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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Boredom Eliminating Post....

Valentine is just around the corner.........

This should be Interesting and should be both ways cos women also notice changes....


  1. If you like step on their toes, theyd be quick to apologiz. lol...

    1. Because they are expecting a gift, ring or both

  2. If they suspect you might propose, they keep poking around and searching ur pockets for maybe cufflinks box or receipt... then this period theyd hardly say no if u request or make a sex move, theyd fuck u so well.

    1. And after the fucking?
      It's dumping time.
      Let's sing it;
      Fucking time, dumping time!

      Will all these girls learn?
      The fuckboy will just add her to
      His "conquests!"

  3. Hahahaha husbands and boyfriends usually go on strike from 12-15th of February.

    But my own be say "aku feghari chaa o gaa adara awo"

    1. And if awo -the frog no position imself well, the aku will be eaten by the chicks and chicken!
      All these girls!
      And if the chicks no position themselves well sef, the egbe -the kite go collect and eat!

  4. Val is like every other day to me sha

  5. They apologize even when they are not at fault.

  6. From Feb. 1, even January one,
    snoop doggy everywhere; is he chatting with a girl?
    Monitoring spirits everywhere: *dials phone*; baby where are you?
    Antenna everywhere; listening to all his phone calls
    Rabbits everywhere; f*cking even in the car boots!

    And after valinta, na so so belle, abortions and dumping everywhere!
    Dumping of corpses: both the "aborter" and the "aborted".

  7. They start waka waka, medium, medium, pigeon, pigeon to make him propose and wed them in one week!
    "I want him only to myself", but that is Satan's trap they are entering.

    One lawyer finished Igba nkwu without knowing that he has done it!
    He was literally looking for who will deliver him. His fiancee was dazed!

  8. He forms busy, and pretends he has forgotten val is by the corner. Only for him to send me a surprise gift on the said day. Its getting really boring mbok. I intend to switch off my phone that day. I have enough booze in the house to last me a week,I will then order for pizza and watch gay porn all tru the night till I fall asleep. Yep amma ghost on Lee boo that day to have a me time. I know he is gonna be super mad, its been awhile i pissed him off heheheheheheheh. Ain't nothing special about valentine sex or romance its overrated jooor but the after beef sex is always in point.

  9. This is super story...

  10. Boyfriends and married men will form "busy" for their side-chicks and hens. Girlfriends and wives will be humble, nice and homely. Anyways, boo and I won't see until Feb 16...I even prefer him crediting my account to every other paparazzi..

    1. And some unfortunate ones like the one I am managing will start forming fight from now so you won't expect anything. Since you people are in middle of "fight".
      Meanwhile the man I truly love is married. When I get angry and flip out he can apologise 100 times,gives me everything I want,treats me like egg. But he is married. Why is life like this.
      Single guy go treat you like crap o.

    2. You're actually crap and will remain one cos you're causing another woman pain. Crap will continue to follow you.

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