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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Saturday Breakfast -For Kids As Well...

What do you call Breakfast on a Lovely Saturday Morning like this?..I read that
Eating fruits for breakfast will not only make you think clearer, it will help you lose weight and stimulate the digestive tract to energize the body..

I am starting on a fruit breakfast from today.....And then next week,it will be everyday,twice daily.

Lets come to the kids...those of you with kids,what do you give them for breakfast or lunch/dinner?

I saw a question of someone asking in the comment section a few days back and thought this would be a good way to share what you feed your kids so that others can learn....

My boys do fruits,bread,eggs,milk,cereals etc for Breakfast and can do banana or Joghurt for lunch.....We Skip dinners on Weekends.

Can you share yours with those who need to know?


  1. I eat anything that comes my way but I am not a breakfast person

  2. Nice for kids, but do they eat all that at once or you mean on different days?

  3. As usual I ate bread and tea for breakfast. I love it. I can eat it three times a day hence I'm still struggling with baby weight lol
    My kids eat cereal for breakfast everyday then lunch and dinner is wat ever we are eating.

  4. Not really hungry this morning...but will be having nsala soup for lunch.

  5. Stella,your children are oyinbo!...
    I just imagined giving my children banana and yorghurt for lunch!...
    Na starving be that nah!...
    My children that can run around the house and play for Africa!,..
    Abeg oh!,..
    Na Naija we dey!...
    They would just take it as an appetizer and wait for the real swallow and soup!,..

    My children take cereals,milk and milo,eggs and bread for breakfast during school days...
    They take heavy breakfast like pap and moin moin or beans,yam,plantain,potatoes and egg sauce,Okpa etc during weekends or holidays!...
    Infact,they eat 4-5 times before the day runs out!...

  6. I have a plate of beans waiting for me in the kitchen, with left over jollof rice and moi moi...when I started my protein diet I didn't know I was going to lose so much weight...heading to size 8 and it has really maintained my weight i don't even work out at all unlike before...

  7. My children take bread,egg,tea and cereals for breakfast on weekdays, weekends is either akara and bread and tea, moi- moI and pap and fried plantain and pap it depends. They eat three times daily,fruit is just to warm mouth in between meals.

  8. Weekend like sturday morning i give my child one slice of bread, baked beans with fried egg and banana vita milk..afternoon he eats yam and stew with chicken..lols den at evening he takes pap and akara... normally there breakfast is usually tea/ bread with wither either boiled /fried egg or tom brown/bread or quaker oat with fried plantain/fried yam and a little egg sauce...It can go on and my baby be looking fresh like a super star..

    1. "tom brown/bread or quaker oat with fried plantain/fried yam and a little egg sauce"

      Which type of food combination is this bikonu? You mean your child takes all of these three foods at once?
      This is why some of you don't have savings and no progress year in year out. Christmas time, you will come out and beg on santa post.
      Stella pls post, this is too much for even an adult to eat at a go.

  9. I give them anything available at home like this morning Na rice and stew sure pass.

  10. It means they don't huge 'appetite'. Here they eat like termites, small portions on per second billing. All I get to hear is "Mummy I'm wungryyyy". Hahaha. Currently na crying duo dey reign but their babyfood is still handy if not rejected though.
    Keeping the labels away before they come and shout BRAGGART under my thread.
    Bread has no munching gauge. Some d days I buy 6 loaves of piping hot Butter crust from Ilup...before we reach house, one and half is gone.
    Watery rice pudding with drops of honey
    Irish potatoes porridge with carrots, green beans and smallllllll red pepper.
    Oats boiled in drops of vanilla extract and topped with Stevia.
    Cornflakes or goldenmorn mixed with granola bits, topped with creamy milk and Stevia or cubesugar.

    Munching of baked things has no limitations, the microwave is active and our housekeeper is ready to dive the membrane for storing snacks in the freezer to take out and warm. I no get time for minute by minute request. I bake all and store up shikena. not enter fridge, there's a fruit trough by the kitchen corridors. Just point and you lick a little. I get fruits real cheap all the way from Ekhiadolor. I no get money to dash Oyingbo and Ijora Olopa yellow banana sellers.

    Let another bv type lunch and dinner varieties. I have taya.

    Just had pepered pancake and Golds Strawberry Custard with plenty glucose and floating creamy milk. I need strength.
    Sister in law in the kitchen.
    *shines teeth*

    1. Anon 12:11 These are the normal good one eats daily here abroad.i stay in germany by the way. This stuff she mentioned are just regular food n beverages over here. We mostly eat heavy foods like eba once in a while wc is expensive from African shops.whereas all she wrote above are gotten cheap from normal grocery stores


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