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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Now Let's Move Forward..

Imagine yourself in China. You as a Nigerian decide to bring in vehicles into their country. You are given approval by the vehicle manufacturing company and license by the Chinese Government.

The vehicles you are bringing in are 100% durable and super luxury, meant to crash down the prices of cars in the entire country. Remember what Glo did to MTN? Yes, there you have it.

You begin to import and start selling at same price that other marketers of other products are selling, cheating the Chinese people. You employ their indigenes, owe them salaries and sack them at will, without severance allowances. The billions you make is repatriated back to Nigeria every week and not injected into the Chinese economy.

Worse of all, you evade taxes, despite robbing the Chinese. Worst of all, you stop Chinese indigenes from importing the same vehicles to China, even though the company is willing to supply to them. You use your Nigerian connections to stop people of where you are trading, from bringing in same vehicle from Nigeria, but to bring from South Africa where they will pay through their nose.

With this, you monopolised the particular brand and business, still buying cheaply and selling at astronomical rate.

Ponder on this?

Will the Chinese allow you as a Nigerian such free hand, leverage and turning their countrymen to slaves?

Will the Chinese allow you as a foreigner employ their indigenes, not pay them and sack them with impunity?

Will the Chinese allow you as an immigrant NOT investor, to evade tax and divert such money back to your home country?

Will the Chinese allow an outsider monopolize such vehicle importation that their citizens can import?

The obvious answer to all the questions is a resounding NO.

This is exactly the situation in Nigeria with GAC Motors, where Diana Chen who owns CIG is monopolizing the sales of this fantastic products, under our nose.

This is what a Chinese lady is doing to Nigerian workers. If the market is free, anyone she maltreat or refused to pay can get employed by another GAC auto dealers. The plan of setting an Assembly Plants by GAC Motors has been killed because she won't allow it.

GAC from mail exchange it point blank that they are ready to give the card at the cheap rates to Nigerians but that we must tell our government to stop Diana Chen monopoly first.

Imagine 20 Nigerians allowed to import directly from China. Over a thousand family will be employed. The benefits are boundless.

This is why we are raising this movement to stop Diana Chen monopoly of GAC Motors.

This is why we are creating this awareness to stop this exploitation of Nigerians by a foreigner. Our politicians can't be exploiting us and a foreigner will do same. Not in our time, not in our clime.

Fellow Nigerians, join in this movement by tweeting, sharing, posting and re-posting this situation.
 We cannot be second class citizens in our own lands.

Use the hash tags of #NoMoreMonopoly in your posts. Use the hash tag of #SayNoToDianaChen

*** No More Monopoly Movement.

This message is sponsored by Tunde Oseni of the No More Monopoly Movement.


  1. They should do same for MTN, Shoprite, and DSTV...

  2. #When you get there, there isn't any there there*

  3. Good luck with this,Nigeria that is so lawless, it is the people in power that will frustrate your efforts and the struggle continues with all the nonsense

  4. If it's true, may dis awareness put a stop to it.

  5. Our leaders don't even care, that's why foreigners are treating indigenes as they please and get away with anything. Phew!

  6. Have shared it on my facebook wall

  7. This case has been in for a long time. I pray they do not sweep it under the carpet this time.

  8. Someone should tag senator sheu Sani, Governor Fayose, senator Dino melaye and the Senate president...they should read this and do the need full.


  9. Wow an eyeopener too,but our government is not it at all.

  10. The Chinese is not your problem,the british,western europe and the Americans that you worship are,we are in a capitalist world so anything goes,the greed of capitalism is why we are in this shit today,tunde oseni and co are just another bunch of greedy hyena's that are looking for crowd sympathy, so.........f**k them.


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