Stella Dimoko Alarming Rate Of Fulani Herdsmen Killings...


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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Alarming Rate Of Fulani Herdsmen Killings...

In the last few days ( Monday especially) News of the Fulani herdsmen killing around the Country has left me scared and in a cold sweat......

What is going on and how do we stop this from going further?

I am just wondering how these Killings began all of a sudden!!!...

Are these politically motivated or what?

Shouldn't a state of Emergency be declared in the states where these Killings are occurring?

Will the creation of state Police for each of the 36 states stop these Killings?
The pictures from these Killings are horrible and I think the Federal government should do something about this already!!!

What is your take on all of these?


  1. they are doing blood sacrifice. The powers to be are not playing. I pray God help His children not to become victims.

    The government can do nothing afterall it is their nephews that are killing people everywhere.
    I wish States can do something about these idiots. Every state should arm their people to contain these idiots roaming the country.

    #I don't look for God, He is inside of me#

    1. Let us divide and go our separate ways.
      After all my side has nothing to lose.

    2. I hope Nigerians get to know that this is more than Fulani herdsmen.
      These people are terrorists.
      How can a cattle rearer be killing police.

    3. Yori Yori you've started talking anyhow and out of points.... What is "The powers to be are not playing"?
      You must not comment on every post abeg.

  2. Hmmm!!!
    Politically motivated or not,the truth is that they are killing innocent people. This Fulani madness started since Buhari came into power!
    My PVC is ready come 2019. This madness should stop already

  3. The funny thing is I have been dreaming about these Fulani herdsmen for weeks now. I see it clearly and to be honest, it is closer and getting worse than we thought .
    My prayer is that God in his grace and mercy protect us from evil.

  4. We are not through battling with boko haram, now is fulani herds men, i really don't know why these barbarians think they can leave the north and come to the south or east just to kill people, the queastion should be,why are the state government not taking actions against them.

  5. The Government you are seeking for their help are the share holders and major owners of the cow. The said govt that once told people to accommodate the Herdsmen that their cows are equivalent to Human life. Are they the one to help? The way out is until Fulani President go back to Daura after all there has been Fulani Herdsmen without weapons from time immemorial (just their stick and water bottle) all of a sudden, they were equipped with sophisticated weapons including ak 47 and turn them into killers. Ak47 as in how? To kill Lion and Tiger with it while in the bush or what? They also kidnap o. I remember one Monarch in Delta State they kidnapped and killed last year or 2 years back. What about Catholic Priests coming back from burial that they shot and kidnapped some? Is Govt deaf?

  6. Nigeria governors should emulate Ghania president. Cows should not be seen on the street. There should be a designated areas for them.

  7. I really don't understand their grievances ooo,hmmmmm we r all safe in d hollow of his hands.....

  8. This is what u get when a rogue elephant according to uncle abati is ruling a country. There should be rules put in place to curb this herdsmen from traveling with their cattle's around the country. As a Nigerian u are free to travel any where around the country we know that, but where is stated in the Nigerian constitution that a cow is a citizen? And has the right to be any where is the country? If you must rear cows go get a range. Its disheartening to know a few fools will put their political ambition before the lives of Nigerians. How can a cow have more value than the life of a Nigerian? Smh

  9. All of a sudden we don't hear of boko haram again it's now herdsmen. The pics are so gory. And the govt want it's citizens to accommodate them. May God help us.

  10. The following is an excerpt from the Daily Trust.interview with Gen. John Shagaya, a former Minister of Internal Affairs. Hr shares deep insight into the issues dispassionately. I thought to share perchance you might gain.some needed understanding of the real issues.
    "We must understand the dimension of the kind of crisis we are facing through the movement of herdsmen either migration, if I will call it that. This is because anybody of my age will know that in the part of northern Nigeria where we come from there is an annual migration of what Ghanaians later modified as trans-human migrant Fulanis. In Langtang for example, you know the dedicated routes of the particular movement every year running from Wase through Garkawa through Yelwa through Shendam all the way to the south. We know when they move down south and up north. And if for any reason the migrant Fulani have to be in any place for a week or more, they will send a delegation maybe because they have some weak ones among them or women who may likely deliver. No quarrel. So we were brought up with that understanding. In the 50’s when we were in primary school, there was this big radio which we used to carry when our parents went out. We will go to the Fulani routes and sit under the tree and when the Fulani women are passing with cow milk, we will say ‘look, these people are tasty’ we will switch off the radio and say the people inside the radio are tasty and the Fulani women will be happy to give us milk so that they people can keep talking. So that was the kind of peaceful things that we knew that is why I am advising that we have to be very careful.
    "In this current dimension in migration, there are three things involved. The first is that there is desert encroachment. With this and with the drying of Lake Chad which used to accommodate quite a lot of them, the Cameroonian authorities had blocked the source. So, it means more numbers would have to trample in an attempt to find within the Benue and Niger trough for feeding. It requires a very serious planning. With the experiences that things were changing, Mrs Mary Lar and Prof. Jibril Aminu came up with the programme of Nomadic Fulani Education and Mary made her PhD with it. In that study, if we do understand it, we could create some kind of a habitable stopping area for the migrant Fulanis on their migration routes. Today, it is nice for somebody to call it colony. But they were stopping in places when they were moving, it was never given a big English name, now that you are magnifying the name, you are magnifying the problem.

  11. "The second dimension is what happened in 1984 after the ‘Ghana Must Go’ exercise. Between 1984/85, what we are witnessing today took place in Sierra Leon, Ghana, Benin Republic and Togo. They decided that all the migrating Fulanis must leave and that was where the word trans-human came from. They gave a marching order to all the Fulanis and their cows saying they were Nigerian Fulanis. So, today in Ghana, you find ranching existing only, you don’t find migrant Fulanis. They came to Nigeria and I had left the Military Secretary’s office and taken over the command of 9 Brigade. I was sent to establish tents, receive them, document them and know where they were going, whether truly they would settle in Nigeria or go to Mali or wherever they came from. They were treated nice by the administration at the time. There is a tripartite point between Togo- Nigeria and Benin Republic, very close to Kamba. That area of Kamba running all the way down to Kainji through Babana through Kayama, Digidiru pearl, very rich, beautiful area along the River Niger. So we received them and they were spread there for months. While government was deciding on what to do, they all left in their groupings. Some went back through their normal route of migration. The next thing government said is that there should be a leadership within the Fulanis, hence the encouragement of the registration of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association. I signed the certificate.
    "The intention of government then was to say; if we were faced with any minor problem, there should be a leadership that government can hold. But today, they themselves have broken into various factions and the migrant Fulanis have refused to have anything to do with local Fulani and that is part of the problem. We have to study these things well before we start condemning ourselves, they have to be taken into confidence in the discussions and that was the comment I made to the Governor of Benue State, that there must be a constructive engagement with all the stakeholders, you must know the reason.
    The third dimension is arms and banditry and what have you. With the fall of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, we must remember that a lot of soldiers of fortunes who came from Chad, Niger and Nigeria who found themselves making good money in Libya. Some of them are still being deported today. Some went as soldiers of fortune to work to defend Libya and when that government was dismantled, some of these very serious weapons fell in the hands of some fellows that moved down to Niger and Chad and mingled with the militants. You find there were already some trained soldiers of fortunes, they had these weapons and I believe it could be part of the build-up that today we face in the North-East. You will notice that within the first few months of this administration, the President had to make some tours of these friendly neighbours in order to know which direction the problem was coming from and not limiting and pretending it was only within Nigeria. That is what has helped us and many people don’t understand that.
    "The other dimension could be the politicisation of the issue by whichever ethnic group and I think a lot of propaganda has to be carried out by government. Nigerians have to start seeing certain national problems as a problem of the country and not a problem of one religion or a problem of Buhari because he is a Fulani man and a Fulani man entered a farm. We have to outgrow that, after all, down in the South-East, South-South where kidnapping became an industry, it wasn’t done along religious line and yet there are governors there who come from some of these communities. So why don’t we go round there and say it is this community that is perpetrating it because they come from this governor or that governor’s area is shielding these people. It is not a problem. But if it happens in the North then it is a Hausa Muslim or Christian issue, I think those are issues that we must outgrow. "

    1. Mr. Man or whatever you call yourself. You only succeed in confusing and fooling yourself. Your thesis on the Fulani terrorists challenge in 9ja is simply, hogwash. Gaskiya

  12. So many killings, but I can tell you bad Nigerians are hiding under Fulani herdsmen to perpetrates evil.
    I refused to believe all the atrocities are committed by these people. My opinion.


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