Stella Dimoko Motorists To Pay More At Lekki Toll Gate/Ikoyi Link Bridge From January 1st


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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Motorists To Pay More At Lekki Toll Gate/Ikoyi Link Bridge From January 1st

The Lekki Concession Company Limited (LCC) has announced that from January 1, 2018, motorists using the toll gate at the Victoria Island end of the Lekki-Epe expressway and Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge would have to pay more.

Currently, cars are levied N120, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) N150 and commercial buses N80 at the toll gate, while cars pay N250 and SUVs, N300 at the bridge.

However, speaking at a press conference in Lagos, LCC’s Managing Director, Mohammed Hassan, made it known that the charges were no longer sustainable as a result of the “current business realities and increasing cost of operation”.

“Since the commencement of tolling in December 2011, the toll tariffs had remained the same despite the continuous increase in the cost of operations to ensure that the toll plazas and the road infrastructure are well maintained,” he said.

“The toll review has also become necessary to enable the company meet its loan obligations to its local and foreign lenders, considering the fact that foreign exchange rates have continued to increase astronomically in the last couple of years.

“LCC cannot continue to operate or provide the services required from us if we do not review the toll tariffs”.

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*Why are different cars paying different amount?I dont understand at all...this is wrong!!!


  1. New year gift. Big car big trouble

    1. I have no issue with different prices because they charged different prices for Cars and SUV's in US too but my question is what do they use the money collected for? My house is in Lekki and know what of use is the toll gate for

  2. something that is expensive already??? awon weyreh.

  3. I weep for my country Nigeria , paying more for a bridge that will last forever.

  4. This company makes money on those roads on daily basis.
    Stella,they collect different tolls on Nigeria road base on d vehicle one drives.Even at the Airport toll gate.

  5. Story for the gods. They make thousands of naira everyday with all that madness so they should probe their staffs who definitely pocket a lot of it during peak periods.

  6. Big man big trouble @ sdk

  7. "Local and foreign lenders" they say or Tinubu. I hardly pass that toll anyway. Will pay money to enter queue that is long like traffic. Especially the ikoyi bridge. Except on days it is sooo free.
    My anger now is everyone will definitely be passing alternative route now;which I don't blame them.
    Then traffic will multiply on those routes.
    Ambode no do well at all. New year,New they are using style to want to increase feul prices also.
    2019 we await you ppl. No problem

    1. Thank you oo.local and foreign lenders ko, when we all know tinubu is the baba nisale. All na wash. As if the current fee isn't expensive enough.

  8. Diferent Cars With there different money LMAO I dnt gerrit..

  9. This is the height of wickedness, I rather blame the silence of the people and blind Tinubu followerahip, when you complain or come out to demonstrate, they will label you PDP and an enemy of progress and they will import touts from oshodi to come fight you in lekki....let them even increase it to 1k, Lekki people will pay with smiles.

  10. You know what those ticketers, when itsbpeak time and there are many vehicles, most of the drivers are always impatient to collect their tickets once the light shows green for them to pass that baricade. The tickets will keep the tickets and you find out that they will now give you another ticket. If you k ow the time you passed there, cross-check wiyh the time on the ticket and you will see its like 15 or 29mins showing there as against your own time. I don't know if that helps them defraud their people but I have noticed this like 3 times.

  11. The increment applies to bus drivers. They currently pay 80N it is being increased to 100N. Other motorists will not be affected which makes a bit of sense the current fares are steep enough.


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