Stella Dimoko Gov Ortom Blames FG For Benue Killings


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Friday, January 12, 2018

Gov Ortom Blames FG For Benue Killings

Benue State Governor,Samuel Ortom, has vowed not to repeal the anti-grazing law.

Ortom, while speaking at the mass burial for 73 victims of herdsmen attacks in Makurdi, insisted that his administration would not be intimidated by threats.The law, among other things, prohibits the movement of livestock on foot within the state.

Defending his action, Ortom stated that “it is the best way to go and it is in conformity with global best practices”.

The Governor also blamed the “silence” of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration for the killings.He lamented that if the federal government had acted on the reports he gave it concerning the threats of attacks by the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, the killings would have been averted.

He also called for the arrest of the leadership of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore.


  1. I read one commenter on Nairaland that said you want bubu to kill his nephews. Hahahahaha i laughed and at the same time was annoyed because uptill now bubu has not said anything about these killings.

    I know the blood bank is not full yet, may be when it is full and over flowing, then Nigerians will wake up and do the needful.

    2019 is round the corner, so everyone is trying to bring plenty sacrifice to have more powers.

    Ortom the kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force. Anything you can do to make your people safe, do it.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I don't want to offend anybody here but I need state some things.

    We Christians, we are too mute over some issues, we can't continue this way, they cannot just come and take people's life anyhow.

    The Buhari led govt is a problem to this country, u keep supporting ur people,how do you expect justice to prevail when all the most important appointment has been given to animals like them. It won't work that way.

    Am pretty sure, if Christians start killing these people, buhari will order for operation lion dance.

    Is so disheartening, I have friends buried along side over there.

    I repeat my question

    *who is a terrorist?

    The IPOB or the herdsmen?

    Mc pinky

  4. He is also to blame, the state is his and he is the officer in charge. Ortom is just trying to score cheap political points which would get him no where as he has failed woefully

  5. Messed up government
    Messed up president

  6. I blame Governor ortom and not buhari. Governor protect your people by any means necessary.

    Also I blame the farmers and Christian leaders in those communities, it is time we start raising church offerings for the purchase of Guns so that when they come armed the church and the farmers will equally be Armed as well.

    Enough of the blame games let every Nigerian arm themselves and protect themselves from this terrorists.


  7. #IStandWithBenue

    The Fulanis have a greater agenda to take over the country and islamize it.

    They will fail.

  8. It's for reasons like these genocidal killings of innocent Nigerians by unrepentant Fulani terrorists that gives credence to Trump's "shithole" comments about a place called Nigeria. It's a very sad commentary that in so-called peaceful times, people and communities are decimated almost on a daily basis by Fulani terrorists/herdsmen over stolen cattle. What's it going to look like when a full scale war occurs? How long will one group go about butchering fellow citizens with impunity without call to justice? How long will targeted Naijas keep turning the other cheek? What justifies El Rufai, after identifying the perpetrators of these dastardly acts, to use public monies towards appeasing the Fulani's even in far away Niger, Mali & Gambia? Whoever heard of such a thing in a sane clime, if not, in the Banana Republic? Why are the main media houses mute about these atrocities? Could BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, ABC, etc, be complicit in this unfolding grand scheme taking place in Africa's most populous nation? May Rwanda's situation never repeat itself in Naija and may the good Lord deliver the innocents from this monumental threachery taking place right before our eyes. QED@AllTribesMatter(ATM)


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