Stella Dimoko A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha


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Saturday, January 06, 2018

A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha

This is a story of an average Nigerian guy that could not resist polygamy.

Ikechukwu is a tall dark handsome dude with a promising future. He was an only son in his family– him and his three other sisters. 

At the ripe age of twenty seven, he got married to Chika, the love of his life.

Within a space of three years she delivered two daughters. After so many attempts to try again, she could not conceive immediately. The delay was not acceptable to the mother in law who desired a grandson. 

She made life so unbearable for Chika that the only option to be married to her son is to produce a son or leave. When the heat became unbearable for her, she packed her belongings and left her daughters with the mother in law.

When she left her home, ikechukwu was sad but because he did not want to question his mother’s authority he decided to get hooked up with another lady.

 He decided to visit a seer to know if the lady will be fruitful in the marriage.

Ogoochukwu ,the seer , a single lady had already developed love for ikechukwu as he frequented her for consultations for his business and other personal life issues. 

She advised him not to marry the girl. 

She made the lady look like the devil and before long, ikechukwu and ogoochukwu became live-in-lovers. She later became pregnant for ikechukwu and the marriage was finalised. But within some months, she had a miscarriage and attempts to conceive again became futile. With time, love turned to hate and fights crept in. People advised them to adopt a child. 

They adopted a son.

Ogoochukwu met a widow with five children who always came to her for counseling and financial assistance. Sometimes, she would even persuade her husband to part with some cash for the lady Azuka to enable her feed her children.

Nobody knew when Azuka and ikechukwu started dating. 

The next thing was that ikechukwu abandoned his wife and adopted son and rented a new flat for Azuka and her children. He collected the car he gave to ogoochukwu and gave it to Azuka. 

Azuka delivered two children for ikechukwu – a boy and a girl. He later brought back his two daughters from the first wife and made them to be staying with Azuka who turned them to domestic help.

Ogoochukwu was abandoned without any form of financial help from ikechukwu or any member of his family. The mother in law was of the opinion that she should leave her son. 

She was always in sorrow because of the difficulties she was going through. On the other hand, the two daughters from Chika were not happy because they were out of school and made to suffer so much hunger and trauma in the hands of their step mother.


  1. Hope this is not the end of this story

  2. This story is not complete na.. Well, this is da disadvantage of marry and remarry. It is da children that suffers it at da long run.

  3. Why didn't the mother marry her son and give herself the much needed grandson she so desires?
    Why would the first wife leave her children and walk away?
    Tell the narrator to come and finish this narrative.

  4. This story is not complete. Polygamy has too many disadvantages, I won't even advise my enemy to try it. What is it with boy child that men have to remarry just to have a son. Na wa!

  5. Come and finished the story oh
    Azuka juju was stronger than ogoochukuwn own. Marry and remarry the kids bear the pains

  6. Hmmm, please the concluding part

  7. Okay. Kudos to the narrator, it was an interesting story. I thought this column was supposed to be for personal experience or something (like LRD & WNB)

    Well, what do I know..

    1. The stories I have been reading looks like a crafted one. Like say na all this storybooks for primary school children. As you said, what do I know gan.

  8. The story never finish nah, chika bia all chika's are not fool oo, why did you stupidly leave your daughters.. na wooo..


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