Stella Dimoko Pastor Explains To Judge Why He Remarried...


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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pastor Explains To Judge Why He Remarried...

A 45-year-old pastor, Olusola Opoola, on Tuesday told a Grade ‘C’ Customary Court , Ibadan that he married another wife because he needed to satisfy his   urge.

Opoola, accused of snatching his second wife from an evangelist said he remarried after his wife persistently denied him of s§x.

He told the court, ”My lord, it is unfortunate that I married another wife because it is morally and spiritually wrong to marry more than one wife.

”My wife pushed me to it, I have endured too long and I do not want to commit adultery. I agree to a divorce because she never appreciated all what I have done for her, ’’ he said.

His enstranged wife, Adeola, 36, begged the court for divorce, accusing her husband of abandoning her and the four children of the marriage because of his new wife.

She also denied the allegation of refusing him s§x.

”He is the one that says I am old and should give another woman a chance,He makes life more difficult for me since he married the lady.

”I pray the court to separate us so that I can live comfortably,’’ she said.

The president of the court, Chief Ramoh Olafenwa, in his ruling dissolved the marriage and gave the custody of the four children to the plaintiff.

Olafenwa instructed the respondent to pay N12,000 monthly for the upkeep of the children, education and other bills.



  1. 4 children @ 36 is too much... Also having too many children is not sexy at all...

    1. Was it not the husband that impregnated her?

    2. 4 children @ 36 is too much abi? How old was ur mum when she gave birth to 4 of you guys?

      Then calculate how old you are now,

      Do whatever u want with the figure you arrive

  2. I really dont understand some of these judges. What exactly will 12,000 monthly do for four children''' school fees, upkeep. Are you kidding me? So 100 naira daily to feed a child

  3. Only $12000? What can that provide for four children in this present Nigeria including bills? Nawao!

  4. 12k??? Money for sweets or what?

  5. I hope the woman has a means of taking care of her kids. What will 12k do for four kids in this economy? This is why people in problematic marriage always refuse to leave because is just not favourable to them.....WTH

  6. Busy bodies,
    Make una no ves.
    The man salary na 20K per month.

    1. Why will somebody on 20k a month decide to have 4 kids?
      What was he planning to feed them? Grass?
      Even those earning 500k per month refuse to have more than 2.
      Poor people with primitive mentality always procreating like bedbugs.

    2. Why have headache for another mans wahala?

      Are they your children? Has he come to beg you for cash?

  7. Fuck fuck pastor 12k every month ending for the up-keep of 4children poor man that likes Sex..hissss..

  8. #Spread kindness in any way possible. Remember it’s a form of charity. Whatever you do will come back to you in some way, somehow, some day*

  9. If you even see 5k from the man. Thank God.

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