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Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Spontaneous Post

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Good Morning Ya'all......This week is still January?How many months does January have?LOL

Love rain but hate to go out when it is raining and today I must..
What is the weather like where you are?..Will be blogging from where ever i can find to sit and blog today cos i got a very busy day and taking my Office with me!

What do you guys prefer...Lots of posts just increase the count or meaningful posts that make sense and has comments?Just wondering.

Faces of in house news and all others,please send whatever you need published inside in house news this morning so that i can plan ahead OK?

Congrats to the Winner of Saturday in house gists...

What else?It is raining outside and I am about to go out ......Yikessss!!!

Have a Blessed day!

Kisses to you all.


  1. I purposely didn't allow my boss see me on her birthday so she'll get the impression that I forgot or didn't care. When she stepped out, I took the present and cake to her office.
    The reaction afterwards was something that made me giddy for the rest of the day.
    I'm a "good surprise" addict.
    May this new week bring us beautiful surprises that will turn our lives around in Jesus name.

    Good morning BVs
    Hi Sick Mind @Athiest

    1. Nice relationship with your boss. Good one

    2. Hello Selene!
      The ugliest and ill-mannered lady in my organisation just came to work rocking an engagement ring.. it happened over the weeknd she said, ppl just de frown for the office, hahahahaha.... Some men de enter one chance sha, or could it be shes got 2 personalities? home n work.....

    3. It's very possible that her personality but home and at work are different but surely one day one will over shadow the other @atheist.

    4. Lol @Lady Bug
      She makes it so easy to love her @Same girl
      Have you ever wondered why most psychotic people have "stable" families, people who on a normal day would swear that their father, mother or spouses would never hurt a fly? Crazy people love really well when the fall in love. Congratulations to your colleague @Athiest

  2. People who make you feel at your worst even when you're at your best, run away from them

    People that don't inspire you, they don't even push you to drive your success, run away from them

    Let go of food that will lead to mental capabilities

    Let go of entertainment that does not add value to your life

    Let go of friends when all they do is laugh and joke with no inspiration of success in them

    Let go of those who make you feel less, those who don't believe in your dreams

    Let go of relationship that only cares about sex and has no meaning or impact in your life

    Stop wasting time on things that don't add value, so you don't waste your destiny

    The people you hang out with today
    The food you eat today
    The relationship you keep today
    What you watch today
    What you read today
    Will be what you represent in the future

    Embrace hustle
    Embrace struggle
    Embrace success
    Don't be too scared to fail

    Be inspired
    Be motivated
    Never give up

    1. Be positive and surround yourself with positivity.. .. good one 😘😘

  3. Do you have those days that all you just wanna do is question God and ask him why certain things happen.... yes, I feel that way right now... I just want to invite him to my room and have a heart to heart communication.
    I just want to ask him why he let those little kids loose both of their parents without a forewarning. He ddnt even let any of them stay back to watch them grow...
    Yh, doctors say it's food poison but hasn't he saved people from it in the past?
    Those children are so popular in church cos of how involved they are in church activities. They are so active and even tho they are still so young, they know how important it is to have their Bible and Jotter all the time...
    His ways indeed aren't our ways not his thought ours.
    My only consolation is that some day, i will understand it better and get all the answers to my questions.

    Have a blessed day people....

    1. So sad.May God comfort the kids. Pray for them

    2. This is so sad. 😒😒

    3., so sad. Life is not fair sometimes.

  4. If you've not seen frustration... Try eating hot spaghetti with a rubber spoon. The spaghetti will just be forming slay queen...

    Happy new week fam

    *Larry was here*

  5. Aahh Stella;This January is making use of Glo network oooo!!

    Very slow mehnnnnnnnn...


    1. How u take know,, like say dem get Dem badly

      Mc pinky

    2. January is the longest month of the year. πŸ€¦πŸ€¦πŸ˜€

    3. Very fast when you pay bills😎

    4. I'm seeing my period for the second time this month. My body system has already counted 28daysπŸ™„

    5. Lol, the worst part is that next week is still January

    6. January alone has three months inside it.... Argue with your phone.

    7. Lolll Lolll been complaining that the month is too fast oh loll.

  6. This week, the Lord almighty will remember you for good in Jesus mighty name, amenn.

  7. During a bloody war, a cruel commander decided to murder everyone in a small village. Shortly after the massacre began, a fugitive observed that after the soldiers killed each one in the house, they smeared blood on the πŸšͺ of the house to indicate death inside. Quickly, this fugitive sneaked to the house where his friends were awaiting certain death. At once, the idea came to them--kill their goat and smear it's blood on their πŸšͺ!

    The task had barely been completed when the soldiers approached. After slaughtering the residents of the neighboring houses, they came to the πŸšͺ smeared with 🐐 blood. But made no attempt to enter.

    Trust me.. The story has just began.

    If you are among the living and want Him(God)to keep his promise made fto you, then tell him Thank you for today because today its a blessing.

    Mc pinky
    An Idealist

    1. Which day you become an Idealist?😎

    2. Ur name sometimes has an effect on u but u alone can tell me if it's + or -

      U get mouth bugπŸ›

      Mc pinky

  8. Don't fall into the trap of Satan who makes you believe that happiness comes with getting all that your heart desires. This is simply not true. Happiness is enjoying all that you have been blessed with.

    I'm outtie

  9. Good morning people! Hope you all had a pleasant weekend...
    Here's wishing everyone a fulfilled week ahead 😘😘😘😘

  10. A girl by name Fatima went to school in the neighbouring village where she wasn't known well.

    For three weeks, she came to school late and every time the teacher punished her.

    On the fourth week, Fatima didn't attend school at all and many thought she had *GIVEN UP* on school due to the everyday punishment.

    However, Fatima reported again on fifth week and this time she came earlier than everybody.

    When the teacher came to class, Fatima was punished for not attending school the previous week but the teacher was also kind enough to commend her for coming early that day, stating that the punishments had finally yielded some results.

    Just then, Fatima asked if she could say something and the teacher gave her permission.

    *She started :*

    _"I've been raised up by a single mother without a brother or a sister. Five weeks ago, my mother fell ill and was hospitalized. The three weeks I came late, I had to prepare something for her every morning and pass by the hospital to deliver the same. Unfortunately, mother passed away last week and that's the reason I didn't come to school. We buried her last Friday. Today I came early since I didn't have to prepare anything or even pass by the hospital. And now that she is gone, I will always be here early''_

    As she sat down, no one in the whole class was able to hold their tears, the teacher was not spared either.


    How many times do we judge others for things we know not ?

    We ask questions like :

    - When will you get married?
    - When will you have kids ?
    - When will you find a job ?
    -When will you buy a car?
    -When will you build a house?

    Do we attempt to understand their situations or we just judge from the *case scenarios*

    Some situations are not relative and what we think could be very far from the truth.

    Don't assume you know what others go through or that people move in the same pace or direction as you

    _*Life is far from that..*_

    Just be kind enough to love one another as God has commanded,
    take time and kindly find out why your friend is not phoning,
    why your messages are not being replied promptly,
    why they haven't visited,
    why they are not coming to worship,
    why someone is missing in our midst as a colleague, friend, brother or sister,
    why someone is always late etc

    *Be kind always.*
    *Be nice to others* Good morning!

  11. It's a new week with great Blessing from Above.
    My year of divine overflow.

    Joy unspeakable shall be our portion.
    Good morning all.

  12. Blessed Monday I am at work God bless us all. Please is it true that Lebanese men usuakly disvirgin their daughters while the women do the same to their son i have heard from 4 different people that have worked with them as maids and i have been so disturbed like are they for real?
    The eye I have been looking my boss ehen!

    1. Haba Madam as educated as u r, there are things that u shudnt blv. These maids can lie, it is thesame way that when they leave ur house they go abt saying all sorts of rubbish against u esp wen u didnt part on good terms. Yes the lebanese are mean with their working conditions. But aside that they are vry generous esp to their househelps. It is a LIE. I know coz we hav family frnds that r lebanese

    2. B10, it's very true. I don't know if they all do it though.

    3. Anon please where did you read I believed,i said 4 different people and I have been disturbed which means I still haven't believed. Please read and stop jumping into conclusion with education talk.

  13. Morning beeveeleons

    Yesterday was lit.

    My hands are frozen😭😭😭
    This morning cold is off the hook

    Ankara for sale

    1. The cold ehen is not funny!
      Thanks for turning up

    2. What part of Nigeria are you in?

  14. They tore Beloved to shreds on yesterday's SP. One said she is a local PA. Lmao

  15. Good morning all.Happy new week to everybody.

    God Bless Everyone.

  16. Shout out to Stella and Angel beautiful for blessing me with amazing gifts, I am short of words to describe how I feel right now. May God keep surprising them. They're angel on earth

  17. Good morning, happy new year and happy new week One Big and Happy Family, wow is good to be back, network do me strong thing for my village shaa
    so someone can't stay in the Village for more than one week, without people asking you, when are you going back or why have you not gone back, nawa ooo even some people was asking to buy my phone if I don't have TP to go back.. lol it's all good anyway.
    so something happened in my village on the 31st of December OMG I thought things like that happens only in the love guys and have a nice day

    1. Why tell us something happened when you aren't ready to narrate 😎

  18. Good morning Stella and blog family!! Abeg the month of January should do and go it is too long can't wait for next month my wedding anniversary o! I want to thank God for where we are in our lives. Have a lovely day people 😍😍😍😍

  19. Attention to married women here!

    They said those of you that come here to beg, your husbands are not husbands but horsebands kwakakwakwajwa

    1. Ur leg dey on high tension.. Try komot am...

      Dem offend u ni

      Mc pinky

    2. It's not totally their fault that their husbands can't afford their needs at the moment.... But what do I know.

    3. Aunty social some of them are actually lazy and greedy that is why they resort to begging here. Their husbands try their best to take care of them but their laziness and greeediness will not allow them to be great. They need more but cannot work for it. One was saying yesterday on that SP post that she is a stay at home mum. Like seriously? Why stay at home? There are cleaning jobs in the neighbourhood where you don't have to go everyday just certain hours of some days. Begging is in the DNA of some of them.

    4. True talk @anon8:53.....when people find a place they can get free money they don't bother searching for jobs.

  20. Wonderful Monday. Let's all have a beautiful day Amen.

    Read through SP yesterday and saw lots of comments. Wondering what caused it, then saw the thing. Which way Nija.

    May God bless all hustle. Those that got and those aspiring to get, may una hustle pay.

    It is well.

    Let me go and take a cup first.

    Lovely people let's keep our heads high and shame the devil

  21. Stella meaningful post please

    Good morning, may our week be blessed

  22. I hate it when friends feel too entitled

    You all know about my accommodation ish, yh? Well, my friend and I were in the fix together, we tried to seek for options but they were mostly not favourable (proximity, cost, etc)

    Eventually, I found a space close to school told her about it and she said it was too expensive for her, that she'll just wait to ballot later on. I went on to pay for the space all by myself

    This morning, I got a call from her mum asking me to collect certain amount of money so that her daughter can stay with me... LMAO, did I mention that this girl is in her 20s?
    I told her mum I can't collect money from her, she was shocked and in her words "are you not an Igbo girl?" I was seriously irritated and disappointed but you know, you have to respect yourself elders...

    I waited for the daughter to message me, she did... I told her I didn't like that it was her mum that had to speak with me about that. If she wanted to stay with me, she could have told me herself... I told her to come only for this night because of her compulsory 8am class tomorrow.

    These people don't understand that I LOVE my personal space so much and I can't stay with someone.

    1. That's how it starts.... come only for a night next thing is two nights then four nights then weekends and before you know it.... you're squatting someone.

  23. in as much as I hate social media drama, I'm on the side of Akara Kanu. I dont care about her personality whether she's cool headed or not. As a person, I can handle alot and even forgive you before you hurt me. Bit when it concerns my kids.....I'm ready to unleash my full arsenal on you. Kids are defenceless and any good mother would be ready to catch a grenade for her child. That's how much I love them. The only time I ever slapped someone was because of my son.
    Imagine a woman probably in her late 40s took my 4 year old son's chair in church and refused to give up the seat. The boy fell asleep and couldn't lean on me because I was carrying another child. He innocently placed his head on the woman's laps and he pushed him off. I caught him swiftly, got up from my seat and gave her a full slap on her face. She was gobsmacked. Try that with me, not my kids.

  24. Monday a bright new day,a successful new week. January is almost ending. Good morning happy people.

  25. Eka travel all the way to another country to go n fuck a man that is not your husband.he didn't even propose. Even your parents sees nothing wrong with that.n you guys claim to be wonder other religions don't take us serious.

  26. thank God for a beautiful week...

  27. Good Morning beautiful people, God bless our hustles this week.

  28. The brighter the colour of a ladybug, the more toxic it is.

    1. Ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa
      Lady bug is coming for you

    2. Naaaa this particular blog insect is dirt black. You can easily crush it under your foot.


  29. Greed is a very bad thing. Some of you have been on this forum before and collected money. Now another giveaway is announced and you're still trying to collect more money for something else. In what part of our human existence do we learn to allow others partake in good things? Is selfishness that deep?

    I'm saying this because I saw some comments yesterday that totally irritated me. May God not allow us make begging a habit. Annoyingly, halfway through the year, they forget they have begged and start trying to make you think they are living fresh. Who una deceive? Some of una never reach to do giveaway on this blog? When its time for fight and abuse, you answer present.

    Later you people come and say chikito is a liar because some of you think everyone is as confused about their existence as you are *hiss*

    It's a new year CHANGE!!!! Allow those in need to beg. If you know you're not in need, have some shame and go and hustle like your mates. Use your head and use money to do the right things. If you don't know how to, then go an learn and shut up while at it.

    1. Tell that to Eka Joy and Elastic alias Sky white dry cleaners. After collecting 250k, he still has the effrontery to beg on this forum. The other girl I don't know how greedy she can get. What of the married ladies here. Justina Michaels alias Justyswt. Well some people amazes me everyday. It all boils down to greed.

    2. Eka joy come and carry you sub, shade and canopy

    3. Finally someone spoke my mind,I just dey here dey observe. Leave them oooo befor you are tagged enemy of progress

    4. Are minding the perennial beggars,that's why my comments were giving them headache on that post😎

      Why should someone make begging an habit,yet it's ladybug that is jobless,but you see the 'working class' still coming to beg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

    5. Directed to some1.
      Bring on the drama!!!

    6. You will believe anything if you believed that elastic 250k,he only device a means to stop commenting as elastic so you guys will think he's busy with his 250k elastic holdings, yinmu 😎

    7. Where is that Aunty European boo that was in Europe as at last week? I doubt that European boo story now. I can't have a boo over there, live with my parents in the house they built, work and earn little change, no child of my own, get 150k and other stipends from the blog and still come back here to beg for 100k. It can only happen if my village people have used my destiny to wipe their bum bum

    8. No, i liberally had my mouth hanging. Can we see why Nigeria cant move forward? People dont THINK!

      There are students here, some of who are orphans. No support for then to make it ahead, allow them beg for support. There are people who don't have jobs with mouths to feed, allow them to beg. If you are a graduate and you have a job, you shouldn't be here begging. You should be ashamed to open your mouth and beg, except your limbs are incomplete. At every opportunity you people come out and beg.

      Me i dont subscribe to giving people money, not even in my daily life. Cos such giving makes them lazy and unable to think productively. If I hear of job I send you to go and work. When you reach there don't arrange your future. Come and be asking me for money as if I don't have my own problems.

      As for you than anon 08:42 did I mention anyone's name? That's how you people hang in anon mode and keep causing trouble on this blog. Better go and hustle your own this Monday morning. Cos as i dey drop this comment So, me sef dey hustle my own. And i dont need you to believe that.

    9. You're very angry...... Loool

    10. I went to US in November. I took things to go and sell. From the day I bought my ticket, i made sure i did everything to ensure i get my ticket money back. If I couldn't I won't have left the shores of Nigeria. I wont have even thought of a trip. I know how many friends and relative were begging me to stay back. Who doesn't want to be around a hustler who won't be liability? Same people some were saying are stingy and unwelcoming. I reach there I call you not to ask for money, but for you to patronize me. Some will buy and dash me money on top. My mates will go There, do fake slay queen wearing copies and come and back broke.

      From that money I went to a car auction, got a popular demand car in Nigeria and shipped it down. Once it reaches Nigeria, believe me that car is sold, except my village people are at work🀣 Even at that them no reach. Dont forget I'm still a 9-5er wey eye still dey chook for lagos.

      As a human being, use the opportunities you have to create systems around you that can solve problems. If you have your basic needs met, you have NO need begging. Ask God to open your eyes if youre so blinded by situation. Abeg let me shift oh. Small time them go line up say I dey brag, in their defence. Don't learn a thing or two, be there professionally begging.

      #enoughsaid #rantover #braggingcomplete #sippingtea #imonmydesk #comeandbeatme

    11. Elastic is Skywhite dry cleaners? Ovoko! So he used the 250k to start a dry cleaning outfit, that's good. No wonder he doesn't sleep here anymore, but why come back and beg on yesterday SP? Hian

    12. My dear Chikito,the matter tire me. When I saw Eka Joy comment,i was really angry. You that claim to go to the "abroad" every month,earn salary and do other side businesses..what is 100k? Can't you save and prioritize your needs? Your demand was outrageous Eka and you are a big shame to human kind. A hundred experienced old witches need to press you into extinction. What rubbish! Greedy,selfish and senseless motherfucker.

    13. My sister,Some people beg when they don't even need it,Some do continuous begging.If we all come here to beg for money everyday and not utilise it properly,The givers will get tired of giving nah.😩 . Please let those with genuine reasons get the help they need,don't come here to beg and use the money to slay. If you want to slay, hustle hard...stop coming here to look for slaying money. Them go slay finish and still no catch better maga to payπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…The one wey funny me pass na when person com beg for Brazilian hairπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜„very soon na Victoria secret thongs una go beg for.

    14. Na una sabi oh! I didn't mention anyone's name cos I saw more than one comment. But there's not enough sleep for the guilty 🀣🀣🀣 in a wet blanket full of shamelessness. May God help us so that we won't disgrace ourselves without even knowing. I wonder why I would have personal issues against people God has given me wisdom to give gap ages ago. Whenever you wake is your Morning o jare, so sleep away your January 2018 and resume begging in January 2019. President association of piece meal eaters.

      How to know village people are on your case? Step 1: When you see opportunities to aspire and yet you remain inside the cabinet.

      Poverty is indeed a mentality, a lifestyle and a habit. May givers' hands always be on top. AMEN!!

  30. Extend to others what God regularly extends to you. Love. Patience. Forgiveness.


  31. Thank God for my life,have been sick for couple of days now but am back by His grace.

  32. good morning people....God bless our going out and our coming in

  33. And to the sincere BVs here who are here to have fun and not look for what they can get at every opportunity...... May God give you that which you seek this new year. Amen

    1. Like I'm having fun while they have headache with my comments πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

    2. Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen😁😁😁😁😁

    3. Massive Amen to your prayers.

    4. A resounding AmenπŸ™πŸ»

    5. You made good points, Chi. There's something inspiring about the way you reason.

  34. My oyinbo friend asked me "why Nigerians will lock their car via remote and hear the lock sound and still check the door to be sure"?

    I told him that we just needed to be 120% sure. Our village people might have played the lock sound in our ear.

    πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  35. Dear Chikito shame catch me on their behalf.

    I laughed when I saw that statement horse bands for wives begging.

    I don't know we have blog auditor on this blog. Make I borrow Droyalty laugh ikwakwakwakwa.

    That laugh Na witchy and wickedness. So I ban the laugh here.

    Hahahaha abeg make I face front do my jobs because Na jobs I dey do ikwakwakwakwa

    1. But you sef sometimes dey use style beg😎

    2. Lady bug. Leave this serial beggar. Is for those that believe her dry comments. Madam with many beggar Id. Don't go for deliverance.

    3. Lady buggerrrrrr lady burgerrrrrrr

    4. Ladybug which is better,a beggar or a middle age woman who use naked pix of herself sucking her own breast to try scamming men?U this fifty five naira dugbe ashie

  36. GOD please in this new week pick all my calls.
    Let ur mercy speaks volume in my life.

  37. it is kicking off today



  38. Good morning house its a new week prays God bless our hustling

  39. Good morning everyone, trust you all had a lovely weekend.

    Welcome to everyone that just returned from villa celebrations. Welcome to everyone that just got an ID. Welcome to the new blog visitors.

    New week, new blessings. Change your game....if it didn't work out last time.

    Saturday in-house Gist Results....

    Alright, I am going to be brief as possible because of the turn of events which you will find out if you read to the end. Thank you.

    Over the weekend, as usual we had our in-house gist. My appreciation goes to everyone that participated...Thank you.

    And the winner of the cash reward for the Saturday gist goes to Bv Remy Davies. Her gist is quite interesting and also had the highest votes. Congratulations to you Remy. Please send your details, to @SDK with proof that you dropped the gist. Thank you.

    Now listen up...

    On Sunday spontaneous, someone dropped a comment, calling my Boss, Stella a FRAUD bla bla ...For monetising in-house and helping people weekly??? On her own money. For goodness sake 🀦🀦🀦🀦... Honestly, No one has any right to call her names! Through that in-house gist alone, a lot of people have benefited from it, in over THREE YEARS and counting...(And If you are in doubt, kindly ask google)

    Now because of that comment, I Hereby announce the end of in-house gist giveaways...till further notice.

    Now before you have my head...I spoke with my Boss concerning this and She said from now henceforth, since she is being called a fraud on-top her own money. She is facing her work...

    Nonetheless she will help people from time to time as the spirit directs her. And for the 300k business giveaway, she will be doing it quietly and at her own time.



    1. Thank you blog PA, thank you to the madam herself SDK.

  40. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Take it to the whatsapp group,we got no time for senseless gossip,if you don't feel welcome,leave!😎

      Abi dem bury your umbilical cord there?😎

  41. Gudmorn Stella
    Kisses u bfs😘😘😘
    Harmattan na die here oo
    Gudmorn bvns
    Have a fruitful day all.😘😘😘
    OK bye

  42. I read your hashtags today Hehehe
    I wish us God's blessings this week.

  43. Person no fit comment in peace again, dem go say u hear give away con come back... u people should stop judging people.... if u gave the reason why u stopped commenting, another idiot will come under ur comment to menstruate all over.. saying stufff like “we don’t need ur sob story”. I pray not to have any reason to beg here..

    1. Ikeregbe ladybug u no come work early today or did one of your rosko do till day break?

  44. May all our heart desire come to past this new week

  45. mercy of God will locate everyone of us this week in Jesus name.

  46. Stella where my first comment? You don dey cook banga soup?

    I think i will eat it this saturday with starch ikwakwakwakwa.

    Abeg i dont want to laugh again jare.

    Selene congrats on surprising your boss. That is what we do to our Boss when he thinks he has won us with our surprises but did not know we are great planners and we execute well.

    1. I know right!! Have a great day Ma'am

  47. Una doh oh!!!good morning everyone 😊

  48. Hahaha.....

    I can't stop laughing.
    This blog truly is fun.

  49. @Kim Nana u have not seen anything. They wont apply and wont allow others apply in peace

    Ugly handsome Olivia Silk was putting mouth too. who send that one, i no know

    1. You are a very stupid person.
      A very stupid person.

      Let me get down to your level, when it comes to looks, hunny you are not anywhere close.
      Send your IG handle to SDK and lemme send mine so we can check.

      Foolish fool.

    2. Hi Xhlrted P.

      May I send you a mail about my services? I actually already have your email, but I'd rather not send a mail without asking.

    3. Babe,you are too old for this.
      Stop looking for trouble unnecessarily.

  50. Kim Nana I pray you never have a reason to beg anywhere at all.
    Welcome back.

    Oluwadarasimi.."let go of food that will give you mental capabilities"?
    That's a new one.

  51. I just knew that my comment yesterday will bring the real idiots outside to play. Eka always giving them sleepless nights.

    If u had come out with this ur useless, unsolicited epistle when others that had gotten something from this blog came back again, then we all would have believed its not cos of your personal vendetta against me.

    O ya ma fun ra e ni hypertenson.

    You better start sleeping good now that ur lies have reduced.

    And most importantly, u better move on from this rubbish. This is 2018, you shouldn't still be fighting the same battle.

    And for u Anon 'A', no oh, I don't have a bf in Europe. In fact, I am presently in Ikorodu sef. It's been all a lie

    Make I go back to sleep abeg

    1. ''You better start sleeping good now that ur lies have reduced.''

      Abeg, who get this shade??
      Abeg bring trailer come carry am, abeg.

      Chai!!!! Ekaaaa your mouth and your face just resemble!!!

    2. Shut up there!!!!!

  52. Each day, I wake up to check my calendar maybe magically we don't enter march. Abeg January end fast.

  53. Eka Joy and Chikito please do not do this. It does not fit you chics.

    Though Eka is not supposed to apply so soon, you guys pardon her.

    Many struggling housewives are here, they can't feed and are shy to tell Stella Kork. Let them beg, instead of prostutiting.

    1. The height of hypocrisy
      Fighting does not fit them but it fits you and the person you are calling ugly?

      You just called someone names up there and you come here to plead for peace?
      Oh! the first comment up there is an anonymous gone wrong. Yes, I know you go anon to do all sorts here including jamming of heads. You will never change. Aunty agbaya.

    2. Don't mind the woman.
      Beautiful Adamma.
      Can we meet You?

  54. Do we have any Glo customer care person here, I'm tired of calling you gals. I just want to report the network to you now o, I can't get network in my room at night unless I climb to the roof of my apartment, sebi una wan turn me to monkey wey dey climb up everynight just to get network. 😠😠😠There's only one thing I love climbing😍😍😍, any other thing else is stress, even to climb staircase😩😩😩I use God beg una,uncle paddy I know you read this blog, please fix your network, I promise not to wear wigs again if na that one dey vex you wey make u dey seize network for my house😞😞😞

  55. Am late this morning,good morning blogfam,blessings shall locate you and yours this week sdk and blogfam.

  56. God bless you Stella

  57. Eka Joy in all truthfulness you have no reason to participate in yesterday's give away. If those things you said you need to upgrade your viewing centre are important why didn't you use the money you use to buy air ticket to buy them instead. Your asking for more makes you come across as greedy.

  58. Hello fam! I only came to mark register. Have a blessed week ahead.

  59. Ona afionu...PA @Beloved, I dey enjoy your role jare.
    Abeg make una beg Tanker drivers to go back to hidings, it is too early to start resuming late at work in January.

  60. Anony 12:43...Baby for life if it pain you too much use your ID. I am not afraid of youuuu, i am not afraid of anybody.

    My last call with Stella Kork...i told her hooha i will be away for good two weeks from the blog to cover itinerary for the first quarter, then the following monday and tuesday i'll be free before returning and continuing work, so I'll be on the blog. Verify from her.

    My first three comments this morning didn't get published, my movement and location was in one of the epistles.

    I got 4 mails from bvs bothering on the comments from Spontaneous Giveaway post, the money is not Stella's and could be in millions you don't know. Why act out all mean? Allow her and the givers to decide so she can sleep in peace in far away Germany.

    Oh, beautiful Olivia for the sake of posterity, if there are people here you do not like, work hard to shelve your ugly heart.
    That your comment especially for Shakiti Baby is heart wrenching. A Mum struggling to feed her daughter? Haba.
    She does not deserve that blade cut. Same with so many of your comments, the meanness you display is topnotch, tone it down, in your level.

    For those writing that Igbos are wicked and all sorts, please please do not generalise with the 'sins' of one person. Do not send me such mails.

    Many people are married and bearing heavy burdens, let them be, if you're single be praying not to be in their shoes.

    Anony 11:17... please send and give a heading so it does not enter spam.

    1. See who is calling someone out on igky heart?
      Who doesn't know you have the ugliest of hearts??
      You that looses sleep over a comment.
      Monumental moronic woman like you.
      You think you are still 15 Abi?
      Continue to misbehave.
      You think we have forgotten your ugly deeds in the past 2 years? Lol.
      I am the least person on this blog to be accused of having an evil heart, or being mean so shut the fuck up.
      You didn't go anon today?
      Trace my ip address and come and arrest me. I stay in Eket FYI.
      Let me help your computer guys.
      Heart wrenching indeed, telling her the truth she needed to know to help her business wrenched tour devious heart? The devil must be leaping.

      Greet Lo and Behold for me. Daalu.

      Still send your IG handle oo. Let's see all that your glorious beauty and wealth. Ezi .

  61. Beautiful Olivia for the umpteenth time "REDUCE YOUR MEAN NATURE" and wait for your drama time, do not be in a hurry because the last time i checked:
    1)your official seat is now "ergonomically complaint";
    2)you are about seeing a chiroplast;
    and 3) are now working on the 100th floor, ain't you? kikikiki

    Do those 3 ring a bell? Hahahaha. Bvs are very intelligent, they munch alot and do not forget. There's a reason I ignore you, do not overstep your boundaries.

    I know you too well, while configuring comments to sound like XP is coming to hype herself sometime and soonest, get your tenses right and LOSE NO SLEEP, do not turn around your antics, I am no Wealthy woman, the wealthy ones do not even comment. They read and then GIVE.

    Look there's no point digging with buried heads down into the sand, swallow the truth and accept you effed up bigtime.

    Everybody was not privileged to have working parents who put them through life, they finished secondary level and gbaaam marriage happened. Do not mock them else you fall off your high horse.

    This blog bothers on human interest. Let it flow.
    To you I say COOL IT NOW.

    1. Lmao
      Is that the tactics you use?
      Say some random things so people would actually believe you have a clue about me ?
      Lord God.
      This woman is delusional!
      You need psychological help!
      Say whaaaaattt!
      You are a moron.
      I configure comments to sound like you? Skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
      I pity your people!
      1,2,3 huh?

      So you still do your "munch and keep tactics?
      You know me too Well?
      Bitch please.

      BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

    2. Xp,sorry ooo since when did you become miss nice? Caring for the poor?
      Remember it was you who humiliated Hannah (miss Aboki ) and even called her banana seller? Infact you practically striped her cloth here just because you felt that she dare to challenge you.
      You might have become a new leaf,no doubt but please madam apologise to that lady. That way your repentance will look genuine.


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