Stella Dimoko Former MGBN Isabella Ayuk Renovates Home And Opens Small-Scale Business For Widow


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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Former MGBN Isabella Ayuk Renovates Home And Opens Small-Scale Business For Widow

Isabella Agbor Ayuk, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2012, broke down in tears when she came face to face with the reality that a widow, Rose Leku Asigbe was thrown out of her home by her mates’ children after her husband died. 

She had to fend for, and take care of six children at one of the most feared flood torn area in Bendeghe-Afi community of Cross River State.

Ayuk and her Isabella Ayuk Foundation, IAF team were out at the beginning of the year on a five day charity outreach on indigent widows and Cameroonian refugees displaced by crisis in southern Cameroon. During the outreach which began last Thursday, the team came face to face with Asigbe and her children’s untold condition.

Accessing Bendeghe-Afi community where the widow resides was not a thoroughfare for the IAF team as they had to traverse three communities of 24km of poor road access and were ferried on canoe across Bendeghe-Afi river to be able to reach Asigbe.

The widow, who originally hails from Obudu, has given three of her children out as house-helps with only the destination of two known to her. Asigbe said she did it all for the survival of her remaining three kids, who are still tender in her arms.

Ayuk and her team did not only renovate a house for the widow and her children, in a safer area, they also opened a small-scale business for her.

After the meeting with Asigbe, the former beauty queen also took out time to visit over 200 widows at Bendeghe-Ekeim where she provided them with food materials and had a swell time with them as they composed traditional odes for Ayuk and Cross River’s Most Beautiful Girl, Christine Edet while the beauty queens danced.


  1. So so heartwarming. God bless her

    1. What stupid paint?..i laugh...they didnt even mend d broken sure she didnt touch d inside of d house either...people

    2. And if one talk now they will call you an Hater. This girl Isabella might need to work on herself first with the way she look. And BTW, this trash she calling renovation is nothing but rubish

  2. thank you for reaching out beautiful... God bless your kind heart

  3. Replies
    1. She has added weight but she look ok.

  4. What da heck is dat? Is that what u call renovation?
    So she couldn't get one of her sugar daddies to build that woman a nice two-bedroom bungalow. So sad.

  5. Having an NGO foundation these days is the real money making machine!...
    Just open one if you have lots of politician friends and you are good to go!!...
    It pays more when you are a girl or a fag!..

    When I see people calling Tonto dike broke I laugh!...
    She don't need to be in movies again to make money!...
    She is cashing out steady!,
    Very sweet lucrative business!..

  6. Before and after picture of the renovated house, I don't understand, the tall plant in front grew overnight?

    1. 😅😅😅you dey mind this people???
      Why is her 'noble' work publicized???

  7. Renovated? She only painted the house mtcheew and that table with few things is it that the business? Pathetic! If she wanted to be really of help she should have opened a shop for her and built a better house for her or sponsor her children's education. All these beauty queens that wants to be in the news by fire by force. No one should come and say nonsense under my comment because you will be arguing with yourself. This is my opinion so keep yours to yourself or share it too but without mentioning me.

  8. Lol. My late grandmother's village. Never been there though.
    She did well. I suspect you want to run for office. Its good your leg reach for CRS 😉

  9. Lol. Good observation. Those two pictures are not the same place biko

  10. Hmmmmmm, a 'mysterious' tree grow up by the 'renovated' house overnight.

    It's well.
    We hail thee.

  11. Welldone! God bless you dear

    Chikito's fan

  12. Senator Peter Nwaoboshi's money. Hmmmm if I spill now. Leave all these fake Beauty Queens, her tohtoh deh over work self, right from David Mark days. Mouth sealed. She has used her calabar jazz to hold Senator Peter at work, the stupid man can not think with his brain again self. Who doesn't know Isabella and juju..... make I go rest before una begin shout frenenemy.

  13. This girl is seeking for notice. After many years of shame. We have forgotten about you since your last fake age thing and sleeping with old married politicians in Abuja. You don expire and now forcing for attention you paint house green and sooo? Go to instablog and see her. After going to pump ass and boobs. She's local and cheap.

  14. All I see is the green plant, and a painted house. I am still looking for the renovation.


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