Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha....


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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha....

Story of a jealous wife who cannot stand second wife Rivalry.

Maluchukwu was not born with a silver spoon but was born into a family that could provide needs and not wants. He was also not too good academically. With the early death of his father, his mother sent him off to Onitsha to serve Mr. Chigozie,..
The plan was for Mr Chigozie to settle him after seven years of serving him.

When it was time for his freedom, he rewarded him handsomely and got a shop for him. He was doing well and the future appeared to be promising until one night, fire engulfed the market and razed down his shop. He was heartbroken because of his loss. His Master was also affected and could not assist him. That was how he began his struggle and was managing his life by taking supplies from others to resell and make little profit.

In the process of struggling, he met beautiful Ekomobong, who bought her product from Onitsha and resold at her place. She was moved with sympathy when Maluchukwu told her his predicament. She promised to help him start off his business again. Ekomobong gave him substantial money to get a shop and buy goods.

She also helped him to pay his rent that was already giving him embarrassment from his landlord. She was so kind and generous to him that he had to introduce her to his mother, who could not resist her beauty and kindness.

Ekomobong was also doing well in her business. She encouraged him to demolish the mud house in his father’s compound and erect a good house. She got pregnant for him, Maluchukwu was happy and decided to marry her. 

After all, she has been good to him.

Three months after their wedding, she lost her pregnancy, doctors said it was Ectopic pregnancy. She was sad but Maluchukwu consoled her that she would bear him children.

It was a long wait as she could not conceive again. Ten years passed, wealth was coming in but no child of their own. Maluchukwu called his wife one night to tell her his plans. He told her he wanted to marry another lady who could bear him children...She refused and told him he could not do so except he wanted trouble.....

He thought she was just over reacting and that with time she would understand and see reasons with him. But it never happened because anytime the matter was raised, she always reacted with so much anger and tended to be violent. She told him she made him who/what he was and no woman could share it and also informed him that if he married secretly there would be doom.

Pleas and explanations fell on Ekomobong deaf ears and she remained adamant.

 Maluchukwu went ahead to marry Ifeoma. The day Ifeoma arrived her husband’s home, Ekomobong threw her belongings out and told her to go back home or she would regret her decision to share her husband with her.

Maluchukwu stood his ground and insisted that Ifeoma must stay. It was so bad that he beat up Ekomobong to calm her down. Yet she was hell bent on frustrating them. On the third day, she called Ifeoma when Maluchukwu was in the bathroom. 

She told her ''Decide what you want? Remain in this house or face the consequences of cohabitating with my precious husband. I will so deal with you that you will seek for help and will find none''. 

Ifeoma narrated her encounter with Ekomobong to her husband what but he told her to ignore the mad woman.

Few months later, Ifeoma took in, when she was six months gone, Ekombong pushed her into the bathroom one day , laid her left hand on her stomach and said '' This your baby will be born blind and every seed that comes out of you will all be blind and be burdens on you instead of joy since you refused to leave my husband''. 

Ifeoma, did not remember what happened to her so she did not tell her husband. She was jinxed.

When Ifeoma delivered her baby, he was blind. She was shocked and troubled, likewise Maluchukwu. They consoled themselves and took proper care of their son.

That was how her three children that came after were blind at birth. People mocked them and wondered why this had befallen them. It was a family of blind children.

Maluchukwu was forced to seek help from the spiritual house. He was told his first wife was behind the ordeal. He was asked to plead passionately with her to remove the curse she placed on ifeoma.

Ekomobong, when approached, admitted that she has marine powers that gave her husband wealth because she loved him so much.she said she was bitter because the husband did not allow her to make the decision of who he will marry. She advised them to carry out some sacrifices to break the curse....

The sacrifice was done at the river. Ifeoma, conceived again. When she was in labour, Ekomobong died and she delivered a son who was not blind.


  1. hmmmmmmm na wa. What a painful story.

    No woman likes to share her home with another woman. Even our God Almighty too is jealous when we worship other gods beside him.

    It is just painful sha. Marine powers are really strong but God knows how to deal with them.


  2. Thats so sad.... But God knows that I cannot marry a man that the wife is still alive except if the wife is the one that approved me. Like in the case of my aunt who chose the girl the husband married and they are living happily because my aunt love those children even takes care of them better than their mother.

    1. Approve of you? I don't understand dear please explain. As in, you don't mind being a second wife? I'm shook.

  3. Akuko Ifo (Tales by Moonlight)

    1. Lol, ezigbo akuko ifo

  4. Lol queen n Boss see gist... So Bcos she gave wealth she can't hv kids... Iyameee

  5. Na wa o. Maybe her spirit will still be tormenting the family from her marine world...

  6. At the end Ifeoma will enjoy all the wealth she suffered for..

  7. At the end Ifeoma will enjoy all the wealth
    she suffered for..

  8. So what happened to the other three blind kids?

  9. Hmmmm polygamy is really bad. I have family members that are still suffering the effects of it. God forbid


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