Stella Dimoko Place Of Primary Assignment Palava ....


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Monday, February 26, 2018

Place Of Primary Assignment Palava ....

Corps members always face the problem of being rejected in the
organizations they are posted to.....Sometimes,its where to sleep or eat from..

My own ppa palava came with accommodation problems....

After being rejected from the place i was posted to i decided to rest and get accommodation first before going to apply for re posting as i cant coman kill myself becos of NYSC.

Also the reposting will take time so i needed to have where i would put
my belongings but my friends adviced me to get a ppa 1st bcos i may be
posted to a far away place and i saw reason with them and started
applying for reposting again while i stayed with one of my friends..

I had a lady NYSC official i was friends with so i told her that i was
having ppa palava and she directed me to go to a particular org bcos
they need corpers but one of my friends told me that another office
she was working also need corpers so i wanted to work in the same
office with my friend,so I applied for reposting to my friends office
and waited for some days for the letter..

After like I got my letter and went to that my friend office but the
boss was not around so i waited and we gisted until the boss came and
i told him my mission but he said he did not want corpers again and
rejected me. I was so angry but i called that my nysc friend and she
asked me if i have started work, she was angry when i told her i have
not applied for reposting but she told me to just apply to the org and
i did that.

My 1st visit to the addy she give me was to find to my surprise that
it was just an out of place residential building that a flat was
converted to the office,i was lucky to meet the boss i was asking the
security man if i was in the right addy and so i spoke with him.

He said that i should wait for the hr, there was no other person in
the office and i was surprised but the hr came and interviewed me and
gave me a request letter for nysc to post me to the office. I was so
impressed by the packaging of the request letter and they even requested
for additional 5 corpers to be given to them so imagined a very happy
future with the org but i didn't no i was going to be disappointed.

As i was getting bored staying weeks without a ppa i decided to start
work in this new org while i waited for nysc to get my letter ready
because i knew they still waste time and i wanted to be the 1st corper

As i came to work as early as 8am dressing to impress but nobody was
in the office or rather house and the security man didn't allow me to
enter so i stayed outside with him, it was around 11am that the boss
came and we went in.

I waited in the reception area until he told me to make use of an
office he set up for me in one of the rooms,it had a computer system
but it was not connected and he left before i could ask him questions
on what i was supposed to do. The hr came around 1pm and became so
busy with his laptop that he did not have time for me so i waited, he
told me i can close at 4pm and left later after telling me where i
should keep the office keys.

The following day followed the same pattern but this time around i
just ignored the security man as i went in and the key was where i
kept it the other day,meaning that the boss and the hr did not come
back to the office again.

After getting my letter from nysc the hr helped do the documentation
and i started serving officially there. It was later on that the boss
told me that there were into import and export and that their job is
majorly in the field and that explained the reason why they were not
steady in the office as they also have offices at the airport and

He said that i should not just be sitting around in the office doing
nothing so he gave me materials to read and be ready because customs
officials will mess me up if i don't know about the business.

I was really very grateful and enjoyed my service in the organisation
as i was making use of the office system that was connected to the
Internet to keep myself busy and catch up with SDK if there was no job
to do.

So even though i had ppa wahala it was worth it at the end bcos the
boss was a nice man who would always give me money for transport and
told me not to be shy to ask him of any issue i would like him to help
me with

*I think NYSC has flopped and should be scrapped or re-invented


  1. It is what it is. God help us in this country.

  2. It should be scrapped because it has lost its value. For some time now, we dont take nysc in the office. I think they see it is no good any more

  3. I was expecting something more intriguing than this.

  4. What's hr please? This your story na real wa!

  5. Nysc is a waste of time and resources. Govt should give each fresh graduate a million naira to start up life (Shebi they said they spend more than 2million naira on each corps member? ). It's better to give them the money abeg.

  6. Pls any female batch b corp member serving in uyo staying alone? I'll pay half of the rent.
    Stella pls post abeg thanks

  7. Nigeria does not ever get anything right.. .


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