Stella Dimoko The Village Girl And The Four Men


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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Village Girl And The Four Men

This should be really exciting

There was a beautiful girl in a village admired by four men.


One day,she went to wash her clothes by the river and coincidentally the four men where there watching her, All of a sudden a crocodile bit her and dragged her into the water.

The SINGER composed a beautiful song ,the crocodile raised its head above the water to listen to the song,
The HUNTER shot it,and it was dead . The girl floated on the water.
The FISHERMAN dived in and brought her out to the shore then,
The DOCTOR treated her and she was well again.

Now who deserves to marry the girl among the four men??

*None of the four men because they are all


  1. Must she get married?
    Must one of the four marry her?

  2. Hunter carry go.

    I'm here waiting for today's chronicles.

  3. Four jobless men sitting by the river... 😂

  4. The singer. Without his effort. The rest would not have had an opportunity to act.

  5. The singer, since he took a bold step first in seeking for a way to rescue the girl, despite being a coward for admiring from afar, without walking up to the girl prior to the incident.

  6. Why didnt the crocodile bite any of the four men? Why the girl?? Well i guess her village people went to the river with her.

    Chikito's fan

  7. if d singer hadn't sang, d cocrodile would hv drowned her and eaten her

  8. Make she marry all of them because dem be her helper

  9. LmAO
    This looks like a village tale directed by ugezu featuring ken erics and nkoli..
    Those type on afrca magic epic..
    Marry the singer.
    Keep the doctor as a side bobo for the cash.
    The hunter as your sex machine.
    Keep the fisherman as an errand bobo

  10. The singer. Without his help, then others wouldn't have had the opportunity to save the girl.

  11. Hmmmmmmmm.. She should just go and marry another person if she no want die ooooo..

    Trying to marry anyone among them is like playing 🎲 with her life

    Mc pinky

  12. Lol, the fisherman because not everybody can swim

  13. Three jobless men, at least the fisherman was around his work environment (river) but what business does a hunter, doctor and singer have to do with a river.

  14. The crocodile,,it gave its life for her

  15. She's already dead. She floated after the croc was shot. I googled it. Yes I cheated, i know.

    1. No she is not dead,the doctor treated her and she was well again...Oya answer the question

  16. The singer as in first come first serve formula. hahahahaa

  17. All I see is the dog face up 👆 there

  18. The doctor for me, because if he wasn't there all the efforts of the other three would have been useless.


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