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Tuesday, December 05, 2017


Today Tuesday I felt like doing something different...


Good day Stella....i love you and SDK blog ...but make una easy with cussing out .lets show more love instead..Christmas is here..hope I qualify for today IHN....😁

*Thanks for loving me darling!!!



There is this poor looking lady always in front of a shopping mall selling some kinda magazine...its winter again and  yesterday she looked like she was freezing because her Jacket is old and not warm enough.....
I stopped by and gisted with her and found out that she needs the money she makes everyday to live by because she is not on social welfare.

I am off to gift her two of my winter Jackets,,the most expensive ones i have because I want God to use someone else to bless me with something better.
I am posting this cos i wanna encourage someone to look out there and bless someone with something you dont need all the time...God will replace it for you...There is a magical blessing that comes with giving!

Off to sow seed!



Are you guys asking me to stop posting his comments?Are you guys not the same ones who attack me when i complain?

Hmmm you can never please human beings.....Most of you go under anonymous to vomit really shocking words,most times you forget to sign out of your ID's properly and i have delete both comments to avoid the drama....Don albeit he is too harsh uses his ID....

I am not supporting him and will try my best not to allow some certain comments but sometimes what i see as OK most of you his comment today I didnt really think it was that bad and most of you did.......

I dont want to involve myself in this drama,maybe you guys can send him memos in the comment section on how he comments......he definitley needs to tone it down but we dont need to stoop to his level by cussing him out as well....

I am out of this drama..I don learn my lesson..LOL



#Clears throat#kneels


Dear Bvs

Please, you all should forgive me for creating multiple id's and using

it to vote my gist so as to win. Please I'm Bv Falcon, the only

original blog id I have.

I'm not white berry, I can't and will never be in any situation to

steal money from anybody, is not my portion. I'm not sexy daddy, and

no I'm not Eka joy(leave her out of this) and please don't associate

me with people that scam, I'm not and will never do that.

For those that were quick to judge, Let me repeat the evil I did, I

VOTED MYSELF REPEATEDLY USING NEW ID on Saturday in house news. Thanks

for the rebuke and caution.


I was quick to help myself, and at the end got nothing but shame for it.

I also took notice of this comment by Mrs Gee, guess I was challenged,

she said "I always pray for favour from God in things like that, He

alone can truly bless"

Will I do it again? No*shines teeth

How do I feel?


*wish my phone was off on Saturday

*wish I was so busy

*wish I wasn't in some situation that led me to that.

Result of my action

*Defamed my name

*Have to change ID, because I know what this will lead to (bullying),

just can't stand it

*And I finally got famous but in the wrong way

So please I'm not a scammer, I have not met or interacted with anyone

outside the blog, talk more of scamming them. If only you can see how

sorry I am, people have been asking why I'm moody, they wont


I also apologize for the stupid comment I made yesterday, you all

should forgive and if you keep judging me, hope you are perfect, hope

you have never cheated in your life.

And to Mrs Gee, I'm sorry for assuming that you used fake Id,

congrats on your win.

Finally Stella sorry for bringing unncessasy drama to your blog.

I'm not perfect and you are not, I'm really sorry, and if you still

wish to carry my matter for head, feel free, the lord is your


Bv Falcon

You are forgiven darling...thanks for the apology.I hoe others will forgive you too.

Those of you taking this in house gists reward too far should please take it easy.that was how one of the gist posters sent me a very rude mail..I dont owe anyone anything,just trying to create fun and reward guys are leaving a sour taste in my mouth and i dont like this at all...

Can anybody please you guys?when i was the one choosing,they said i was partial now i have taken my hands totally off it and asked BLOG PA to post results directly in the comment section without telling me and now you all still find it a problem?why cuss her out instead of discussing it with her?she has not insulted anyone and i maintain that i will not involve myself in the selection process at all at all.

please nobody should send me any rude mails my way again concerning this,i know how to dish it back too..if you cannot be nice stay out of my inbox please

thank you.

BLOG PA what is the final verdict on the gists?
The anonymous BV who fished out Falcon did you find out any more wayo voting?
Lastly sorry to disappoint the person trying to poison minds that Falcon is  BV Eka Joy,thats a big lie.I have falcon verified with her real name and all.....





Dear Stella,

This time last year, I was duped and lost everything I had. You sent me some cash when I told you there was nothing to eat for my children and I in my house.

To the Glory of God, I am recovering. I would like to give out 5 nos 10kg bags of Rice to five BVs who honestly do not have anything for Christmas this year.

More giveaways will come from me before the end of the year...

Location Surulere Lagos

Phone number to call - 08123934331



God bless you for giving back...thank you.Please pick the first five callers and let them show you proof of ID when they pick up...if anyone uses different people to pick up more than once,beware because the curses that will follow you eh,no pastor will be able to pray it away.

I trust no one anymore oh...aaaaaaaaaaah



Hi Stella,

Thanks for your platform. I don't know if this belongs in IHN but please permit me to share.

Everyone should please be cautious especially if you stay around the Ogba,Alausa axis cause I hear the trend is rampant there.

My niece was on her way back from school yesterday when she was accosted by 2 men; In her words, they flashed a white handkerchief to her and that's the last she could remember.

They took her all the way to fagba, I don't know where that is, and asked her to come home and bring any valuables she can find.

She cleaned out the house - money, jewelleries, document...She took everything that was easy to carry, and yes valuable. Everything...

She came to eventually and attempted to kill her self by jumping in front of an oncoming car and that's when people basically ran to her aid. This happened in broad day light!!. She's a normal happy teen, full of life so I don't understand the suicide bit except that she must have still been under their influence.

She screamed from 1am- 3:00am non stop that her head is giddy, swelling, probably an after effect of whatever was used on her...We are at the hospital. We have been praying.

Just to implore everyone to be cautious. May God protect us from all forms of danger/evil. It still feels like a movie. God help us
Thank you



Good day Stella of life, I am seriously in need of wedding vendors to help me put things in place, Hopefully my wedding is coming up in February at Uyo and i need all the help i can get in fixing things. i can be contacted on this line 08066581922. Vendors pls my budget for this is low but we will make it happen.

Best Regards



Thank you for your mail and for the advert space on IHN.

We received over a hundred applications but unfortunately, we cannot invite everyone for the interview.

After going through every single application, we have shortlisted 25 candidates for the interview stage and out of that, 4 will get the job.

That's the harsh reality in the labour market but we are thankful for the opportunity to reach out to a wider base of qualified job seekers.

The interview will be this Thursday in Port Harcourt and the SMS invitations are being compiled as I type.

Once again, thanks, and it is indeed genuine.

You may wish to do a follow up and ask if any of the BV's who applied in respect to the customer care advert for Port Harcourt got any invitation for interview. (Advise them to leave out the name of the company when acknowledging).

Thanks and God bless you and the good works you do.


Who are the BVs that applied?Please speak up



  1. God says, "....for I will make your latter greater than your former...."
    May the end of this year be the best of it for us in Jesus' name.. Amen

    Kisses 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. There's something that irks me in this blog. I can't stand people saying in between in their sentences instead of by the way. It is grammatically incorrect. I don't know why most of you have refused to take correction. Maybe Stella needs to do a stand alone post on this issue. It is highly annoying and irritating. Btw is by the way and not in between.

    2. Concerning Don being tribalistic, yes that is bad enough but is but is tribalism is dwarfed by Queen & boss' tribalism. It irks me when I see people hailing and laughing when she's doing that cos she is attacking the yarabas. Also I perceive tribalism in so many bvs here though they don't attack directly especially Igbo ladies here. I know what I'm saying, I can give so many examples but I don't have enough strength to type and name bvs. Pls, post my comment there is nothing wrong in what I said. Thanks.

    3. Bv Falcon I'm happy to see that those words I said casually had a positive effect on you. Kudos for apologising. It's God who truly blesses, even when one gets the cash fraudulently, it doesn't yield fruits. So why waste time and effort gathering wealth that will vanish after?
      Stella, I'm sorry about the hate mails that some sent to you. Pls prevail on Beloved to have a re-think concerning my matter. Thanks ma'am.

    4. Bv FALCON good of to recognize you wrong and apologizing. Thanks
      Not many will own up to their mistakes.
      Please Send me an email as soon as you see this. .this night ok.The message is time bound. My email is on my profile. Thanks

  2. Hi Stella,
    I trust you're fine and healthy.
    My name is Oluwaseyi Ahmed. I am one of the winners of your give away dresses from Lilien stitches. This is to inform you that my top was delivered to me yesterday morning. I am so so grateful. I really didn't believe in all those things, but I just decided to try and here I am!
    So here's saying a very big thank you to you for restoring my faith in the public. I have also called Lilien to thank her.
    P.S. My 6th wedding anniversary is on Friday- December 8, so I'm gonna be launching my new top on that day. I'll send you a picture then.
    Thanks again and have a great week ahead.

    1. Good, quickly send,let me assess you😎

    2. Blog PA Beloved come and post your own appreciation too. Don't even deny it. I saw ur name on the list. They said u will pay for the delivery

  3. Falcon has apologised let's move on to the next one!

    1. The next one as per the next scammer/Cheat😎

      Make all these people no turn this blog to something else because she forgives easily 😎

    2. Lady bug aka lolo Ideato wat is ur problem? Jobless goat

    3. Foolish anonymous,na my matter go kill you,ewu Christmas 😎

  4. I came early todayπŸ˜‚ but sincerely, I've not bn able to keep upπŸ˜₯

  5. Good day everyone! Stella I applied for the customer care job oo. I am the mood to give out something to someone too but I will just give to the needy in my church. Have a good day everyone! Buggie honey. Love you madtly!

    1. You scarce o, don't worry,you will be among the top 4

  6. You are forgiven Falcon, go and sin no more.

    Good afternoon everyone.

  7. Please house what does it take to pay a visit to Germany on my own. going for a visit. starting from getting my international passport to the necessary process. i am a novice on this. I just need an analysis on everything needed. And how much in total can be required for such trip and all of the expenses. I will be in the comment session to read replies.

    1. Stella dey there,you dey wait for guess work 😎

  8. BV Falcon....go and sin no more.

    Its almost Christmas....everyone needs money and so do I. Dont go cheating to get it. You could get caught.

    Shiloh Starts today. Do not be told!!

  9. Anon a.k.a you know yourself, ntorrrrrrrrrr.

    Falcon, ur apology seems genuine enough. We all make mistakes and if u had done this yesterday instead of all ur rants, we would have probably forgotten about this by now.

    Bvs, pls forgive, the quest for 20k no easy na. No be small money.

    Already buying things on my list #ifyouknowwhatImean#

    1. Are you getting married or is it the journey you are about to make?

    2. No little Kiks, traveling to Dubai for a three wks vaca/runs and back home to my one and only boo 4live on Christmas eve.πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

  10. Good day everyone, I'm glad I made it to IHN today. Hope life is treating y'all fairly. Shout-out to all the people who love me and know I love them right back. In the spirit of giving, still thinking of who to reach out to this Christmas.

    1. Coincidentally I thought of you and Frau Juliet from the party today. Chim Oma comments, Mr. Bolaji is probably anonymous.

  11. @BV falcon, congratulations on your success at having to acknowledge your mistake and taking steps to address it by coming clean and apologizing. I am very sure you have learnt your lesson.
    Succeeding in life is not by aggressive grabbing.
    What is yours will not pass you by.
    It is the grace of God that provides and enlarges provisions.
    Your humility and quick-to-ask for forgiveness will take you out of your present situation to a better and grater heights.
    "My two cents".

    1. Fuck shits!! Now she is getting blessed for cheating. Now I see why una leaders dey fuck una up

  12. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

  13. "You must believe you can. You must find the place inside yourself where anything is possible. It starts with a dream. Add confidence, and it becomes a belief. Add commitment, and it becomes a goal in sight. Add action, and it becomes a part of your life. Add determination and time, and your dream becomes a reality. When you get in a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, Never Give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

    1. You show face with your speech today😎,after that nonsense stunt you pulled the other day😎

  14. #That awkward moment when someone is walking towards you. And you move to the left, the person moves in same direction, then you try moving to your right, the person moves in the same direction again....Are you playing an advanced Ten Ten? πŸ˜‚

  15. This conflicting edit stuffs is just frustrating. Stella pls tell ur tech people to fix it. Haaaaa!

    Rossy u is a fine babe. Can I have a dance?

    Thank God for saving ur niece bv. May God save us.

    Una doh o.

  16. This conflicting edits whatever is making it difficult for me to comment. So frustrating!

  17. God bless the giver, the sun is something else

  18. Please how effective is miracle seed,I need feedback

    1. It should be between you and God. No human will tell u what u will understand because it's divine

  19. Falcon, you are forgiven.I am happy you recognize your mistakes. please let's move on. thank you the rice give away madam. God bless you.

    Thank you stella for every thing. God bless you more

  20. Yes I applied for the customer care job and I have received sms today for interview on Thursday. Is your company the one at leventis port harcourt? I'm confused cause I have gone for interview some months back on same position and it was in 3 stages but didn't hear from them again.

  21. Please I need a sewing machine. Who has any to sow into my life.
    Stella iv seen worst comments than Don's.

  22. Replies
    1. Yimu
      The real CEO is an anonymous bv. Rich people here are anonymous. They don't show themselves

    2. Yimu
      The real CEO is an anonymous bv. Rich people here are anonymous. They don't show themselves. So keep fooling yourself

  23. To err is human, to forgive is divine... Unto the next one.

    Face of in house news is beautiful.

  24. Hi BVs, pls I need your help ooh, especially the married women.
    What's the best contraception to use if you don't want The Husband to know that you're using anything. I'm not ready to have kids cos we don't even have enough money to pay bills and take care of ourselves now to talk of taking care of another human being. I've discussed with my husband and begged that we should take time and plan for kids but he refused, said he needs kids urgently cos he's the only son but he borrows money to pay bills. I'm not making enough money from my business so I'd rather wait for 1-2years for things to normalize than bring innocent kids here to suffer. I've tried DEPO injection but it f*cked up my system. I bled for almost 1month non stop and my husband was angry.
    Pls advise

    1. You better be careful, what if he tries getting children outside your marriage 😎

  25. Good step you took by apologising. If not .let me reserve my comment

  26. Posting a comment here is damn hard. If I'm not getting conflicting error, I'm getting the 502 message.

    I hope the 2 comments I left here sailed thru. To think the first was really long πŸ˜ͺ😣😭😒

    1. lol, kpele dear. Having same issue

    2. I am facing the same problem with making comment

  27. Any Bv that still have the contact number of the
    fibroid herbal person. Bv AYOMIDE drop here
    last year should please help me with it on comment section

    1. Send Stella a mail for IHn and put your contact let Ayomide see it and contact you. It is well with you.

  28. Yesterday's chronicle poster that wants to marry a hustler. Hope you saw this comment.

    Anonymous said...

    Pls poster listen to your parents. Marry your tribe but not necessarily the doctor, you can get another Igbo guy.. Leave the Edo guy, most hustlers are bad news.
    I just finished crying as i type this. I married a Yoruba man against my parents wish now im suffering. I'm from the east too. My husband did more than your B while we were dating. He showed me so much love and affection but he was a hustler. He is still a hustler. I contribute heavily to the running of the home now. I have a child. but I'm not happy anymore and I don't even know what to do. he cusses me and talks to me anyhow. nothing I do is good. he is trying to kill my self esteem and make me feel worthless. I cry most days. I'm losing weight everyday. emotional abusers are worst than those that beat you. he doesn't beat me but he complains about everything I do. talks down at me and can talk from morning till night. I saw this nagging spirit in him while dating but overlooked it . I thought it was not something serious since he was so loving. Back then, he would complain and talk about one thing I did for hours. I would fall asleep at night and he would still be talking. I felt it was not enough reason to leave him. Now after 6 yrs he has graduated to something else. neighbours hear him talk down at me everyday. I don't know who to report to. I would have left him if not for my child. She is only 5 and and I wonder what will become of her. He is threatening me that he will not leave my child for me. how do I abandon my pretty girl and go? I can take care of her but he won't leave her for me. I'm so sad. I regret marrying this man, wish i can turn back the hands of time. So confused. To think my mum and brother warned me. Dear God, I did not ask for a sad marriage. Why? I was happy as a single working class lady.

  29. I applied for the job but haven't gotten an invitation for the interview.

  30. Will come and read later.


  31. Bv Falcon it's better you change Id, they will not allow you to drink water and keep cup.
    As for the Libya returnee, send someone chosen by u personally Stella, to go to confirm her. That person on yesterday IHN may be an accomplice in their scam.

  32. Anon 14:43 please if you have money, go and do the operation. Dont waste your time on local herbs, it is not worth it. It is well.

    wetin dey happen? All of you will be telling Stella what to do, una no well at all. Stella good you removed your hands from Don's wahala. I did not see what he did wrong. He tells you as it is but people are different so they handle it badly. Don please do the needful.

    abeg ooo who don buy fuel? the thing tire me oooo. na wa. Come be when shishi no gum ynash. It is well again oooo.

    Make i dey go my house. I don close for today.

  33. Stella your blog is a life saver
    Last December I was so broke that I had to beg for 5kg rice from one kind soul here who did rice giveaway and also 10k from Mr CEO. This helps me a lot. This year I want to give out to two people. Cash to one person in the blog an rice to one struggling single mum I my neighbourhood.

    1. Please bless me with the cash,I was duped and I need to pay person I borrowed money from pls

    2. Please I'll really appreciate any amount from you. I'll be going back to sch next WK and I don't even have a dime that will sustain me in sch.

    3. 14:58 and 15:56 una don tire to dey dust una old blog ids na to just rough am use anonymous Ko?na una go kukuma taya loooooool

  34. 502 error is caused by your network....Something up with the network in Nigeria and I am one of the affected cos of traffic....Nothing you are ging thru has to do with me,internet is bad in Nigeria but you can by pass it with some tricks like martins has been teaching...

    What does it mean by 502 Bad Gateway?
    To quote the definition of 502 Bad Gateway from Wikipedia: "The server was acting as a gateway or proxy and received an invalid response from the upstream server." There are many other 5xx server error messages, all of which boil down to: "The server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request

    How do I fix Error 502?
    While the 502 Bad Gateway error is usually indicating a networking error outside of your control, it could be extremely temporary. Trying the page again will often be successful. Start a new browser session by closing all open browser windows and then opening a new one. Then try opening the webpage again.

  35. Sdk. I've been trying to drop a comment. Sometimes blog won't open in my phone. Someone commented earlier that she needs rice. Pls reply under me or contact Stella.

  36. Good afternoon people😎😎😎😎


  37. I can't even access my browsers again including opera mini that will answer me before with small network.

    I have even re-installed my access point configuration, yet nothing.

    The network providers needs a memo. But na twitter rant that they will hear pass. I have called them more than 10 times today, they will tell me sorry for the inconveniences, switch off your phone and bla bla. Which I have done uncountable times... yet nothing
    Arghh so frustrating 🀦🀦

  38. I know someone who earns 45k monthly & saves 40k. The person has been consistent.. over the past 8months. Feeding, accommodation & other sundry expenses is on the his parents because he's still with them.. I'm baffled when his colleagues talks down on him for saving heavily & not spending on himself. it's not being stingy, it's saving up for starting up his business but people see it as weird. why??

  39. 502 is causing problem ooo. It is even affecting my desk top

  40. Sylvester Agbonehimen Ihenyen my SAI BABA MY DADDY my best friend goes home.Glory be to God,I Love u but God loves you more. Your baby girl Emuan OMOYEMEN IHENYEN. Sleep on till we meet again.

  41. Babies are born without knee caps. They don't appear until they are 2-6yrs old.

  42. You guys should leave Don to conment the way he wants. You are crying now because it concerns you. Yesterday Chike said he usualky gets calls from Abokis and adviced them to leave phone and face nama, you all lined up to concur. What is the difference between that and Don's comment? Mtcheeew

  43. Anon 16:02 you dey mind them. They cant take insults but can encourage those who insult others. All is fair in love and war. Nobody should cry abeg.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. @Roseflower hope is not my picture you are talking about ..cause that is me up there....thanks Stella me love you plenty
    please let's take it's easy when cussing people out bikonu please...
    And please fake bvees let's fear God o
    congrat to those that won lilien giveaway ...thought I won ..
    merry Xmas in advance o

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Hi Stella,I applied for the Customer Care job and have received an invite. I pray I'm fortunate this time.

  49. Every December like this I always fall into temptation and tryer I cry and wish I was dead last year I and hubby lost everything I mean our car shop sine than we have been managing now iss our house rent we have stayed for 8months without paying the man has come and disconnect our light and is giving us 4 days to pack out hmmm mm am jut tired of this life when others are happy celebrating season my family don't have a root under our head.pls any BV that has any house in abuja that is vacant pls help a fellow nigeria am in dear need and God will bless u

  50. What's happening with the network providers nowadays.

    I thought AIRTEL was the best network. But I was disappointed today gan.
    Na to go buy Glo remain't for me today. I even climbed rooftop today upon say Mast dey near my house yet na 2G, which cannot open anything...including Ordinary Watsaap
    Even the 4G that finally entered my phone now, the head dey shake.

    Network providers please fix this problem ah ah

    Abi na only me Waka come

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Bv FALCON good of to recognize you wrong and apologizing. Thanks
    Not many will own up to their mistakes.
    Please Send me an email as soon as you see this. .this night ok.The message is time bound. My email is on my profile. Thanks

  53. Hi Stella, greetings from Port Harcourt. I applied for the Customer Care job and received an invite. I pray I'm fortunate this time.

  54. Stella nwaanyi oma I received my lovely top today May God bless you ma, May you never lack and May you live to see your children children Amen.


  55. Hi Stella, I applied for the customer care personnel job and received an invite in Port Harcourt. Thank you for the opportunity.


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