Stella Dimoko Cleric Says Nigeria Needs Deliverance For Hosting FESTAC '77


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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Cleric Says Nigeria Needs Deliverance For Hosting FESTAC '77

A Lagos-based cleric, Felix Adunpe, says the spiritual siege caused by Nigeria’s hosting of the Festival of Arts and Culture Nigeria in 1977 remains the country’s problem, and not failures of successive governments. 

He, therefore, said that Nigeria needed deliverance from self-imposed bondage through the hosting of the festival.

Adunpe, who is an evangelist and general overseer of Signs and Wonders Prayer Ministries Evangelical for All Nations, spoke in an interview with journalists. According to a statement on Friday, the clergyman said the problems plaguing Nigeria would not be fixed by merely removing President Muhammadu Buhari and replacing him in 2019. He said it would amount to falsehood to believe that periodic change in government would bring the desired progress and development to the country.

The general overseer said, “We need to come together and pray to God, regardless of our religious beliefs, if we must move forward as a nation. We have tried both military and civilian governments, yet hope of better life for Nigerians remains a mirage. Nigeria must be redeemed from sin of glorifying idols above God; we must pray for the country to be free from all forms of demonic powers troubling the country since the hosting of FESTAC in 1977.”

The cleric, who said God had directed him to hold an interdenominational crusade, tagged ‘Nigeria Must Be Redeemed’ in Osun State, urged Nigerians to pray unto God for the liberation of the country, saying if all would join in prayer and fasting, the country would move forward.
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*Festac 77 was about glorifying idols?I need to go back and read what happened oh!!


  1. Hian! So they news to scrap Benin kingdom then...metcheeewww

  2. Wow,so this things are true

    My CEO will never approve of the company supporting anything art and cultural whatever. She says it's against her Christian faith,that we are still praying for God to intervene for more growth.
    Was even thinking she was just taking it out of proportion.

  3. I heard idols were celebrated then which was so so wrong. Lord help us.

  4. It’s true . All Nigerian problem started after the hosting of all the idols in festac

    1. And other nations that are practising idols worshipping didn’t have issues oh so it’s only nigeria? Smh ?

  5. Proudly Anonymous4 March 2018 at 14:39

    So some people are still on with this FESTAC bull$#*@

  6. Wrong! Look at all the problems that happened with other countries in Africa, some even more atrocious than Nigeria; Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, none of their conflicts had anything to do with idols. Black men for the most part lack good governing skills, it is just what it is. Everybody want to lace their pockets in wealth and keep the majority in poverty and dumb and dependent on them. Their insatiable greed, unrelenting corruption, and exploitation of the poor along with their tribal minds is why Nigeria is where it is. Look at the amount of Buddha statues throughout Asia, hungry ghost festival, and all their superstitious beliefs on that continent why do they prosper? Look at the ME, every year Muslim believers go on their pilgrimage walking around a big black stone for days, why are many of their countries prospering? India with its thousands of Gods and Goddesses, nah the same India Nigerians are flocking to for specialized surgeries. So how is it that Nigeria is singled out for God's wrath when all these other countries and cultures have their idols just the same and prospering? Grasping for straws much pastor, and looking for where to put blame. Look no further than leaders without vision, innovation, love, and good governance. Look at the devastating effects of tribalism and how superiority complex of some tribes breed division even affecting the quality of life of the average Nigerian, i.e. being refused housing, quality medical care, or job opportunities because you belong to a different tribe. A divided house will never prosper. You better go back to the drawing board pastor man and lay off the assumptions and bring facts.

  7. Well, the truth about this Festac thing is beyond mere human understanding. It wasn't just about celebrating idols but so many nations brought their idols, magic and all sorts were performed in Nigeria during this festival.
    Now, if you believe in the fact that idols are demon-possed, u won't doubt the sayings of this prophet.
    FESTAC 77 was indeed d beginning of Nigeria's problem. May God deliver our nation In Jesus Name

  8. So you are saying before 1977 Nigeria was this rosy country where everything was running smoothly and then after that festival in 1977 the country fell to its knees? I wonder what the true historians have to say about that. Can someone who studied history and who is an expert on the history of Nigeria through all parts of the country speak on the supposed fall of the country after 1977. So tell us about Nigeria from 1950 to 1976, let us see if Festac festival in 1977 truly changed the path of the nation for the worse.

    1. let me come and be going

  9. The Gospel truth. Many clerics preach on it for years and Government keeps turning deaf ears. The kind of Demonic and Awkward idols and artefacts that were approved, then shifted into Nigeria during Festac '77 was much.

    Stella Kork...go and search, dig deep and you will marvel at the spiritual inclinations these people tied Nigeria to.

    Easiest way: during thesis for my shool curriculum, at Peka Dix Agblangandan in Cotonou, I got directed fpr research materials, was taken to the Monument Martyrs 1977 Park, one officer there took me through some lectures, mind blowing facts mehhhnnn.
    Find you way around it or send someone. Info berekete.

    If it doesn't work, at the end of that road if you enter by Pharmacie Dona Dei down to the University; back end of that riverbase you get info from local god worshipers. Then you'll know why our Baba is called Baba Iku.
    Me no know o. *lips sealed*

  10. I would believe this as I was born and raised in Festac Town. Every time you hear a Priest or Pastor calling for deliverance to be done in the town. Last year when Festac turned 40, foundational prayers was to be carried out but was held back by some "circumstances" as always.... people's destinies are being caged & promising futures wasting away.

  11. I've been hearing about this right from when I was a kid...hmmm,God help us o but we are not partakers because our case is different and what affect others is not permitted to affect us because it's a new dawn for us. My family and I re exempted in Jesus name.

  12. Whether anyone believes it or not, it is true. A 1973 world bank report listed Nigeria equally with the Asian Tigers among the fastest growing economies in the world who will be world leaders in 10-20 years from that 1973 date At that time Nigerians were not earning much but the little they earned was sufficient to provide decent shelter, food, clothes and take care of their children. Nigeria was rich and her future was very bright. Obasanjo was head of state at the time, instead of making population and growth projections, planning accordingly to fulfil the destiny which the world bank had predicted for Nigeria in 1973. The vision he had was to advertise the wealth of Nigeria to the world by hosting a jamboree. We watched the entire festival on TV then and saw different types of masquerades, Idols, fetish practices and worship of strange gods and demons thatunleashed darkness on the land. After the festival Nigeria's economy began a downward slide, there was still enormous wealth but it wasn't benefiting the people and the country, it was like since we refused to honour the true God with the wealth, but we rather promoted idols then the country itself will be confused and be unable to use the wealth for its own benefit. The way Nigeria is moving from one set of dumb leaders to another is just a means of manifestation of this evil. If not for the continuous fervent prayers of a few genuine people of God Nigeria's case will have been worse than Rwanda, Somalia or Liberia. The evil darkness wants to continue to remain permanently in Nigeria hence it will actively continue to cover people's eyes so they will not believe it exists talk less of attempting to do anything about it. Unless we hold national day of fasting and prayer in which we ask for forgiveness and ask God to cleanse our land and banish the demons from our land, the land will not be free from clueless leaders who are just mere tools in the hands of the darkness.

  13. Stella its very true I can tell you the prof that lead that program and the first DG of Nation Theater he is still alive and leave in surulere with a shrine in his house till tomorrow. That festival took us 200 years back.

  14. OMG! Few years ago my mom told me of how rev fr Mario ozele preached and reveled a lot about this same FESTAC77 in a catholic charismatic renew conference in 1997, on that same night there was a terrible attack in their camp that night.but thankfully no life was lost


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