Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 3 Double Wahala Update


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Thursday, February 08, 2018

BBNaija Season 3 Double Wahala Update

What is going on in the house?Who is watching?...


  1. Very true about Tobi and cee-c. Two annoying/confused adults

    1. Hahaha thats a funny meme up there. not watching oh. No light.

  2. I'd rather watch Super story.

  3. That tweet killed me.

    They are currently having a tell it all session and men, it's been quite intense.

    Ahneeka fans, abeg, what exactly dyu guys like about her.

    Nina showed me a new side of her yesterday that I would never have believed was there. It was when she told miracle off about Cee C.

    I may just overlook her 'mumuness' and maybe root for her. I'm still so so undecided.

    It's so difficult to pick a favorite this time and stick to the person.

    1. @Eka Joy I just taya for Ahneeka fans. The girl is boring.

    2. I wonder what they see in her

  4. They all look like secondary school children jere

  5. Cee-c needs some sort of therapy for real. She never completes what she's saying.
    You know, it's not like, I don't just want, I wasn't even.
    Ah all of this she is yet to say what she wants to say

    1. Looool cee cee the fighteršŸ˜€

  6. Cee-c doesn't know how to express herself well. Im always confused when she talks. And shes so arrogant! I cant deal!
    I like tobi, hes cool. he just needs to stay away from cee c a little.

    I like alot of them for now. I like anto, alex, bambam, rico, lolu, miracle, bitto and tobi.

    Khole is a clown. She can be so rude and mannerless. I get her but baby girl there are better ways to relate with people. She will be the end of k.brule

    Princess with her on and off accent. Today shes british, tomorrow shes Pakistani. I actually like her igbo accent

    Nina and miracle... our sweethearts of the show. Childish, clueless people. They enjoy their own company more, just like cee c and tobi.

    Dee one and bitto are very stategic.

    Teddy A tho... hes like the cool guy in a high school movie or the actor in an Action film.

    K.brule seems tired. They should start eviction already!

    1. I don't think miracle is childish or clueless. He's actually chill. And he tells Nina the truth even if it's not in her favour.

      About Ceec and Tobi, I think she doesn't want to come across as cheap by succumbing to tobi's advances barely 2 weeks into the show. And I applaud her for that, because if she kissed him so quickly, she would be labelled as a slut by Nigerians. She might be arrogant and unbearable, but she's firm in this aspect. Problem is that tobi seems to want her too much and he keeps making advances, making her seem like a coldfish for continuously rejecting him. I wish she was paired with someone more firm, maybe like teddy A.

    2. Pink you are as lame as your comment

  7. Cece is very rude and full of herself,she's not fine self. Tobi playboy just corresponding but for how long ?your mumu don do jare. I like how house mates said it to her face@cece you are rude.tobi said she's a bully mostly over food,still she won't lift a finger to help in the cooking,nonsense girl. Anti is very articulate in her speech,when talking about dislikes from all housemates. Bambam just turn it to advisory matter.

  8. When they are up to ten I would watch. For now i can't waste my eyes.

  9. I got tired with that Princess accent, I shame for her forming

  10. That meme up there so true.. very rude girl..

  11. I like Miracle and Nina, they know they are not perfect but still appreciate their imperfections. They no just send anyone

  12. I like Miracle and Nina, they know they are not perfect but still appreciate their imperfections. They no just send anyone

  13. Bb naija all I see is a bunch of hungry teenagers

  14. Cee c very rude and annoying

  15. Them to plenty for now biko. Tried watching but got confused. Saw a part i think the cee c girl was confronting madam princess. But just got tired and changed channel.

  16. Hahahahahah My belle oo, A whole lawyer...

  17. Lol!! Personally I feel she covers all her imperfections with being so rude. All she thinks she has is her shape. No facial beauty or brains.

  18. That meme up there is so CeeC. They had a tell it all centred on their Dislikes.
    Khloe is as Blunt as d word Blunt, she is the younger version of Bisola.

    K-Brule feels like going home in his mind.

    Bam bam is a church girl and so cautions of her act.

    TeddyA feels like the Alpha king and said he's too much of a guy for Bam bam.......mehn that wasn't cool

    Lolu came in Bambam's defense and he said "Bambam if anyone can't accept you for who you are then u have to move on.and try some.other HM"

    Nina and Miracle should come.out of their shells.

    Princess I really don't know where she is from .....orishirishi accent.

    Deeone was really funny and told miracle he doesn't relate with other it mouth odour.

    Tobi is just allowing his delilah CeeC consume him

    Bitto addresses the viewers than his HM says DeeOne. Nice one

    Ifu isn't finding stuffs said abt her funny.
    Well.the beauty of it now is that everyone is loosening up.
    They are getting ready for their presentation and I can't get enough of Bitto's voice (the guy has a talent in Radio presentation)

    Ifu is a good Actor.

  19. Hi Nenye, I dont know how you came about the summary of what Teddy A said. He only tried to explain that perhaps Bambam is not used to guys that are a certain kind of way. He more or less gave her a complement, to be honest. He also apologised if she had misunderstood him. I think people are just not used to the guy's confidence.

    Lolu was the one who expressed his thots about everyone else in a somewhat condescending manner.

    Please, lets try to not misunderstand somebori. I am team BamTeddy and i think the guy actually likes Bam


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