Stella Dimoko Caroline Hutchings Calls Out Celebs For Shunning Lagos March Against Slave Trade In Libya...


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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Caroline Hutchings Calls Out Celebs For Shunning Lagos March Against Slave Trade In Libya...

EX Actress Caroline Hutchings has blasted celebrities based in Lagos who did not join in the march organised to create awareness on the reported slave auctions and maltreatment in Libya.
Posting on her IG page, she said she arrived the kick-off venue in Ikoyi, Lagos, only to find none of the celebrities who had been posting about the slave auctions on their various social media pages.


  1. Replies
    1. Can't stand her but She was so right this time. Where are the likes of Laura and Toke that posted about it on their IG? Guess she was right about them just looking for followers. They were both hypocrites anyway

  2. Caroline is so Real.Says it as it is even when it affects her as a person. I love you Caro and have watched you take a fall for people you know nothing about. I hardly get carried away by social media pretenders but you are one person anybody could read through. I love the way you go your your mountain of fire and this goes to show you are who you are because of the fear of God in You. May God Continue to Bless you and your entire household.

    1. I said it when they were chanting on twitter that these same folks will not attend a protest match!
      They were merely chanting because foreign celebs were doing do.

  3. Just as somebody up there asked, were they informed about the march in time?
    Nigerians always look for ways to blame celebrities for every little thing

    You don't just step out of your house go somewhere and start marching/protesting
    There are measures to take so don't blame them if they didn't come out.

    I've seen naija celebs protesting against domestic violence and the rest so if they were no show on this,then something wasn't right

    Even the ones in her comments forming keypad warriors were in their houses 'marching' from their phones.

  4. She is always quick to call out. I am just seeing this too. Aren't there suppose to be an awareness like the tuface/Buhari march that didn't hold so even non celebrities can participate? Were they tagged by whoever brought the idea? Na dem sabi abeg.

    1. Miss Ess, let's face it. Our people are a bunch of self serving set of people. If the politicians and social media residents gave them a quarter of a second notice to come for an event, they won't think twice about it. It took Ann Hathaway to start the march against kidnapped chibok girls before the celebs turned it to a media party and attention seeking platform. On this one o, anyone that calls out Carolines call out of her colleagues is as selfish as them. That includes you Madame ess

  5. Those abusing that later that counter her call out are idiots, Carolina should chill abeg her body too dey hot, who she epp?

  6. Marching against what exactly????

    Y'all should be marching against the modern day slavery happening in Nigeria.

  7. This one no get work.. Maga no pay

    School she no gree go.. .no more paymaster to give her iPhone and money

    Any little thing she must call out

    Why not go to their individual page and DM them.. Instead of this unnecessary noise

    Mtchew.. Mbok please



  8. Hellooo! It's not by force to join your uneccessary protest, after all Federal government has already acted swiftly over the issue.

  9. Proudly Anonymous2 December 2017 at 13:16

    In OBO's voice "🎤Caroline I don't need your drama,🎶no put me for your soap opera.🎼


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