Stella Dimoko What A Father Told His Daughter A Day Before Her Wedding


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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

What A Father Told His Daughter A Day Before Her Wedding

''The best way to show your husband you love him is to respect him.....


  1. So on point
    Posted this on my whatsapp days ago
    Ycee said all that matters now is peace of mind✌

  2. Great words from wonderful dad.... He should also advice the son inlaw tho, man to man, cos all this advice eh, two can not work together expect they agree....
    I love the love he share with his daughter she is a typical daddy's girl.

    1. Side eyes, there is still no rule that makes it all work right but I am happy she's hearing this from her dad, at least she knows she has to put all she's got to make it work

  3. I lost the opportunity of ever experiencing the joy of having my father give me out in marriage last year.

    Those of you with 'living' fathers, treasure the privilege.

    Wise words from a 'woke' father.

    E kwughi ekwu mere onu,ma a nughi anu, mere nti.

  4. So sweet and touching.... Nice advise but this goes both ways for the couple

  5. Respecting our parents have been there since and the Holy Bible said it too, only foolish children don't respect their parents.

  6. Life is different from fiction.

    Baba toh gba iyi

  7. Nice but I am sick and tired of people telling women what to do and what not to do. The main reason we have men with “a sickening sense of entitlement” is all this women “should do this and that”. Men too, should to be told how to treat women and respect women.

  8. Nice advice . What about the man? That's why there so many useless men out there that will end up marrying good women and make them suffer.

  9. He is right. Silence indeed brings better solution than fight. You don't have to shout or scream to make a point.

  10. -Instead of teaching respect only on the part of the woman, why don't we teach mutual respect? People always say the best way to love a man is to respect him, but we as women also crave respect. If a man claims to love his wife but still cheats on her, he doesn't respect her. Respect needs to be reciprocal in marriage; in fact in life generally.

    -We women are always given these types of advice 'know your husband's favorite food and cook it for him.' But we are also deserving of having our meals cooked for us sometimes too. Cooking is not exclusive to women. I have a cousin who got married and had a difficult pregnancy, yet her husband always wanted fresh food and he always wanted her to make things like pounded yam. In a pregnancy where she used to bleed heavily! Then she'll be pounding yam just because that was her hubby's favorite. Hubby was so selfish he used to tell her pregnancy is not a sickness and that she should pound. This mentality is the reason why African men are so entitled.

    -The part that I agree with is the silence part. In marriage, you should really learn to pick your battles because not every fight is important. Before you pick a fight, you should ask yourself; a week from now, will this matter? If it will, confront your spouse. But if it wont, let it go. But even if you confront your spouse, it doesn't have to turn into a fight. Do so in a loving, kind and respectful way and chances are, it will be resolved in a civilized manner. However this advice should go to both genders

    -As for the sex part, if you like, walk around the house naked with your pussy constantly wet; if your husband is a cheat, HE WILL CHEAT! Cheating is an inherent trait; once a cheater, always a cheater. Unless a cheater recognizes that he/she has a psychological problem and works on himself/herself, a cheat will always cheat; even if you give him/her the sky. So instead, teach both couples not to be stingy with not just their bodies, but their emotions as well, because sex isn't just physical. At the same time, teach them both to be so in sync with their partners that they can be understanding when their spouse cannot provide sex.

  11. The husband's father will advice his son nah. Good advice, I have picked one or two stuff from there.

    Don't deny Oga his night food...ikwakwakwakwakwa.

  12. Marriage....Hmmm!
    Mine is less than 2 months old and I'm pregnant already but my husband broke me today when he said I neglect him.
    I mean I do everything to make him happy, even love making wherever and however but since I got pregnant and was adviced to stay off strenuous exercises including sex or even pounding something as little as crayfish, he has decided I've neglected him.
    I feel so lost, pregnancy can't make me eat anything or go to work, am in and out of the hospital and everything irritates me yet I always make sure to be available when he needs and now hearing 'I feel neglected'.
    I'm lost really.

    1. He is just a cry baby...he will be fine and this stage of your pregnancy will soon pass dear!!courage okay!

    2. Sorry about the morning sickness. Pregnancy can be tough.

      I think there is a communication gap some where. If you can't communicate all these clearly to him without you guys getting irked with each other, then do so with a letter.

      In your letter be very open and let him see your vulnerable side (don't form super woman o). Make him understand all these things you have written up there and also give him your assurance of adjusting to make him feel less neglected. I bet you, he will be open with you also and communicate his fears also.

    3. That's why is not good to get pregnant almost immediately after marriage . The man wants to enjoy you now that you are his wife but at last pregnancy will not let him.

  13. beautiful wish wives will see this, some are lazy to cook. throw away money.


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