Stella Dimoko Thailand Blasts Nigerian Govt Over False Claims On Rice Mills


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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Thailand Blasts Nigerian Govt Over False Claims On Rice Mills

Thailand’s ambassador to Nigeria, Wattana Kunwongse, has denied remarks made by the Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, that rice mills are collapsing in the Asian country.

On Friday, Ogbeh claimed that Thailand said President Muhammadu Buhari’s policy on local rice sufficiency, was responsible for the collapse of seven of its mills .

In a statement released on Tuesday, Kunwongse said there is no proof of the shutdown of Thailand’s major mills.

“The report is not only misleading but a distortion of the actual conversation between myself and the honourable minister of agriculture at the federal ministry of agriculture and rural development on 30th January 2018, which was nothing short of positivity and optimism on both sides.

“During which I praised President Buhari’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), the essence of which is the endeavour to move the country to a self-sufficiency and export-oriented economy, and to that worthy cause, Thailand stands ready to work closely with the Nigerian government in the field of technological transfer and agricultural machineries.

“At the same meeting, the honourable minister and I had reached the conclusion that I as ambassador of Thailand to Nigeria will be working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and rural development to establish a platform to discuss our mutual benefits in the form of MOU on Agricultural Cooperation and by forming a bilateral Working Committee toward that end.

“Thailand’s rice export to the world in 20 (January-December 2017) reached 11.48 million tons equalising to $5.1 billion (USD), a 15.54 per cent increase compared to previous years, which is one of the highest figures on the history Thailand’s rice exportation.

“There is no proof of any shutdown of Thailand’s major rice mills,” the statement read.
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  1. Replies
    1. When you know that the present minister of agriculture was once a PDP national chairman, then you lose all hope for this country. They are all the same. All birds of a feather, changing parties only to suit personal game. It is never about the people

    2. Ur ID should minimized. Tnx

  2. Why make a mockery of yourself and the nation in a bid to prove what is not. SMH

    1. You think say them get shame
      Their 2019 slogan is; LIE TO THE TOP

  3. Omg! what a disgrace!

    What does he gain by misinforming Nigerians.

    Capital disgrace.

  4. I knew it.
    that old liar can never open his lying mouth and say anything that is true.

  5. Another slap on the governments face,when will this old politicians stop lying to us about the economy that keeps improving on paper but not in a physical way that affects the poor citizens positively.


  6. Chai!!!! See big Elaaa!!!! Kontinue!!!

  7. Lolz Mr Audu ogbeh how can u make such claims he even say that their ambassador to Nigeria visited him

  8. Hehehe...See the people we call leaders. Lying like its going out of fashion. They are just shameless

  9. Kai... Apc and lie is like bread and butter... Lol

  10. That’s what u get when the Government is achieving all in the social media!
    Listen there’s progress in this country because the citizens have so much will to survive, APC can’t break us!

    Just Krix!

  11. Boy o boy. What is wrong with African politicians?

  12. #Bouncing back becomes easier, when we realise that things aren't 'supposed' to go our way*

  13. Thailand dey do damage!!!!!
    Who is lying???lol

  14. I knew it!! Kai APC govt can lie for Africa!! This is really bad

  15. Geh geh! The APC government should just hide their head in shame. This is just an epic disgrace, but we have lost all shame...

  16. Propaganda gone wrong!!!! Epic disgrace.

  17. Apc antecedents has made it hard to believe them even when they speak the truth

  18. Did the ambassador speak through an interpreter (ichokwuo), cos I don't understand how the minister twisted his words.
    These crop of ministers that took forever to select are just what I don't know, a definition of "none performing".


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