Stella Dimoko Oby Ezekwesili Sends President Buhari A Memo On How To End ''Annual'' Fuel Scarcity...


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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Oby Ezekwesili Sends President Buhari A Memo On How To End ''Annual'' Fuel Scarcity...

She says it's time to let go of the politically beloved petroleum sector

Why is Deregulation so hard*


  1. dear stella..she is so so right..infact things are the way it is not because they(our leaders from inception of democracy till date) dont know what to do oh...its just that,they dont want to do the right thing because the big fishes would be affected.nigerians are just so one wants to do whats right as long as they are benefiting..

  2. are we ready to do whats right?lets be sincere.even from read some things and you wonder if nigerians really prefer doing things the right way.

  3. Failed government.

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  4. stella you want to know? simple.petroleum sector funds most of gorvernment doings.(miscellaneous) it would be very hard for them because theu would have to let go and not have too much influence on it.on the other hand..who are we to deregulate to...?in what kinda environment are we deregulating in? what effects does it have on the people? questions we need to sincerely answer..

  5. You could'nt have said it any better! Brave woman... I like ur guts. My Able President! Plz take her advices

  6. I wonder why every Christmas season there must be fuel issue in Nigeria? Madam is on point

  7. If you see the pandemonium here in Abj yesterday, you'd be surprised, people were rushing to travel, traffic everywhere as if Jesus was born in their villages. Abuja to Lagos by bus was said to be 16k, wetin happen?

  8. General Mohammadu Buhari, the professor of petroleum economics.


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