Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha - Must Read Continued


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Monday, January 29, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha - Must Read Continued

They had a perfect life until shocking discoveries were made in 2001..
This story will leave your mouth hanging loose as it wraps up....

Continued from HERE

The girls could not forgive their dad. He even sold the empty plot of land that stood as their garden and left them with one plot and a house standing on it. At any provocation, he would threaten to sell the house and leave them homeless. 

One of them travelled all the way to his office from school one day, to tell him she needed house rent and pocket money, he refused giving her and she disowned him right there in front of all the staff. As the daughter walked away in tears, his colleague sent for her and gave her an envelope with her rent money. That was how she made it through her final year.

The mother tried talking to his elder brother who was a pastor. She went to his house to complain about all the neglect they suffered. That even if he didn't want her again, how about taking care of her daughters? Or just giving her money to re-establish her business. As she knelt down in tears to beg her in law to make him pay attention, she made the mistake of holding his leg. He quickly called the gate man to come and throw her out. She was asked to get a lawyer involved, she refused. She did not want more people to hear about her lie, as the church council had asked her to confess and apologise to everyone for misleading them; but she didn't. She was quietly removed from her office as a deaconess as a result of her not agreeing to confess.

She started a small restaurant business for corporate catering with which she was really trying. The girls would join her when they were on holidays, even going to their father’s head office to sell food. How embarrassing!! 

The girl abroad soon found love after graduation, with a Caucasian, got married and sent for her youngest sister. That relieved the mother. The other two finished and got banking jobs, and seemed to be doing pretty well. Their mother was soon relieved and even had the opportunity of going for omugwo in the abroad. Neither of them kept any communication Witt heir father. He also did not try to contact them.

In the interim, the boy child was in boarding house. His sisters loved him nonetheless. They pampered and showed him so much care. But, he would always want to go to his dad’s on long vacations. She never stopped him, especially because she understood the need for a father figure in his life. He did not like his step mum or her son who was about his age being given better treatment than him. He kept doing everything to get his father to love him more, but that love never came. 

The boy's school was less fancy, his clothes and games were never a match compared to his brother’s. If they had the same father, they should be treated equally right? Well the boy didn’t know. He kept trying to please his father wash the car, hand wash his clothes, make sure they are ironed, stay up late to wait for him when his step mum goes to sleep. But he could tell it was never really the same.

 He would complain to his mum, she would tell him that his step-brother was a few years older that was why. His self-confidence soon began to drop.

The night of his 18th birthday, his mum and two sisters in the country called him. He had just finished high school with good grades and was trying to convince his dad that he deserves to go abroad like his elder brother. They told him they have a secret they must disclose now that he is old enough. They brought out his adoption papers, and told him the whole story. They told him it doesn’t change anything but for future and marital purposes, he needs to know that he was abandoned by the roadside by his biological mother. His 'mummy' chose to have him and has loved him and has always treated him like an extension of herself. They asked him never to forget that.

Everything became clear to him, he was not his father’s biological son and his brother was. That was the reason for his father’s behaviour. He wept for days, wouldn’t eat, became sad and depressed. He left the house  to his father’s state. When his father got back from work he got confrontational about the issue. His step mum overheard and before his father could give a response, she jumped out calling him a bastard, a waste, a child with no inheritance, an orphan…. All sorts of unprintable names. 

He locked himself in for days and would later ask to return to his mum and sisters. This was even made worse when his father told him he would not be sending him abroad like his brother because he had no funds for such expenses. He was told to find a government university to attend in Nigeria.

As soon as he got back to his mother’s house, he took to drinking excessively with drug/substance abuse. She talked, cried, begged, prayed, pleaded. One morning after a reckless night, she left him an album on the kitchen table with a note saying: if you ever think no on loves, always remember that I do. In that album were his 5th birthday pictures. She did throw an extravagant party for him and afterwards, they went on tour around Europe – just the two of them. 

This was before the messy discoveries. She had hoped this would help him understand that he was never alone. By the time she returned from her outing, he had set the album ablaze just where she would see it. It was in ashes at her doorstep. She wept inconsolably. She got everyone to try and beg him to turn from his new ways, even sent him to stay with her sister for a while to get rid of his new friends. He took the in law's car out, wrecked it after a night of excessive drinking, and ran back to his mum for safety.

He made rough friends and soon joined a cult. One night he showed up asking for his adoption papers. He said he wanted to find his biological parents. She told him she didn’t even know who they were, that he was dropped at a junction with his placenta still on. That no one knew who they were. He gave her 24 hours to produce the papers. She thought it was a mere threat. Until the following night when he showed up with his friends, all with bloodshot eyes and marched to her room to scatter all her documents. She quickly put her maid in her car and ran to her friend’s house for safety 

 She prayed all through the night, begged God to grant her wisdom to handle it all. The next day her friend's husband followed her back home with some police officers for security. He was still at home as they slept off with some bottles of alcohol and papers allover the living room. One even had a visible gun in his pocket but she pleaded with the police not to arrest them.

She went to her room, brought out the adoption papers and in everyone’s presence she handed it over to him in tears. She read the state and location where he was picked up from and asked him to go there and possibly find his biological parents. She told him she was done and she can’t die because the man she tried to ‘keep’ by having a son is gone already. She told him she is counting her losses in life, her career, her husband and now a child she has loved from the day he was born. That she is tired. 

She told him maybe it all wasn’t God’s plan and she has accepted the blame for trying to force a happy ending that wasn’t meant to be. She asked him to find his happiness and said she would always pray for him. And that anytime he needs a mother, she will always be here. He took the papers, told her he found 70k somewhere in her room and he has taken that too. That neither her, nor her husband, nor any of their daughters should ever try to look for him.

This was 3 years ago. No one has heard from him till date. She regrets ever trying too hard to save face in her marriage, as now there is still no marriage. Her husband takes pictures with his new family and splashes all over facebook till date. The second wife stays living her dream life on social media. Her daughters are her only consolation

Oh! he married the second wife traditionally and legally. they never went to church, the first wife was never married legally


  1. Replies
    1. Madam, tori never finish o!
      When the man begin to reap wetin them sow, make you come back yarn us.

    2. how can a daughter disown her father impossicant I don’t believe it

  2. Na wa o. Polygamy and it's wahala too much, abeg...

  3. Wow.... What an interesting and pitiful story. Feeling so sad for the poor woman. This thing called love and marriage though.... Really tiring.

  4. It will end in praise for her. God wanted her to know real joy and completeness does not come just by having a male child. God has seen her heart. He will walk things out for her for good.

  5. What a life, i thought they said there is kalma. May be there is but kalma does not visit everyone because grace and mercy differs.I do not think people receive mercy and grace based on their characters, i think its just if God decides to have mercy on you.Why did he love Jacob and hate Esau? Why did he say " Its not of him that runneth or him that willeth but God who showeth mercy. Just live your life pray for mercy and grace, if you receive fine if you do not no wahala.

    1. My dear, KARMA (what i prefer to call divine justice) may not be evident now but it doesn't mean its over. Second wife is slaying today doesn't mean she will slay forever. Doesn't mean her children will turn out better, doesn't mean her daughter's would have happy homes either. Sometimes we are too impatient to let life take its course. Which is why sometimes when i see unexpected misfortune happen to a person, i just ask God for mercy. Cos with such things you never know the curse that has been flying and looking for where to land.

  6. Eyah thank God her daughters are successful.

  7. This is not fair to that woman at all. That adopted son did not try at all. What is wrong if you were told they are not your parents? That should make you humble and grateful to God and them that someone took care of you. That's why people sometimes develop cold feet when it comes to adoption. My step sister is still crying over the boy he adopted _ he turn out to be something else. Thank God the girls are doing great. We shall continue to learn for those that will listen. Mbok. Stellakoko, I sight you.

  8. Wat a saaad story. Hmmmmmm, theres a lesson to be learnt here.
    What was d adopted guys wahala kwanu?!😞 Tooor, he should go in peace na since he felt that will make him happier. No word for d ungrateful man in question.
    In this womans next world, she wont try to please no man no matter.. She should face her girls squarely.

  9. Hmmmmm. What a sad story! Don't kill yourself over a man or marriage. Let everyone's happens first be from God. He is the only one who cannot change. The desperation to have a male child and still no Joy from the boy or the person she wanted to please (her husband). May God heal all who have compromised just to make a man happy and got burnt.

  10. Hmmmmm. What a sad story! Don't kill yourself over a man or marriage. Let everyone's happens first be from God. He is the only one who cannot change. The desperation to have a male child and still no Joy from the boy or the person she wanted to please (her husband). May God heal all who have compromised just to make a man happy and got burnt.

  11. adopt a child is not funny!!

  12. Many lessons in this one story. At least her four daughters are doing well for themselves.

  13. I really feel sorry for the woman. The ex husband is a demon in human skin.

    As for the adopted son, his village people that made his mum got pregnant and abandon him are back on his life.

    Anon that asked me question on my comment about this post yesterday, let me clear you

    What I understood from the beginning of this post yesterday is that the man and his 1st wife are from the same village and not the 2nd wife. Also the 1st wife might be the type that she and her family don't travel to village often. So it is very possible for the man to do a low key marriage with the 2nd wife without the 1st wife and her family knowing about it.

  14. I am so shocked by the boy's actions... He really is an ingrate. The poor woman should forget him and move on with her life.

  15. Oh my God...this is a really sad story. This woman Suffered alot but all for what o? The adopted son is definitely coming back when he's completely hopeless. He destroyed his own life. Should still appreciate life that he wasn't aborted or left to die by the road side.
    The husband? Why did he play along with the plan when he was going to use it against her. People are deceitful . That's why I try my best to keep my secrets to myself . My mum had all my secrets but she died with them. Ever since then I have kept what is private private.
    This is a big lesson and reminder that one day the truth will surely come out. By then alot of things would have been destroyed and irreparable.

  16. Never deny yourself too much for the sake of love. Do your best but not at your own expense. Build yourself first and then your partner. Don't overdo it thinking the person will pay you back in the same coin. Any man threatened by my success is not worth me...simple. I will ensure my personal success first before assisting my spouse. That's my motto. I can't imagine resigning my job for my husband, for what now? Most men forget your sacrifice when the pepper/money enter their hand. So we must get the money together as that brings respect.

  17. Never compromise your happiness because of a no one
    Life has thought me a lot

  18. The adopted boy is very foolish! Such an ungrateful being! Madam your daughters should be your consolation. Forget that ungrateful thing. As for your husband, you'll laugh last.

  19. The man may not even be the biological father of the son from the other woman!


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