Stella Dimoko Comedian I Go Dye Tells President Buhari ''Leave Now When The Ovation Is Loud''


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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Comedian I Go Dye Tells President Buhari ''Leave Now When The Ovation Is Loud''

Ace Comedian and UN Ambassador, I Go Dye, has written his own letter to the President, addressing the nation's issues and also advising him to leave now when the ovation is still loud for him.

He wrote;

A clarion call to all tradition leaders, Ex-presidents, diplomatic communities elder statesmen, professional bodies, entertainers and Nigerian youths to lay their voices to end political recycling, because a future bequeathed to Nigerian youths today, will be the best legacy.

Sir, with profound respect to your personality do I write this letter, Sir, with profound respect to your personality do I write you this letter, Please allow me the privilege to politely take you through some of the best moments of your life as a youth.

I have questioned my fears when I looked back at our history, as a people and the many opportunities that has been denied the youths of my generation. The youths of today are grieving everyday, because so much has been taken away from them.

They have been denied the right to good life, quality education, freedom, justice, sustainable means of livelihood and above all, the freedom to leadership. These opportunities were given in the past,remarkably many great Nigerians including your humble self, enjoyed the very best from our great country.

How come my generation has been short changed and left in dissolution and uncertainty? We all have our different birth dates, yours was in 1942. You joined the Nigerian Army at the age of 19 in 1961. Just three years in military service, Nigerian government sent you and a few others to commonwealth military academy training at Aldershot in England, between 1962-1963.

A testimony of how government cared and protected the youths at that time. At 22 years you were already the platoon commander of the second infantry Battalion. Thereafter, at the age of 25 years you were the among the few soldiers that were involved in the counter coup of 1966, which included your colleagues in service, Abacha 23 years, IBB 25 years and the oldest was Danjuma 28 years and a host of others. At youthful age, In 1975, at 33 years ,you were already the Governor of North Eastern States. While in 1976 at 34 years, you were appointed as the minister of petroleum. Meanwhile, two years later, in 1979,I was born into this world,the story has been the same old story,when e go better?

In 1983, at the age of 41 years as a sign of displeasure with the Shehu Shagari led civil government, you conquered your fears and risked your life to overthrow the democratic structure at that time,at this young age 41 you became the Head of State. Today you are 75 years old, and president of Nigeria, nothing can be found to still be missing, apart from the fact that the youths have not be protected even in your administration.

As highlighted then, most of the issues facing the country,is still killing the ordinary Nigerians today,no electricity,no food,no shelter,no employment and many other social problems.

Let me recall, previously I wrote you a letter titled: logic and reasons with out guns, l spoke on some issues affecting us as a people. lf we don't change our political process, sooner than later, the youths will demand for it,l just pray it's not too late.

Sir, I am not against your political ambition, neither am I opposing your interest but I am of the view that it's better to leave the stage when the ovation is loud. Honestly speaking,there is nothing new for you to conquer,the only sacrifice that will bring more honour to your personality, is for you to lead the process of advancing and transferring political leadership to the youths. The best gift that you can obviously give to my generation is to activate and set the process of ending the long and over -due political recycling's that has denied the youths their rightful place in our political history as Nation.

Today, some people are already clamouring that you should continue in power,they have a right to their opinions, but I feel we all owe this Nation the truth at all times. Since you became president, life has taught many of us that the circumstance of life are unforeseeable, It will be honourable to become an elder statesman at this time of your life. Most of those instigating this continuation are doing it mostly for their selfish interest ,because of what they are gaining or stand to gain, if you remain in power,do they really care about what you will be remembered for.

Sir, once again, nature has presented to you an opportunity to live as our new generation hero and many young Nigerians are waiting, for you to have compassion for the youths, by lending them the privileges to define who governs them and stop the recycling that has kept us captives. Thanks amb francis.

*Applaud for you Francis..You wrote this in the most beautiful and respectful way! is always better to leave when the ovation is loudest when things have gone south!


  1. I go dye you try very well. I pray EFCC no come say you dey owe people money for work you no do. hahahahahaha

    You think that man wey no pass english and maths go leave that place?

    Hope you have read Liar's Mohammed response.

    Do we need another PCV or we can still use the old one that we have? I want to know

  2. Nice piece.

  3. Is the ovation even loud for Buhari?
    That man has lost it all

    I'm even perplexed that they're people wanting him to seek reelection? Like what for?

  4. Beautifully written.
    He made so much sense.
    Buhari has really messed up this country. It's time he takes a bow

  5. in as much as i respect the opinion of others. No one gives work and win it strategically.i find this funny asking him not to re contest.are they scared of him? If he fails..good for him.and if he wins...still good for dont have to tell another man not to go for a second term.they are in that leadership position today..they know what they want for nigeria.and if they feel they are on track..they have the right to contest..abd if you feel you dont want against them and their party..jees.political parties are much..we all can join a form and win peoples confidence.from the look of things. With all these noise and parties and calls for all would just make him win so the way...people shouting against him might even vote for him secretly.the polls will decide that day..and politus is dynamic and it keeps changing..we not even talking about real esucation...increased salary for employment....the sport system....the transport outfits.are our hospitals going to perform top surgeries...and are the poor going to have acess to all these?.these are what we should be debating for ahead of 2019 and not just talking about a candidade resigning or not. Because ev3n if buhari aint there tomoro..what assuarance do we have that these crucial things would be d3livered.we are the problem.and nothing would change until we realise we all have to work for nigeria to be great.first we must start by being positive..we are too negative in this country and thats why little things that we should come together in one voice to find solutions. Instead with create problems for solutions.i have never seen one peraon criticizing and proferring the way forward or giving his or her own sound approach towards any matter .we all talk n talk..criticize n critize with no profound solutions.commitee upon commiteee....theb the youth..thats worst. With what we are seeing..very greedy set of youths.the type that thinks..." me,myself and i"
    In all,we pray for the best..we should go back to God.we are two faced..we stand for nothing and fall for everything.

    1. You talk as if this is not Nigeria aga in who doesn't follow due process during elections, maybe you should participate in one and see for yourself.

    2. Bla bla bla. ....and now you also are guilty of the same crime complaining and not giving a fruitful solution.

      You are most definitely a hypocrite also. Buhari should get out because we all know this is Nigeria, it will be rigged for him if he runs (if he loses he would still force himself as president, he is not graceful like Jonathan)

      Honestly speaking he has got nothing to offer than his extremism and wasting of Nigeria funds in Germany.

      I just don't understand why someone God spared his life and is old is so greedy for more power. My God!

  6. The ovation is not even loud gan! He should just leave in shame. Wicked tyrant of a fulani herdsman, agwai, danbanza kawai! Hiss

  7. I like this.....if he has a heart that is warm and not cold,he will do the needful or resign.

  8. Lol. Same reasons Buhari will run again and continue. Lmao

    1. What is so funny about this issue? I understand those endorsing him for 2nd term who are benefiting from him but you? Are you in any way benefiting from him because I do not understand your blind support for the archaic dull man or is it because he is a biased with his religion . I know you are an extremist who delights in news of jihadist killing non believers but trust me it does not change the fact that your life will forever remain pathetic even with a second term for your hero.

      Make your mind tabula rasa for once and weigh things objectively. When you do this just may be your failed and hypocritical life might begin to make sense.

      You have gotten the attention you wanted. I know you sometimes make unwise comments just because no one pays you attention and you feel neglected. Here is a little attention for you.

  9. I never knew Aldershot is a military training city and i have been living in the neighbouring town Farnborough for almost a decade.
    Well written piece i must say.#BuhariResign##

  10. Buhari will not resign, even if it means crawling to the office he doesn't concern is why are the senate members acting deaf and dumb and even bring
    Blind,they have the right to impeach him but because they are all birds of the same feathers,they feel less concern.

  11. I will take people like u serious if u have never supported any politician in the past . As corrupt as GEJ regime was , u were his die hard supporter . So , thanx for ur opinion anyway . U are only trying everything possible to make sure u remove him just the way he removed ur GEJ

    1. And how is that bad? I don't understand why you are pained. Gej was bad and bubu removed him, now bubu is not only bad but terrible and we the concern Nigerian youth will send him back to his herds of cattle in daura come 2019. Deal with it.


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