Stella Dimoko Former ProHO Actress Says She Used To Cry After The Cameras Stopped Rolling Despite Making Money


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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Former ProHO Actress Says She Used To Cry After The Cameras Stopped Rolling Despite Making Money

This is deep...So much take home pay but still tears and sadness!

A former Japanese porn star has revealed how she used to cry on set once the cameras stopped rolling. Emiri Okazaki, from Tokyo, began working in adult films aged 21 after realising she was unlikely to ever achieve her dream of becoming a famous model and television actress.

Speaking in an interview with YouTube star Kei on his Asian Boss channel, Emiri revealed how she was paid up to $6,000 (£4,400) per shoot and would film as many as 28 movies a month.

However the lucrative career also proved disastrous for her personal relationships. Her mother cut her off for six months after she found out she was working in porn and her boyfriend’s mother was so ashamed she tried to tear the couple apart.

Emiri, now 27, also spoke of the emotional toll of the work, admitting she ‘cried’ when the cameras stopped rolling because she felt so overwhelmed.

Speaking about the end of her first shoot, she said: ‘It’s hard to explain but it’s like multiple emotions hit me at once and I cried. There are actually a lot of girls who cried while filming. ‘In my case I imagined it wasn’t the real me but an actress playing her part in a film. So I didn’t cry while filming but once everything was done and I came back home I just suddenly started crying. I had such mixed emotions. I wasn’t even sure why I was crying.’

Emiri, who quit the industry and now has her own beauty business, revealed she worked alongside actresses from a variety of backgrounds, including those from wealthy families who had graduated from ‘well-known universities’.

‘They say a small part of why they do it is to earn pocket money but the main reason why they do it is because they’re curious,’ she explained.

Emiri described how she initially felt ‘guilty’ about her decision to enter porn.

‘I felt somewhat guilty, even though I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong,’ she said. ‘But I felt bad for my parents, even though I knew it was wholly my decision. I still felt like apologising.’

Her mother was so ashamed of her daughter’s decision she blocked her calls and refused to see her for six months.

The job also caused problems with her then-boyfriend, who threatened to ‘kill her’ when she told him.

Meanwhile her current partner’s mother urged him to break up with her when she found out about her career.

There are two main types of contracts for female porn stars, Emiri explained. The first option is an annual contract of one film a month, earning the actress between $10,000 (£7,400) and $100,000 (£78,000) per title. The second is a ‘pay-per-shoot’ contract in which the actress is paid depending on the work required on a given film.

‘This would be $2,000 (£1,500) to $6,000 (£4,400) per shoot,’ Emiri continued. ‘It’s almost like it becomes a day job. They might ask you just to show your breasts. That might cost $150 (£110) or $200 (£150).’

However while she initially enjoyed success in the industry, she noticed her popularity start to wane.

The star decided to quit the industry in 2016 after she felt she had reached the level of success she had set out to achieve.

She described how friends and family who had once looked down on her decision began to reach out to her and she began to build a career as a public speaker.

Asked what advice she would give to other women looking to go into porn, she added: ‘This might sound really obvious but the younger you are, the less you think about the consequences. So I think it’s better to think it over. I have seen so many friends regret doing it.’

Source; DailyMail


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    1. Okeke!!! Na wetin I read????? Otu ocha

  2. Poor soul, right decision; hope she does not go back.
    If some of these girls; the Nigerian brand of "actors" that open legs, give breasts to "such" and commit abortions on top for aristos should be sincere, they also cry in secret.
    The conscience aspect of the human being must come in.

    1. Mmanwu!
      No Nigerian girl will ever come out and talk about
      her sexploits in public square.
      All of them na virginia.
      Even them mothers na virginia.

  3. This is not appealing. 28 movies a month equals to 28 sexual intercourse. Those hard-core banging i see in porn? SMH.

    1. I can't imagine the torture. They must really take lots of drugs for stamina .

  4. Why go into in the first place? she had a supportive mother and partner who would have helped when needed??#curious

  5. Chop clean mouth then go house go dey form crocrodile tears. #softwork
    You only felt guilty because of friends and family, period. You continued with the carrier until you expired.
    Meanwhile, see bar oo. I know so many bvs reading this who fuck virtually for free will be so interested in relocating to greener pastures for such lucrative opportunities now.
    PS. Black Nigerian girl no fit guilty for ashawa work rara. Na their second calling!

    1. king you comment stupidly its amazing

  6. Hmmmm..imagine that,,afi gba to so pe kosemo,pelu gnogbo Ife timo Ti fi fun

    Mc pinky

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Google to the rescue

    2. Hian....No suggestions abeg and no encouragement from this blog either. Here's a suggestion, go to MFM Prayer City for deliverance.

  8. She's human afterall and with dreams and aspirations. She wanted to reach the zenith of her career but was smart to cash out when she did. She's established a business for herself and people will soon forget the genesis of the wealth but remember her generosity if she is sha

  9. Find your way to NYC and you will see many of your kind @ Roselia. I can hook you up at no cost as well.

    1. Really? I will appreciate that

  10. At least she made her dough. Sex has been from time immemorial

  11. Na waooo..thankGod she has stop.


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