Stella Dimoko Former Beauty Queen Regina Askia Williams Writes A Memo To Nigeria +Says The Time Is Now


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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Former Beauty Queen Regina Askia Williams Writes A Memo To Nigeria +Says The Time Is Now

The time for change has indeed come. Those who stand in the way of peaceful change are poised to suffer the less peaceful consequences of a violent inevitability. 

For years, greed, corruption, moral laxity, ineptitude etc has held our nation in a vice grip. Our social fabric has fallen so far from grace that we a once proud people loved and respected the world over now bear the tag “citizens of shithole nations” chaiii
Many who fought against these vices are resting restless in the cemetery.
Nigeria!! Since we have refused to embrace a change for the better, it is set to foist itself on us.

Herdsmen murdering with impunity, South east agitating for state hood, brother rising against brother in the name of religion, christian vs the muslim, is it not the same God? We rise against each other in the name of cultural entitlement, guys we are all black people, we are AFRICANS. Do you remember Rwanda ( a massive genocide of Hutus against the Tutsies because of some flawed ideology of cultural entitlement). Where is the sanctity of life where people in the streets are matcheted to death with no thought nor fear of reprisals 

Carpet baggers at the helm of affairs not only rob the nation blind but block progress so they can maintain the status quo and keep the petro dollars in their pockets. STILL!! I touted for a change for the better for the people but my heart bleeds to see pregnant women mowed down with their babies at their side as they worked in their farms trying to make a living. Worse still state security agencies are unable to investigate and get to the bottom of these breeches to find the sponsors of these mercenary occupiers and perpetrators and bring them to book.

Survival now depends on how many some can swindle, from excessive profit loading to outright armed robbery. We can fix it. We will fix it or be swept away like every institution who fought against change that benefits the people.


Its is our sheer size that make us a powerful force as per market economy. It is our cohesive diversity that makes us the template of “Black Africa” civilization and culture. It is our unique Nigerian style, pride, verve, “indomitability”, and our “na u sabi” kind of focus that make the world take notice where ever we land, as in Yes, a Nigerian was here. 

Africa is the last bus stop when it comes to vast natural resources and pristine abundance of flora and fauna. The world is watching and they need what we have. If you cannot get your house in order and share what you have in ways that will benefit your people and societies others will show you how to do it as in take it and make you pay to enjoy it. Examples abound, a word is enough for the wise. 

Are we going to sacrifice all of oir African identity on the alter of vengance, entitlement, anger, self service and at the end of the day perpetuate evil?
We were raised to fix what was broken, not throw it away....

There is no stopping “change” whose time has come because power has always and will always belong to the people.
Take back your country. Take it back. Not through unnecessary loss of lives, nor destruction nor mayhem.

Speak up, register to vote, organize a cohesive front and demand for changes, run for office, run scared, run hard, just RUN for office, rebuild your communities and flower where you are planted. 

Nigeria!! The time has come. There is so much to do and no time for bickering. Let Muslims and Chistians and indeed our indigenous religions reassert a brotherhood to rebuild and reunite our divided house. 

Let Nigeria once again be giant of Africa
The time is now.

Regina Askia Williams (FNP)


  1. You've spoken well madam
    Come 2019,vuhari and cohorts will be kicked out of aso villa.

    1. yimu.decieve yourself well oh.the only thing that can stop buhari is for him deciding not to contest.if not buhari till 2023.buhari is the man to beat.baba is smarter than you all.better allign well the way,what do you do for a living babe? Btw..i like you jharee

    2. Who made Regina Preacher of the world? She is a broke ass HAS BEEN trying to be relevant. She might need to get herself and that skirt chasing with many baby mamas Jobless husband if hers together before she talk about Nigeria. After all charity should begin at home

    3. Regina broke ass?please what planet are u on?a big nurse in America broke,anon your mum no get part 2

    4. At Chickyclassy. Hmmmm!! You are real oversabi. I love and work in health field so you are very ignorant of your comment. You are Mumu No.1 to have made comment about her being a big nurse. Sorry Madam fool, she is just a nurse. She just graduated to be a nurse and even if she had 100 years ago,that doesn't make her a big nurse but experienced nurse or a charge nurse ( which is the head of the nurses like a Nurse's manager which is ok but not a big deal. I know what I'm saying but you sit your smelling ass over there saying rubbish you don't even have a damn clue about

    5. Anon it's a big deal you idiot, how dare you say a nurse at her level is broke ,don't u see how stupid you sound ,so one needs to be a head to be rich ,u r extremely dumb.Regina is not broke and you know it ,you are an envious work in a health field indeed and this sad.

  2. tried.
    if true change must come,then,we have to looka at all LGA chairmen,all councilors,all state house assembly legislootors,all state governors,the whole of national assembly,judiciary,the nigerian people,and the presidency..if not nothing meaninful would be for me...if baba decides to contest,i n my household we all vote for him..baba till 2023.

  3. She should this senseless rant. Why can't she callout Buhari by name? Why can't she shame Aisha for her silence on the killing of poor pregnant women?
    Enough of all these senseless rants. Nigeria is a failed country. The earlier we realize it and go our separate ways the better. Else, ten years from now, we'll still be singing the same song.

  4. Nigerians wake up. A cattle colony is coming next to you. God will punish anybody southern governor that supports this trash

  5. This woman must be mad by mentioning the South East on the same line as the fulani killing squad. Pls shut up if u have nothing to say.
    Run for this run for that. Is Nigeria not a shithole country? You people were warned about Buhari but u refused to listen. Abeg make una enjoy your change. Buhari must rule till 2070.

    1. She is not only mad but broke looking for attention. Thank God she went to nursing school. She was living off Govt support at a time here in US. Her husband - William has no job too

  6. Go and get your PVC, it's free. Don't stay online and whine when you won't even go out and vote out the people messing up the nation.

  7. Come back to Nigeria for the change you seek and stop shouting from afar!!


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