricated in the first place. This is bad politics. 

Once again we empathise with Nigerians at this difficult time and appeal for patience with the Federal Government as they make efforts to improve the situation and find lasting solution to this problem that has bedevilled every administration in our country, including the PDP administration under whose government, Nigerians would recall, the oil cabal enjoyed unprecedented prosperity.

National Publicity Secretary of APC #FuelScarcity #APC #Nigeria


  1. They should please let us hear word

    1. Thunder faya your mouth mallam bolaji

  2. Nigerians in charge of farm tanks and marketing of petroleum products are causing this.every christmas period it is always so.
    Greedy we are all conplaining,they are making billions from it.if obama or nelson mandela comes to lead us,nothing go change because we are just too love.after we all attend christmas caroll together at the end no love..

  3. Did they not promise that the queues will disappear over the weekend?

  4. Thunder fire this man and this his nonsense write up!...
    Transport fare from Lagos to the east by road is from 12-15k and he has the audacity to open his gutter mouth to yarn trash!...
    Muslims do their own celebrations without any fuel scarcity but they can't do the same for us..
    Ekwensu kpoo gi na Vuharia Oku there!...

    1. I paid 8k frm lag-warri.. it do me lik juju#warahell

  5. U guys should do the needful asap...

  6. Always promising,it is ur party slogan

  7. I'm not surprised. APC has brought lots of hardship on the masses. Just can't wait for 2019 to come so that they can be voted out of power. #CluelessGovt

  8. Can they say a word without mentioning PDP and d past govts? So it is PDP members that made all those promises and big claims u pple made that Nigerians have continuously referenced and reminded u of? Moreover, must you talk can't u pple just take action and later explain when you succeed? Ndi ochu!

  9. NEVER taking responsibility for their actions #itsashame #smh

  10. APC no complain ooo,u guys said worse to PDP. Just fix this mess! I dey vex walahi.

  11. A party known for failure, always calling PDP for your mistakes, nothing is working in this country ATM, I bought fuel 300# per litre just to travel, A country with oil that has no oil. We will survive

  12. Just Negodu... Just fix your mess. You removed subsidy and increased the price yet PDP is being mentioned. Have you guys no shame?


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