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Saturday, December 23, 2017

IYA IBEJI SERIES -Iya Goes To Nollywood..

Lol. I smile just thinking about it. 

I wrote a good story and shared it with some friends. We agreed it will do well as a movie but better if it hits the cinema first.
Many years passed and one day I got a call from my friend that has relocated to asaba to join the movie industry there.

She has spoken to a director about my story and he liked it. So I spoke with this director and he asked me to send the script to his email, I did. After I didn't hear from him in weeks I sent a reminder, he said he had been too busy to read it.

As the matter was dragging na so during my leave I decided to go to asaba. Got to asaba met with the director he is kinda famous. I explained the story to him since he hadn't read it.
He was so excited and surprised because the story had some action scenes and he wasn't expecting a soft spoken person like me to come up with something like that. I felt great my dream was coming true, it took years but it was about to be actualized. 


He asked me how parts the story had I told him just 1 part. Now he was surprise he said just one part? I said I wrote it for the cinema.
Na so guy begin dey explain some things give me. Firstly he asked if I have money to financed a cinema movie because he doesn't do that, when he told me how much it will cost I jejely settled for asaba movie.

Na here film start. He said we can't make a dime from just one part of a movie. He asked me to expand to part 3. Na so I go back home begin dey crack my head. This brought out the creativity in me and 7 months later I was almost done. Happiness for my belly no be here. I called the director and he was surprise I was still on it he thought I had given up.

He set up a meeting with his production director and when I met with the P. D who was nice and very helpful. I was like iya beji your dreams don come through o.
Na so P. D dropped his own bombshell. He said I wrote the script Hollywood style and it will involved a lot of cast, which meant huge budget. He said part 1-3 won't do that the least they can work with is part 1-6.

My mouth open and I couldn't close it again, I tried to close it but I couldn't. The P. D saw my dilemma and he decided to help me out.
He said a 45 mins script is all he needs not to the 1 hour plus I wrote. He told me how to break it down and expand and before I know it I would have my 6 or even 7 parts. 

Na so I begin dey think my life, then my friend the asaba actress came and she listened to me as I ranted. It took me 7 months with lots of sleepless nights to come up with 2 parts. Now they want additional 3 parts of the same story where will that come from what if they want more.

My actress friend decided to help me out, she told me they have just starting with me. That the expansion of the script is just the beginning, that they are coming for the characters, she said my characters are not easterners and that doesn't work here. She said when they are done with my script I won't recognize my story again.

I started asking myself how I got here. And I answered. I thought my dreams were finally coming through and even if it wasn't exactly what I wanted I was ready to bend to see my work on the screen. But this isn't what I wanted so I decided to stop.

I discovered i could tell stories in 1992 so i would gather people and form stories. My dad use to say i lied a lot. Lol. Then in 2006 i was finally able to sit down and start writing and I have been writing ever since.
In 2017 I looked at all the stuff I had written, including my personal stories decided to start sending them to SDK.

And even though the asaba deal didn't pull through but my dream of having people other than my family and friends read my work has come true. Dreams come through in different ways. 

And for 2018 I just got the inspiration to start a drama group in my church and to do short films on YouTube. God is awesome.

*Wow!!!..Once you start with the short films just send link to help you advertise it and make sure that you monetise it.


  1. Ha look at Stella,you too much abeg. Na you give me liver and as if that wasn't enough you gave me stand alone post.
    I thought BVs with their mouth go don make me run, but know I. Still here and they still want me. I don't know about monetising but I will research on it. Please ideas from BVs are welcome.

    Thanks Stella

    1. Enter your reply...iya ibeji you are too much. I will give you idea's.

    2. Oyabeji... when you start your short film, call me I'm a talented actor and I'll act for free for you. You tew much!!! Should I email you? And some of the movies I've done too

  2. The gifts of a man makes room for him and brings him before great men,Well done Iya Ibeji.

  3. I love your stories iya beji.

  4. Nice one. Who knows if they have not turned your script into a movie since.

    1. You just said my mind....maybe they have turned the story into movie sef. If you take story to them, especially Yoruba part of the Nollywood, they will be like 'we don't buy story'....yinmu. After listening to the story with or without your knowledge, they turn it into a movie.

  5. I love your spirit and the fact that you didn't give up. Nice one.

  6. Me go like act for inside if you start writing movies,as the drama queen that I yam nahπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  7. Iya Ibeji.... Consider me your biggest fan..... Like I literally will love if you can even cast me for a role(if you deem me fit). Just know dreams start when you don't ever give up. All the Best Iya Ibeji. Cheers.

  8. Lol! You never see something. Nollywood hates creativity. You're lucky you even spared a listening ear by the director/PD. In Nollywood,a man can become a character,scriptwriter,producer and director: all in a movie.

  9. Iya ibeji drama group in conjunction with SDK Blog. Thumbs up lady. Never give up

  10. Just when I thought of where to get dear BVs showed up.
    Rowland you know I like you too.
    We will make this happen in 2018 by God's grace

  11. Wow iyA ibeji 2018 is your year weda you like it or not, I wish you the best Ma.

  12. Iya beji you will excel, just keep on pushing dear.

  13. Lmao Hollywood and their ways of dragging movies till part 10.hian...congrat sis,DAT incident didn't discourage u.abeg I dey wait for d link to watch ur movies ooh.

  14. Ebuka's Agbada23 December 2017 at 21:41

    Well done Iya Beji!


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