Stella Dimoko Evicted BBN Dee-One Reveals What Went On In The House...


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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Evicted BBN Dee-One Reveals What Went On In The House...

Ex- BBNaija housemate, Dee-One, has has taken viewers into somethings that went on in the house during his stay.

Speaking on individual housemates, Dee-one disclosed that Bambam entered the reality show as a dedicated Christian. He said Bambam even told fellow housemates that she receives messages from God.

Dee-one who was reacting the scene of Bambam and Teddy A having s3x in the toilet, also disclosed that Nina and Miracle always read the Bible, pray before engaging in their s3xual activities.

He accused Nigerians of pretending, adding that housemates were encouraged to do anything in the house before going in.

Dee-One who spoke on Fly TV, said, “Nigerians are funny. They’ll be like ‘be yourself do what ever you want’ but when you do it they will turn against you saying ‘no o no o.'” and I’m thinking, ‘whats happening?’

“Some people said, ‘Bambam is such a dedicated girl. A chorister in her church. Why should she bring such a shame in her family.

“I’m like ‘What’s this?’ Bambam came to us, even me…as a spiritual person. I mean, as someone that receives messages from God.

“She told us that God speaks through her and sometimes we even wanted to go to her to know who would be leaving the house first. She told us that when she prays and gets information from God, some people would not understand her because they don’t connect to her level.

“Even Nina and Miracle, there was something they were doing. In the evening they will pray. When they want to sleep they’ll read Bible, pray then lie down and have s3x."

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  1. It's obvious this Deeone here is the definition of a fool...

  2. Dee one issa sly one. He without sin should cast the first stone.

  3. I remember Bambam saying she receives visions. Lol. God cannot be mocked tho....

    What I know Is, Bambam is acting too much. Who recalls when she told Teddy they should be in a relationship for the camera/viewers. Who does that. That alone has made me think of Bambam as being fake + she's too camera conscious.
    Hopefully, her game doesn't backfire

    I've not seen Mina reading the bible together before bedtime tho (maybe Ive never watched that part).

    That said, Deeone has been taking too much since his eviction. Your strategy ddnt work for you, let's see others.

    1. Got is not man...he chooses to show whoever he wants, or pleases you don't have to be a saint to see visions

    2. U will not see them reading bible together cos u r more interested in bambam.
      Point of correction.sinners have been known to get revelations through dreams. Ysterday miracle dreamt that blue team won their heritage challenge and they di. But he was given a blow job before then. Almost all secular artistes started as choristers in churches, that one is nt new. Concerning her rship with teddy. Yes she was never attracted to him. She wanted their strategic partnership to work. From there things took another happens in real life, u think u can never be with this guy and see it happeninng. The show is almost over. We have seen her drunk etc. yet we hv nt seen the fakeness. .

  4. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 i find ds very funny doe but Dee one you’re talking too much. Is there nothing to do now that your own BBN is over? Try get yourself busy and leave those in the house. The Bam bam case is enough, let’s leave her to her life cos we no holy pass am. As for Nina and Miracle, i feel they already planned all ds before dey entered d house. Anyways each to their own!

    1. Cece suprised everyone last night by winning the arena game. Even Biggie was astonished. The other HMs gave her a a big standing ovation. They least expected it. The first person she joyously ran to and jumped on was Rico and of course Rico grabbed her and gave her a big hug. She has been spending more time with Rico of late.
      Biggie gave her a ludo game for 24 hours as part of her reward, that Cece could pull this off excited him and it showed in his voice. Cece kept grinning from ear to ear.
      They filed out of the arena game. Hours later, Biggie conveyed them to announce the winners of the Heritage Bank presentation.
      For team white(Bambam.Miracle.Nina) they scored 60 something , team blue ( Tobi.Lolu.Leo. Ifu) he commended their presentation to enormously, partly for considering the physically impaired in their app design. They scored 70. Finally Team green( Cece.Alex.Anto.Rico) biggie said they deviated from the instructions, they imagined what the app should do rather than what the app is about. Though he commended them for considering the lower class in designing the app. Their score was 55. Team blue won . Their prizes include a three course meal today, free capital to invest in any business of their choice, business mentors, a weekend in an hotel in Lagos for them and their partners. Plus other business benefits. All courtesy of Heritage Bank. Other HMs hugged and congratulated the winners except Cece and Bambam. Cece sat dejectedly.
      Some retired to play the ludo game.

    2. Chioma A thanks for the update. Even if they don't win 45m they won something. Happy for Leo and Ifu. Ifu is a determined babe. She puts in her best in any task. 2.5m, business capital and others πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I like this season.

      I'm happy Cee C won the arena games

    3. Lolu hugged her first before she went to Rico.

    4. Chioma your head is there
      Thanks babe for the update.
      I knew team blue will win.
      Nice oneπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    5. Chioma A...nara nsusu *mwaaaaah*. Detailed update. Me like.

      Only one you missed was how the 4 snuggled up to play the Ludo game:
      CeeC/Leo/Teddy A
      In the spirit of togetherness.

    6. Thanks Chioma. Weldone

  5. hahahahhaha
    Dee One is crazy
    This guy talks too much mehn.

  6. Dee one should shot up with his dry jokes already

  7. Yinmu. Go look for a show or an event to crack jokes

  8. Oh boy,relax inside freezer make ur head cool down

  9. Lol. Sounds like someone who's seriously pained.

  10. Dee one saw how TTT was booted out cos he lied about his wife and decides to go to big brother with a script. This time around, leak your marriage cert immediately you enter the house. Dont let housemates know you have a wife. Then leave it to viewers that already know to hail you and vote till the very end.
    So he resisted all vandora’s advances making it seem like he was strong. Some nights, he almost gave in to a kiss or two, little touches here and there they had. Bt his eyes were on the price. Unfortunately he didnt do it for viewers. In shock, he left. Bt still bitter. You cant play fans, they love who they love, sex or not.

  11. Dee one take a seat biko, you are talking too much. anyway congratulations once again to Ceec

  12. Let them be there acting porn in the name of reality show!

    Just Krix!


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