Stella Dimoko Man Explains How He Dismembered Sons Head For Disturbing His Sleep..


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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Man Explains How He Dismembered Sons Head For Disturbing His Sleep..

You wont believe what you are about to read....

The biological father charged with killing his young son re-enacted how he slit the boy's throat as he gave a video confession to Chicago police.....

The details were so gruesome that a court clerk wiped away tears as she listened in the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

Rolando Ortiz, 37, wearing a flimsy blue jumpsuit with his hands cuffed in front of him, was ordered held without bail by Judge Mary Marubio as a public safety threat to the community.

Ortiz's son, Mateo Garcia Aguayo, who would have turned 3 next month, was cut so severely that his spinal cord was severed and his head was nearly decapitated, prosecutors said.

In a recorded interview with Chicago police, Ortiz admitted he killed the boy "because he was trying to sleep and the victim was not letting him," said Assistant State's Attorney Jamie Santini. He told police he knelt on the boy to hold him down while cutting his throat, Santini said. He admitted he put the body in a garbage bag, intending to throw it in the garbage, according to the prosecutors.

Ortiz even re-enacted the slaying on video, using a doll to show how he slashed the boy's throat, Santini said.

Ortiz, who worked a night shift at a factory, cared for Mateo while his wife worked days at the same factory and their two older children attended school.

Ortiz brought Mateo into bed with him to try to sleep, but the toddler wouldn't stop moving and jumping on his father, Santini said.

When the boy got off the bed and started running around, Ortiz grabbed him by the arm, dragged him to the kitchen and pinned him to the floor so he could not move, Santini said. Ortiz then got a large kitchen knife and used it to slash his son's throat repeatedly while he held the boy down with his other arm, he said.

He then placed the boy's body in a garbage bag and wiped blood off the kitchen floor with dirty clothes, Santini said.

He called a witness - identified by police as his wife's sister - and admitted to her that he killed his son, telling her that the boy "was with God now," Santini said. Two other witnesses then went to the residence, found the body and called 911.

When Ortiz heard the approaching sirens, he fled the apartment in a truck, Santini said. Chicago police tracked his cellphone to a location in Kankakee and arrested him within a few hours of the homicide.

It marked his first arrest by Chicago police.

At a news conference Chicago police said Ortiz "made a pretty weak attempt" to cut his own wrists after realizing what he had done.

"Mateo wasn't old enough to make a bad decision. Mateo wasn't old enough to take the wrong path in life," Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told reporters. "He was just an innocent kid whose trust and safety was betrayed by one man he should never have to question: his father."

from chicago tribune


  1. What the court may never hear is this man's involvement or dalliance with occultism; he who dines with Satan soon becomes the meal.

  2. The pits of hell are empty; all the demons are here.

  3. Oh my God!!! He killed his own child that was playing with him? God pls come already. The things I hear...

  4. Blood of God, what did I just read?

  5. Now he sleep ba? I he never sleep find sleep At All wicked evil father...

    1. Exactly
      Where is the sleep after this devilish act?

  6. Too much of drugs in that land called America. Too much evil in that land. Gush!!!

  7. Oh dear..
    I almost cry..why
    Because of sleep😢😓

  8. Of recent, no good story has emanated from the
    West, lol!


  9. That's the attitude of kids about that age. they will always crave attention from loved ones except when they are asleep themselves.
    U never appreciate a woman enough if u haven't been around caring for two or more toddlers at same time. Some men will still say she is lazy! She sits in d house all day wiv d kids doing nothing! Just look at the same frustration billions of women shoulder without men coming home to meet their kids in a deformed state yet no gratitude for everything she does. Same frustration this oga don turn to samurai slitting his kid's throat. I hope after doing so he was able to sleep peacefully and longer.
    Shout out to all good mothers out there caring for their kids. evening when they feel sick or feel like running away from their kids yet they don't abandon their babies.

  10. I don't even know what to say.
    Just read a story of man that killed his kids and househelp at Onitsha just yesterday.

    Throw the whole world away.

  11. So sad. A toddler killed by the one who shld protect him the most. Some people are demons in human clothing.

  12. Stella have u seen a recent picture on facebook. A man killed his 3 children nd his maid and tried killing himself too in Onitsha. Sick people everywhere


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