Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gitsts -The Set Up


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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Saturday In House Gitsts -The Set Up

You do know what a set up is right?

Setting up someone for good or bad....

Setting up someone for something and it backfires?

Have you ever set up anyone before?Has anyone ever set you up?How did it play out?

Oh come on,someone must have a story!


  1. I don't think I have a story on this.

    1. I was set up in my SS3, 21 years ago. I was staying with my uncle then and his wife went out and came back drunk. Her friend that stays in the same compound with us brought her home and took her purse (she just got her nanny salary that day). In the middle of the night she vomited and I had to leave my room and go clean her up. The next morning eyes clear her na so she start to look for her purse o. All eyes and fingers were on me. That her friend insisted that me and her should search her room together and I innocently agreed. Meanwhile I had gone to that room on my own to search for the purse since my uncle was threatening to throw me out. Her friend jejely dropped the purse at the foot of the bed and asked me to go and stand there so we could lift the mattress together. As I just step for head bed na so I pick purse run go outside with happiness... I no sabi say na that be the worst. Everybody insisted I took the purse and dropped it there because we had all turned that room upside down. It's been 21 years... but I still hurt each time I think about it. That incidence made me not to believe everything I see no matter how glaring the evidence seems.

    2. Sorry anon but this your story made me laugh

  2. I don't think I have a story on this.

  3. I've never set anybody up before and nobody has ever set me up as well

    *Larry was here*

  4. Setup?? I don't know who setup is oooo???😂😂😂

  5. A story you will share now and in the next generation to come some nonentity will still be tauting you with your story. I jump and pass.

    1. Don't mind the bitter souls, never be afraid of anyone.

  6. I have a storyyyy but im never gonna try that shit again,that will be the first and last.

  7. Yes, I was seriously set up. When I was in school my boyfriend back then was travelling out of the country so I wanted to spend the weekend at his place. AS PER farewell things. I needed a solid alibi so I told my mum I would be going to Jane's place in Unilag that I had a project to research on. I called Jane to inform her just so she could know about my plan and lying with her name . Come Saturday evening ( I went on a Friday) I saw 4 missed calls from my mom but instict just told me not to return the call (couldn't explain why!) Only for my younger to call to say Jane had busted my moves that she called to ask my mom where I was, my mom was like Hahan is she not with you she said noooo she had not seen me! Hmmm as a sharp babe now I turned everything on her head I called my momm told her that she disapointed me that when I got to her school she wouldn't let me stay at her place I made her look like a very bad friend ( which she is anyway) i never spoke to her again after that incident.

  8. I have never set anybody up before, but a friend of mine once tried to set me up but God saved me. She was my classmate that lived in same area, after school we go home together and most times came to school together but my brothers don't seems to like our friendship. She always told me stories about her boyfriend which is same tribe as i. ... So during one of our holiday she came to block me in were am receiving summer classes that her boyfriend wants to see me she promised not to take my time, that we just spend like 30 minutes, we got there and she left me at the back of the boyfriend house after about 20minutes 3 guys came from nowhere that charity asked them to bring me, and I followed them stupidly until they were about entry an uncompleted building, that is when I opened my mouth to asked them were they are taking me to, one said cool down we are there, as I was arguing with them one man came out from nowhere and told them to release me quietly or he will shout, before I knew what is going on the man brought out bottle from his back pocket and broke it in one of there head then the 2 others took off. I was shocked to hear that they bring girls here to rape.. .. Thank God for using that man to save me, my friend did not come to school for like 2 weeks, i get to hear from my brother that she was a victim of rape because of that she arrange innocent girls to be raped too.

  9. I once set up my ex with my girlfriend and he fell for it. what a story 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  10. Someone have set me up for good only for it to turn out bad.
    A fellow student approached me on my way one hot afternoon to narrate how he has been admiring me in school, my gentle jovial nature bla bla but didn't know how to approach me not until something made him to stop me that day as a result of too much disturbance from his uncle who was looking for a wife. He started narrating the uncle's history of how he works in big company, rich, handsome, God fearing etc
    The pestering became much so i decided to give them a chance and meet up with the uncle
    D day came, wore my nice outfit with hair and makeup packaged by my roommate, smiles beaming my face and was already considering how to dump my school boyfriend lol
    In few minutes, he called that i should start coming out, nervous me was gently catworking towards the school gate to either jump Okada, enter a taxi or he come pick me only for him to call telling me to enter one kiosk abi buka near school eeeeh you say wetin
    On a normal day one can never see me nor my friends entering that dirty shop not to talk of going on a date there
    Upon say i no too tall, had to bend and enter to see my supposed prince charming smiling sheepishly and staring at me
    Hi you are Amy right....i have heard alot about you, guy man begin talk eeeh chineke mu o
    Oh get one bottle of(hot ) malt for my wife eeeeh which wife in my mind
    He asked me few questions, then continued to talk about himself of how he will treat me like a queen, by then i have finished my malt
    He requested for extra two bottles of hot malt ....yesus wept in akwaibom voice
    I was already suffocating in heat and all that he said was no longer entering my ear....he was too excited for my liking
    It became too much that i texted my roomie to call me, had to fake a call to escape from him
    Narrated the whole scenario to my friends, they laugh me eeeh
    I was so pissed off and vowed never to answer his calls again. Guy man called for long so one day i decided to give him another chance maybe he was testing me
    We fixed a date again, only for him to text me to meet him at that same ogogoro place again like dem take am swear for am
    Had to delete and block his annoying calls/boring conversations
    na so my arrangement take scatter

    1. 😂😂😂, maybe he was pretending to be old fashioned to know the real you. It could be an act.

  11. I remember back in those days when I was still with my parents, I had this girl friend of mine whom was our neighbors. I Always hang out with her and we were just best of friends then. . So one dishes called me to help her write some thing and I got a paper and pen thinking I was helping her.. so I started writing what she was saying it got to a point I have to question her why she was have to say all that because the tin look like an insult. I piece of mockery. .but she didn't say anything after writing she ask me to keep it that she will come back for it the next day. I did .. The next day she came with some girl that live close to our yard. Not too far telling her that I wrote horrible things about her mother and bla bla bla. See wahala I denied it before the girl and she told the girl that I should bring a book were I wrote horrible things about the her mother. . I went in and brought the book and remind her how she was the one that ask me to write it.. but who cares name me wrote the whole jagon .. The girl went around the neighborhood telling whomever that cares yo listen to. Her that I am gossiping about her mum and I was badly hurt but I later found out it was a set up. That some how belittle the trust my parents had for me because find it hard to prove that I didn't do it.... As for the friendship that was the end....

  12. Set up is when you are not aware of what you are up against or about to indulge in.

    My own is a flashback of when I was in School. And my friends were gusting about when they smoked weed, and what their experiences were. And so they advised I try it out. One of them gave me the number of the person that supplies him, and said if I get there I should tell him that I want skunk, and that it's an uptown funky name for weed. Read below to find out what happened.

    The first time I ever smoked weed/skunk was when I was in college, I remember after I just helped myself to a wrap, I took each drag with all sorts of smile on my face, saying to myself, finally I can tick smoking weed off my bucket list of crazy things done in College. For those of you that smoke that shit, you'd be able to relate to the fact that after smoking it, all your sensory organs will be active.

    The last thing I remember was that I was in the bathroom, after which I wore my boxers to go pick my towel which I left outside to dry. To me I was wearing my boxers, but in reality I wasn't. Funny part is that I majestically or should I say I waltz outside, with my dixk dangling up and down.

    My neighbors, mostly ladies, came out to have a filed day looking and admiring what have always been kept under all sorts of designer labels.

    To worsen things, I went outside cleaning my body like I was in my room, and then from no where, a voice came from my inner mind saying 'guy you don fuxk up, you just made a fool of yourself' it was then it dawned on me that I was outside my room and not inside.

    That's a day I will never forget in a hurry....

    1. Ewooooo 🙆🙆🙆🙆 ur own bad

    2. 😂😂😂😂 very funny,

    3. 😁😁😁

    4. 😂😂😂😂

    5. Hahahhahahha

      That was crazy bro
      That was how one guy back in unilorin went to his friends house and ate beans, he ran 200metre race and almost died.
      Weed stories are always hilarious 😁😁😁

    6. 😀😀😀😆😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. lol this is so funny

  14. Well my friend once set me up
    She is yoruba, she called one morning to tell me how one London igbo guy just returned and wanted to meet an igbo girl, mumu me that was single thought I was to meet my Prince charming and probably kick start a relationship, over excitement worry me.
    After like an hour, my prince called that he was on his way to pick me.
    First shocker, he was old, trying to dress like a teenager, I locked up and entered car, called my friend, complain small she say cool down.
    This man brought me to a guest house, mumu me that should have angrily left, was trying to save face.
    I insisted we talk and get to meet eachother, I noticed he was restless but I didn't care, then we sat and I was drinking my malt, He didn't even order anything else for me, I was Sha talking n talking and buying time.
    At a point this guy got angry and he insisted we go in, I Sha refused, we angrily left the place
    Since that day, I became more careful with life generally, if u don't explain stuff beyond reasonable doubt, I no go.
    Epistle people are trying oooo

  15. Yes, I was seriously set up when I was in secondary school by my friends but it turned out well for me.

    Their plan was for the guy to took my virginity as a good girl that i am.

    It's a long story sha but got married to the guy they set me up with. (boyfriend of one of them; though I didn't know until they start confessing and told me to stay away from the guy but then it's too late, bobo and his family are already madly in love with me).

    We've been married for 13years and it's been bliss thru out. God just used them to bring us together.

    1. Lol, good for those your friends. They aren't nice. Did any of them come for your wedding?

    2. No. I have to borrow my self brain and left their click. They fought and gossiped me in school then even saying I was pregnant.

      The school principal have to involved our parents. My mum knows what I can do. Meeennn the story is long but it ended in praise.


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