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Monday, July 16, 2018


Hmmmmm.....There is a story inside today's in house news that will either change how you treat people and bless you or make you cuss out at the poster for telling how he was zoned for being a broke ass...whatever you decide on,you cannot change his story..I hope the BV who messed him up has been taught some lessons......I learnt something too.
Kisses to all.....



Hello Stella,
Today is my birthday(16/07/2018) and I'm grateful to God for life...The last 365 days didn't turn out that well but I realized that I shouldn't let what's happening around me weigh me down.Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday...May your day turn out right!!!



I am a teacher and school is currently on vacation. I intend to spend the holiday reading as many books as I can. However, I can't buy all the books I long to read. I'm appealing to people who have books to either lend or give away in Lekki, Vi and Ajah axis to please reach out to me via 08052715844.

Reading as many books as you can?Wont you rest?Na wah!!!

Eko Joy what will you be doing?



Dear Stella,

Don't know how to put this but I 'll just type anyway. I think Nigerians are the most wicked people among the black race. Starting from the heartless leaders to ordinary gateman in a company who thinks he's better than applicants applying for a job in the company. The worst group are those abroad who have relatives with them but turns them into slaves.

 They make the lives of these people so miserable that they are willing to do anything to get out. Some succeed in their endeavour and treat others the way they were treated and the cycle continues. A lady in a similar situation died last week and I see these people that made life unbearable for her crying like they would miss her...

How can you miss someone you are trying to eject from the house,a member of your family sleeping in a VACANT room in your house. Sometimes i am ashamed to call myself a Nigerian, the way we treat ourselves is appalling. 

Mexicans,Indians etc live together peacefully without being related just because they speak the same language. You can't even speak you dialect to a Nigerian, they will respond in English. This is worse among my tribe the Yorubas, they speak English like they coined the words used. The jealousy, "You must not be better than me" and "When did he come that he is doing so good" syndrome among Nigerians will keep stalling our progress as a nation. Let me just stop here because there's so much going on that people at home are not aware of, the fake smiles on social media is all they see.

From a Silent BV

You should have told us why you arrived at this conclusion and maybe some of us can argue that only frustrated people try to frustrate others....I do not agree with this your school of thought at all...We have our flaws as Nigerian but we also have a lot of love inside us...Or am i talking nonsense?



Please excuse any gbagaun. Na F9 I get for English Language.

Three Saturdays ago, on my way back from a vigil. At Gbagada bus-stop around few minutes past 5am. Myself and another unsuspecting passenger boarded a bus going to Yaba. There were about six passengers (no female) in the vehicle already before we boarded. I attempt joining the occupant of the front seat but the passenger himself told me that it's just a passenger that is allowed to seat in front even when i saw that the front passenger seat is designed to accommodate two passengers. I later settled for the first row behind the driver's cabin.

Before entering the bus, I asked the passenger close to the entrance to shift inside the bus so I could sit close to the door, instead he stepped out of the bus that I should go inside that he'd be dropping at the next bus stop which he never did. The vehicle stopped at Anthony Oke to pick another two passengers. Immediately we got to Anthony underbridge, the passenger in the driver's carbin turned back to the rest of the passengers inside the bus. I thought he wanted to preach or market a product not until I saw him bring out something that looked like a gun or so. I wasn't interested in knowing if it was a real gun or a toy gun. The only word I heard and understood from all he was saying was "CORPERATE". I couldn't tell if they were kidnappers for rituals or armed robbers.

From the back someone held me real tight whilst another applied aboniki balm in my eyes. I was in serious pain that moment. We were disposed of our valuables. immediately. They also took our atm cards from us and also asked for each person's debit card pin. After giving them they the debit cards and pin, one of them alighted from the bus. Few mins after dropping the person, a call came in and the next thing I heard is "who be Sunday Azubuike?" they almost plucked this man's eye because he gave them wrong pin to his debit card. The man later gave them the correct pin.

In the middle of this ordeal, as a result of the shock, pains and all, I started feeling funny. I begged this guys to please give me back my inhaler but they refused. I couldn't see anything so I don't even know who to beg. I was just calling the drivers attention to my challenges but he ignored me. I had to keep still to gather some strength to breath well.

After driving us around for about 50 minutes or there about, we were kicked out of the bus at Estate Bus-Stop (by the 3rd Mainland Bridge).

I tried calling my bank's help desk immediately I was able to get home but no response, all through the day I continue calling without any success. That was how I lost my savings.

To be honest with you, I am yet to recover from that experience. I thought I was going to die. Whilst inside the bus, I literally saw my mum wailing. She was crying bitterly. I was like; so this woman won't eat the fruit of her labour? I have never cried that way before. I pictured my brother in his condition without my mum to nurse him because I know there's no way she would survive if anything happens to me.

I just want to thank God for giving me another opportunity at life.

OMG.....This thing keeps happening to people,is there no way one can tell immediately that its one chance?no signs?The minute someone refuses to move inside is that not enough clue?

Thank God you survived.....Your whole savings was taken?Was it a savings or current account?Just wondering why Banks do not do two step verification for ATM cards..once you enter a wrong pin,it jams immediately!



There is space for rent for a lube bay person at a fillingstation in Ogijo ikorodu and vacancy for a fuel attendant please fuel attendant must reside in Ogijo in Ikorodu. Interested person can either send a mail to or call 08065239261. Thank you.



Hello my people! ,
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And All kinds of hair products.
We are very affordable, I mean, very very affordable, as we do only WHOLESALE... 
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Good day Stella,please something happened that I will like to share on the blog so that those ladies deceiving themselves with married men will learn.....

A customer of mine came to me sometime last year saying a married man is asking her to be his wife and I was stunned,I asked her why and she said his wife just gave him only a boy and a girl and I was shocked because me I have no kid yet....I asked another question "nne,pls when exactly is he marrying you?she replied saying "after he finish building his house in the village".... house that this guy just wanted to start building at that time not that he is that wealthy sef...According to the man,the wife is useless and can't do anything,she attends a church that don't wear fashionable cloths and doesn't use jewelleries and she refuses to go out with him and it irritates him...

Earlier this week,I was in an office and this man came in with his wife and she is heavily pregnant,wore a short gown,jewelleries and a sharp red lip stick....I was shocked at her appearance but what shocked me the most was how they relate,man was all over his wife,giving her feedback on any business call he recieves (this shows she knows all about his business and they are quite close)...

I only pity his wife in all of this because this same man has been spending money on that side chick as she has been trying to conceive for over a year now all to no avail and the man hasn't gone to even do introduction,las las she will end up a baby mama and start shouting all over social media...

Na wah!!!


Happy Birthday BV Daughter Alex

Mummy says
''The happiness you bring me while watching over you is greater than the wahala and stress I receive.A great companion indeed.
Happy birthday my Princess
I love you loads''.

Happy Birthday darling!!!!




Hi Stella,

I decided to send you my experience due to a comment I read on your SnM Update post.

I am a very shy guy and I haven't been that lucky with love. My past experience had taught me enough and it kind of discouraged me from approaching ladies. Your SnM episodes have been helpful and I am grateful for the lovely and long lasting friends I've made through your selfless and thoughtful platform.

However, I've not been able to find love which I hope would change during your last episode. I met a pretty and interesting lady who was quite blunt, entertaining and funny. She was a great conversationalist and there was no dull moment with her. We blended together so well that we never asked for each other's names or pictures for a week because there was always something to talk about, which was cool.

One day, she got home really tired and wasn't in the mood to type, so she suggested we move on to getting personal. She video called me and I picked, she looked tired but still beautiful and attractive. We got talking and she found out I was a jobless geek who lives in Ikorodu while she lives on the island with a fat salary. I was dumbfounded when she told me she couldn't continue talking to me and that her attraction towards me died because I am not on her level.

I felt really bad and devastated which further reduced my level of confidence. Then, I met Dee-Girl (God bless you dear). She never for once looked down on me and was a friend, sister and companion when I needed one. She is in a complicated relationship and we agreed to be friends with no strings attached. She's been nothing but a blessing to me. She encouraged me to strive harder and it paid.

3 months later I got a job on the island with a fat salary and guess who my assistant is right now?Stella, she was numb, but was very professional about it, so what I did was to be professional too and assumed my duties immediately. I never made her feel uncomfortable or bad, as I knew her conscience would deal with her badly. It's been work and nothing more with her ever since and anyday she tries to be too cordial, I'll surely put her in her place.

I relished in the joy that I wasn't a low life looking for a working class lady to rip off and it was a good feeling. Not every jobless guy looking for love is a scum, fuck boy or scam, some just want love and a companion to encourage and take their minds off the negativity for once.

I may not be in a relationship now, but my ride or die friends are my pride, and I'll ever be loyal and grateful to them cos they were there when noone was.

*Stella abeg, when is the next SnM make I try my luck again.*

Dee-Girl, Triple Ace and my angelic friends. I'm blessed to have met you through these wonderful woman called Stella.

Pot of Soup, money and happiness no dey dry for una domot in Jesus' Name.

Hmmmmm this story is a big lesson for everyone and it can be anything not just love related!!!
One of the two posts you will encounter after reading this is from him,I encouraged him to try one more time..if you try to mess him up,I will come after you oh.....



I'm really ready to settle down. I've just not been fortunate with Love.

Ok, here goes. 

Hi, to all the Intelligent ladies on SDK, who are go-getters and matured irrespective of age. I am just a regular responsible guy, who has been unlucky with love but ready to settle down and finally have a home. I'm using this medium given to me by the wonderful Stella, hoping to change my relationship status from "single" to "engaged".
Kindly mail if you're ready to settle down, in Lagos, smart, intelligent and between the ages of 26-30. 

Only interested ladies please. 



Gracias Stella, I'm a fan!

I need a small favour; I'm tired of the endless dates, would love to cut to the chase and meet a woman of substance. Can you please assist to anonymously post this on your blog?

I'm a man in my Mid thirties. Head above water career wise, and very interested in starting a family,

Would love to meet a 28-32 years old ****** based lady.
Intelligent, very Open Minded, and preferably non religious
Being fairly tall, not lepa, and not addicted to makeup are all big pluses in my books.******** is the number.
Many thanks



I want to weigh in on Friday's Chronicle. Am not the poster, neither am I her friend it happened to.

This post is not in anyway intended to disregard anyone's opinion, I just want some clarifications and answers to some of the questions I want to raise.

The chronicle was such a sad one and I really felt bad for the lady in question. I observed that most ladies kept on reiterating the fact that "all men cheat" and almost making a mockery of the situation instead of offering practical advise that will at least alleviate her pain(BV Retired Slay Queen,more wisdom fall on you)

Are they trying to say she doesn't have any right to feel bad because the one that swore to be faithful cheated on her in an unimaginable way?

Or that she should have expected that her husband will be cheating and doing 3some with other women?

Very well, they all cheat right?so that means you will willingly walk down the aisle with one? Why then do I always hear some of you say "am not married yet because am dodging a lot of animals in the jungle"

What sort of "animals" are those?Do they not include the ones that cheat? Or what sort of character do they possess that made you dodge them?

Alright,you are saying that every woman should have it at the back of her mind that her husband "MUST"cheat on her? That means you will not cry or feel bad the day you eventually get married and happen upon your husband's shady moves eh?

We should be careful with the way we make light of people's real life situations.

Some men cheat, I agree,but please we shouldn't give these men the guns they need to finish us off completely by always saying they all cheat.

Silent,but hyperactive Bv.



I have made up my mind not to fall in love,but since I met this gentle dude it seems am in love already, I think about it each time am less busy,I dream of him,once I hear his voice he turn me on,if we are having video calls omg I will be wishing we are together, don't want o fall in love but dude swept me off my feet. 

I have not told him am falling for him,still playing hard dudet to get,I hope when I see him next time I will not kiss him,open the cookies have been saving for three years now,I may not be able to hold body when I see him.cos my body is already falling for dude.I love you Se**

Na wah............



Please people, I really need to know if there are organisations in Nigeria where someone can take their children to as single parent where they can be taking care of them for me while I go hustle to pay them and provide for the kids?

If there is, please how do I go about it and where is(are) they located?

If there is none then I've got no option than to slope without them. They won't die by God's grace.

Stella, I almost did the unthinkable yesterday and should I continue like this, I might just poison him or end my life for everything to come to an end.

All your suggestions are highly welcomed.

I wish i knew what to say...How many kids are you giving up?I suggest you hold on or leave them with their Dad...I wish you the best...Stay alive,the fruits of your labour will make it worth fighting for..............



Stella, I am here trying to make sunday jollof rice. I decided to add one sachet of tomato puree to 'red' the rice.
Thankfully, I prefer to dilute the puree in water before putting in the pot. As i opened it see what I saw..... expiry date says 06/2020 but the puree has moulds inside. So we cant trust expiry date again? Worst part is that - IT IS OOZING!

These people won't kill us in this coutry oh. Please share with others, so they can check the puree they are buying before they go and add it directly into the pot. This is what can cause food poisoning and we will say its village people. Especially those that have children. Sorry if the pictures aren't clear enough, i need to dispose ASAP.

BV Chikito

WOW....please bring this to the attention of the distributors.



In the year 2009, a lady died in my vicinity, but before her death, she was so ill and was admitted at the hospital. She was such a pretty young lady full of life and a desire of so many young men. Suddenly she  started redrawing herself from people, she  began to lose weight and became moody always.

When we asked what the problem was, we were told she was poisoned. We kept praying for her to overcome but death was so  determined not to grant our request. She died!!!

After many months she had been  buried, we came to the shocking discovery that what actually killed her was a full blown HIV AIDS. I guess fear of  stigmatization was the reason the family came up with the story of being poisoned. Who knows if help would have come from people if they had known the actual problem.

Few months ago, I was at a private hospital to see a friend who was admitted in a private ward. His blood pressure was high and was placed on a bed rest. I sat at the visitors room, having conversation with a young man who came to donate blood for someone about undergoing a surgical operation. He was to be paid for the donation. His samples were taken but when the result were out he was told he can't donate blood to the patient due to the presence of hepatitis B found in him.

When he came out from the doctor's office, he approached me quietly  and asked "Sir don't be offended,  what is hepatitis B? The doctor said I can't donate blood because of it." I asked him didn't the doctor explain to you about it? He said no. I was kind of why? I  explained to him the best I know about it and he was like but I don't feel sick or pains in my body, I always use protection when making love and so on so how come?.

He left weak, though I don't want to compound his worries so I didn't go deep in telling him the effect of that virus but I advised him to run another test else where and seek for proper medical treatment for hepatitis is a very deadly virus capable of destroying the liver.

Dear, as you read through I want you to understand that not all virus in the body show up immediately or cause pains. Most of them take adequate time to grow to a stage that it becomes difficult to handle. Always ensure you go for routine check of your body and system.

Your health is your wealth.... Take adequate care of it.


Nice one Tejay,I love this!!!

RIP to my elder brother who would have been 49 years old this year but succumbed to the trauma HIV/AIDS caused his body in 1999...I still remember him with so much love and i smile every time i remember his Jokes....RIP to him and everyone else who died from HIV/AIDS .



I'm in urgent need of a wedding gown. I'm a size 14. Anyone who has for sale or rent, or knows any good bridal store in abuja where i can buy or rent should pls contact this number 09072694742 or send email to pls help a sister oh!!




"If you need a comfortable car with a driver for your trip from Lagos to any part of Nigeria, for your owambe trip outside Lagos, your business trip, or to drop off your children at their different universities outside Lagos and also to deliver your delicate/fragile goods. kindly contact me on 08183776575.
My charges are fair!"



Quick one. My husband just mistakenly called his ex a pet name. And I got angry...We just had a heated argument. He said he a book in the house belongs to her thereby calling her by a pet name he gave her and everyone that knows them know her with that name. He;s trying to justify his action that he didn;t mean anything bad but unconsciously called her by that name because he thought I was his family member or someone who knows her too. Imagine the rubbish. We got so angry at each other I called him names and he said I am stupid and should die of anger if I want.he called her Honey. Just imagine that!

'JESUS CHRIST madam give your husband a breather!!!!!...WTF,he called his ex honey,so what?no big deal,look at how you didnt use wisdom to even tell him you didnt like it....
Pray for wisdom to deal with martial ish like this..ah ah


I just got a job on the island and I need a self contained around ajah, badore/langbasa axis or anywhere closeby. Please, 200k is all i have for payment . Please help as this is urgent.

My number 08111841247.

God bless you all



Are you a fashion designer looking for shop and equipment to start up your business?
Are you a fashion designer looking to expand to other locations?
Are you a business person interested in investing in fashion design business?
This shop is for you.
Good location, busy road and popular junction.
Spacious work space.
Beautiful glass extension for mannequin display.
Tiled floor.
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Two big mannequins.
Spacious cutting and ironing table
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2. All the equipments listed above. 
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  1. Congrats to France on their WIN, I'm sorry Croatia didn't win!!!! My Mum is the worst person to watch football match with, I felt to sorry for my Dad yesterdayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, my MUM made the Croatian loss more painfulπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I think I need a break from stress, I've been falling in and out of ill health, God help me!!! And Oh, ANT MAN and the WASP is a really interesting movie!!!

    Question; so how do you cope when you go out for 'bonding' with your 'boyfriend' and his Bestie and bestie decides to bring ALL his siblings for 'bonding', how do you act in such trapped situation?? How do you force a smile and pretend all is well when you're choking inside??? How please???

    Hello BuggieπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†... Lemme look for food, I'm famished!!!!

    Good Afternoon House!!!

    1. Re: "Honey"
      So if that ya marriage scatter finish and someone asks you wetin scatter ya marriage,
      you tell am say ya husband said honey?
      Supposing the man says "sugar, sugar cane, molasses?" You go carry pestle break im head?
      Make man no talk sweet things again? Hia

      That dude wey just get new fat job dey rook for wife, na bad move you move here.
      You for dey patient make you see the girl.
      All these girls for this blog go don turn 25 years today,
      even those wey them born before Biafra fight.

    2. Husband material alert, i am everything there but i am 23 amd not ready for marriage. So enjoy...

    3. I taya o
      The man no f*ck, he no kiss, he no beat you. Na only say he talk one word you wan scatter your marriage?

    4. You guys be following Stella, agreeing with Stella even when you know it is something you cannot agree with on a good day 🀣🀣🀣

      The only thing is the way she handled it- being verbally abusive and aggressive but that husband was all shades of wrong and to say she should have done like it was nothing is just unbelievable


      You obviously do not know how dumb you sound. Like someone who attends a job interview, gets up to the panel and says 'ehnnn I am qualified for this job but I don't want it.' reasoning like a toddler.

    6. What a day.
      The guy who was dumped because he wasn't on same level, congratulations on your new job.
      Such is life.

  2. If you continue to experience nothing but problems, what are you doing to change them? Or better yet, what aren’t you doing that you should be doing? A happy, successful life, is based on the mentality you create and the actions you execute. If one thing is out of whack, you’ve got to fix it. Look at the x picture. Turn your cants into cans and your wants into plans. One life one love #mattysmotivation

    1. Nice one dear... So true.

    2. πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’œ

  3. Joy overdose Men, Happy New week Pals.

  4. If you don't get back to me in 30mins,i will let it all out I swear down, don't dare me.

    1. Hmmmm... Pls don't let it out. Explore all option dear.

    2. Oya let it out.... it's past 30mins already.
      On a second thought however, give him or her another 24hours.

    3. Somebody cannot play with you? I'm sorry please don't bring my legs out...

  5. Beautiful Lexy

    Happy birthday

    1. @husband calling his ex honey; how is this a problem mbok? He said its a slip and not like he sings her name all day. Please you guys should apologize to each other. Learn to bridle your tongue when you are angry.

      @Cookie giver; Your cookie, your choice.

  6. When God commands you to be blessed, He doesn’t check to see what family you come from or who likes you. None of that matters. No person can stop our God. Joel Osteen

  7. The truth is social media makes us impatient. It rushes us to want what someone else has, to be the person you see on your timeline, to live someone else’s life. Don’t let this happen. Learn to be content with what you have. Learn to appreciate the person that you are.

    I'm outtie

  8. It's not good to conclude things hastily.
    I almost made a big mistake.
    Thank God for teaching me patience

    How do I manage this recurring anal fissure due to Constipation? I'm tired
    Summoned courage to look at my butt hole on Saturday and what I saw was disgusting.

    1. Anonymous donor16 July 2018 at 14:14

      Wash well
      Prevent constipation and watery stools.
      It took me about 7mins to read IHN and I'm a fast reader. Yet I'm seeing comments under 3minutes .
      Are u guys reading with speed of light ni

    2. So true dear. I was very upset with my friend for not calling me since five days now. I even sent a text message this morning showing how angry I am only to found out from her sister this afternoon that she was robbed last week at a gun point and her phone taken from her including money. Now I feel guilty for not calling since to know what happened. Don't be too quick to conclude or judge others is the lesson I have learnt from this.

    3. So sorry dear

      All you need is to increase your intake of fruits and fiber. Always eat the inside of your Orange, not just sucking up the juice. Buy enough CUCUMBER and munch it with Groundnut (yummy), it's in season right now.

      Drink enough water

      Once you wake up in the morning, make it a Habit to finish a satchet of Pure water. 

      it's recurring because you are over stretching your anal muscle thereby causing further tear.

      Try to add salt to a lukewarm water and sit in it, for it to heal.

    4. Anonymous, take weetabix every night. That was how I battled mine. It stops constipation.

    5. Squeeze out juice from bitterleaf and saintleaf. Drink some and apply some on d protrusion from ur Anus. Always eat fruits and vegetables with lots of water

  9. Happy birthday Peju
    Age Gracefully

    Happy birthday baby Alex,God bless you little cutie..


  10. Just remember Stella's hash tag yesterday (hash tag as short as the mentality of a trolling idiot) and burst out  heavily. I think I will go with Bv Meena that said Bv's here are learning work where Stella mouth dey. Can't stop laughing. I agree with you up there Stella, only frustrated people try to frustrate others.

    It's raining here already. It will be a cold night today. Beginning to feel the cold already.

    1. TJ table shaker!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Free the poor girl mbok.

    2. Stella will not see ur mumu comment now but if it’s to block my comment she be number 1

  11. Happy birthday baby Alex. Nawa oh! Someone cannot trust expiry date again in this country. God have mercy.

  12. It’s going to be a successful week ,may we not meet our end as we find our daily bread.Amen Please where is the fashion shop at,someone may be needing it. Happy birthday little angel,God bless you with many more beautiful years,Amen,FOIHN u r beautiful. Lemme gooan read again.errrrrmmmm ok I’m happyyy! Buyyyyyyy craaaayyyyfiishhhhh πŸ˜‚

  13. A beautiful Monday afternoon. Happy birthday Peju, I wish you many more years ahead. Enjoy your day.

    Teacher that want to read as many books as he/she can, like what kind of book you books, literature etc

  14. So many people are suicidal these days. please let's try and show love as much as we can to people around us. Call those dear friends or loved ones we haven't heard or seen in a while. It's a beautiful Monday and am so grateful to be alive.

    1. People are going through a lot. Let's lend a helping hand to each other

  15. Thank for today, happy birthday beautiful damsels. Fruitful week for us all.
    The lady that wants to poison her kid, pls don't do that for God sake, the child doesn't deserve any of such maltreatment pls. Try and take care of the child with the little you have or give the child to the dad or your parent for you to hustle. Atimes things aren't the way we plan it but all in all, When there is life there is still hope.

  16. Martins Aboy, Please I need your help. I can't access SDK Blog with my data only with wi-fi. What do I do as I can't visit the blog on weekends.

    Pls, help o

    1. Kindly download "Puffin Browser" from your Playstore..

      The problem is from your network operator, but if you cant download the browser,then you need to hide your IP address,meaning you would download a VPN so you can be able to switch to another country..
      Just go to playstore and download "TouchVPN" then select any country of your choice(Maybe Germany or canada) then minimize the app and open any browser of your choice..Thats all!

      But download "Puffin browser" first and if you still want to make use of your old browser;then download the VPN..


    2. Thank u Martins, I have learnt something new today and saved your comment for future reference

  17. Good day,have a blissful day ahead.Grateful for the gift of life.

  18. Good afternoon lovelies 😘😘😘

    That statistics is so wrong, not all Nigerians are bad oh and not all Yoruba are bad people. Where I am today is to the glory of God and my former female boss who took it upon herself to uplift me by force by fire and since then I promise God I won't stop helping people in my own little way. Everyone has a story to tell.A cleaner today will become an executive tomorrow.Never look down on any human not even the office assistant or the security officer.

    Happy birthday to the celebrants
    Live long and prosper

    1. Thanks chiki for sharing
      That's why I don't like tin tomatoes as such

    2. All my life, I've always had Yoruba friends. Dating was same but of recent, I said no more. My colleague at work just changed my perception. No matter how you cover up his failures he will always go behind you to say something bad about you. When you are there he acts like he is the kindest human being you met but just move an inch. Now everybody is knows who he is.

    3. Just like the ones at my place of work! Jesu! I have never seen such demonic human beings. Always trying to jam heads together and trying to get you in trouble with the boss.

      I always say it to the other not so bad ones, that can they look around ask themselves while it's only the yoruba ones amongst us that act that way.

      Kudos to the ones that don't act like that tho. Pls preach to the others, they keep giving people reasons to generalize

    4. I always hear terrible things abut Yorubas in the workplace even from my former Yoruba boss. Because of that, I'm especially careful around them. Heck I'm very careful around Nigerians in general especially Yorubas and Igbos.
      Don't trust the former and for the life of me, can't stand the latter.

  19. Replies
    1. You are welcome. Will give you a call. I want to surprise someone that stays in Lagos with a birthday cake.

    2. Bros how did you know that my birthday is due?😱😱

    3. Hahaha... Boss man, I go dye dey learn work where you dey I swear.

  20. Very interesting stories today.

  21. mamas please help me look into this matter, for more than one week ,have been experiencing serious itching with creamy color discharge, although the discharge isn't smelling good or bad. I bought Perikan ,mycoten pesteries(i used this just for a night I stopped because it irritating me), I used ytacan cream too. But the itching and burning sensation still persist, I can't sleep at night please what injection can I take

    1. Pls go to the hospital for proper checkup and prescriptions.

    2. Question like this piss me off. Why not go to hospital and seek for proper treatment, or is it when it becomes worse you will go.

    3. Don't self medicate abeg. I use garlic when ever I feel uncomfortable down there and it works for me. Visit the hospital or health centre

    4. Go to d hospital or peel and pierce garlic and insert,u will dance small ajasco, but u will be fine later on!

    5. Go to d hospital for proper diagnosis n mess, a poorly treated infection can block ur fallopian tubes.

  22. Happy birthday beautiful Peju, may God keep protecting us from the so called one chance people is really becoming too much; thank God for your life it is well with you,happy birthday Baby Alex, may you keep growing in God's wisdom,Chikito thank you for that info; Teejay thank you for the writeup.

  23. That little baby Alex is so beautiful and look sweet. The young man looking for love, the Lord will give you a good woman for a wife. Stella sorry for your loss and the memory this brings to you. Sign out meme so true and a fact.

  24. This is what I do:
    I have 2 bank active bank accounts. One has my savings (I don't touch the money and I dont have the bank Mobile app) while the other is quite slim. I only use the money for my upkeep ( I have the mobile app).
    I leave my savings atm card at home ( I dont even know where I dumped the card cos it hasn't been activated) , and go out with the 'upkeep' ATM.
    1) It cuts unnecessary spending
    2) Guards against loss and theft

    Chikito thank you.
    I have snapped, copied and sent to my sister cos she does the shopping for the home.
    May God help us.

    1. To me, it's better to carry a little cash when going out because these evil men can kill when you have nothing on you. The day armed robbers came to my neighbourhood, I brought out my phone and all the money I have, placed them on a chair in front of me, cuddled my baby while waiting for them. In the morning I heard they designed a man's body with machete because he had nothing to give them. Armed robber no wan hear "I no get".

  25. IHN don shele!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Baby Alex....

    Mould inside Satchet Tomato.... They must have changed the Expiry date . Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria.

    Teejay, Nice one.
    You said it all. Prevention is always better than cute. Everyone should always do periodic medical checkup at least once a year. Hepatitis B is more deadly than HIV, it kills within a space of 3-6 Months if not detected on time.

    Stella, may your brother continue to rest in peace.


    People get time!Gaskiya

    Some girls made a video taunting Banky W about the kind of SUV he drives, to the point of trailing him and still making a video.

    Team Monitoring spirits, I dey greet una.

    NAWAO to some people

    Social media shaa

    1. Thanks CEO Empress for the compliment. Please if you have chance and the time, do write on that Hepatitis virus. I read on a comment you even talked about it last week. Just like that young man a good number of people might not know what it is all about.

    2. You are highly welcome Mr. T.

      ok, I will do just that.

      Youur writeups are always insightful, keep it up.

    3. Thanks for the acceptance to write. I love reading those medical tips from you as well.

    4. Teejay...wa gbayiiiiii 😘

      Mc pinky

  26. I wish I can type, I have a whole lot of things to talk about but..............
    Bv Chikito, thank God for you, may God continue to keep us safe.
    Bvs looking for love, I wish you goodluck.

  27. Thieves and cheaters everywhere in Naija.
    Ihn to badh.
    Over n out

  28. Pls I need help on professional courses that I can do in Lagos to boost my getting of a good job but not too expensive cos I am still job searching so no money. Thanks

  29. IHN is fully loaded. SM build and spoilt at the same time. Thank God the rejected guy bounced back, his case is a case of never judge a book by its cover. But what about Dee Girl, I think she should be considered. Happy Birthday to beautiful Alex and Peju. Poster about Nigerians way of treating fellow Nigerians is on point. Yorubas are even better in terms of respecting Language, my people will behave as if they don't hear your Language, Oluwa salufuwa .

    1. So true Nne... The first time I was duped in Lagos at Berger area was by Igbo men who were speaking Yoruba to me. It was later after I have been duped they started speaking Igbo to me on phone. One of them even said to me chineke kpo gi oku. That was where my hatred for Lagos started years back. I begged for transport to come back East.

      Getting to the park the Yoruba guys dealt with me. They took 2000 from me for a journey of 3000 when passengers became too much they told me to come down or complete my money. I told them that is all I have and besides they told me that was the amount for the journey. OK they should refund me the money they said No. Either I complete it or forget about it. How I got to Enugu u really can't say. A man help me out but you know what, the bus stopped at Benin and and offload everybody. Now you can imagine woes.

    2. OMG, that is welcome to Lagos. This one na real "Igbo neme onwe fa". Sorry my dear, na them "Chineke ga-akpo oku", that is if they are still alive. Is high time we make the World a better place irrespective of ethics and religion. Me self experienced that agbero brouhaha during my school days, that was when God is Good Motors relocated from Onitsha to Asaba. My brothers insisted I should enter them, all this agbero used me shine that day o. Collected all our money and promised to move as soon as possible, but ended up wasting the whole day. First, they claimed they are GIG but removed their branded name to avoid Anambra State wahala. Omo, they packed us 4*4, on top high fares we paid. Since then, to near Upper Iweka still dey fear me.

    3. Chikito that Gino Paste is nothing to write about. I had similar experience the day I tried them. There is this one called "Pepper" or so, not sure of the name. It is quite better though pepperish. You might give them a trial.

    4. I feel very sorry for bv that was robbed. Your guardian Angel was active but you weren't alert. Sorry dear, they have carried all your sorrow. Please next time, when such moves are been made, kukuma debus and wait for another Bus. I nearly fall a victim sometime ago, my Guardian Angel alerted me, I felt like ignoring the warning and I suddenly developed cold feet. Ok, when I entered the Bus, I supposed sit on the middle seat, but 2 people at the back invited me to seat with them, immediately I know that there is danger ahead. Luckily, they stopped at Mile 2 to pick another passenger, omo I quickly jumped down and they started shouting at me whether I think they are one chance bla-bla-bla. Me I don kukuma come down.

    5. Sorry dear.

    6. Best paste I have tried in recent times are viju and Vitali....

  30. beauriful people up there! am 28 I have the sexy lady of 51 am dating, last week I met her daughter, the baby dey give me eyes already. kai I need play this game neatly make I no go cast

    1. Haba, you want to eat your cake and have it

    2. Same thing I was asking my hubby about this French president. As the woman na 64-65 and him 39-40. She go dey still service am? Abi she go dey give am one of her daughters since they are same age as him?

    3. If that is where you are chopping from, better behave o.
      How do older women date younger guys old enough to be their pikins?

    4. So anon do you plan on stop having sex with your husband when you get to 64-65? This is not so old, have you seen the likes of Jada Pinkett's mother? Even women in their 80s still enjoy a sex life, it all depends on the health and vitality of the person. Obviously, the sex will not be as vigorous as in the 20s, and more preparation and details have to be taken are of, but many seniors still continue to have a sex life in their older age. Exercise, eat right, drink lots of water, protect yourself from the sun, keep down your weight and you will be shocked at what the 60s can look and feel like.

  31. Happy birthday Alex and Bv's daughter, God bless you both.

    Thank you Chikito for this important info. This is really helpful I must say. Naija, which way?

    It never ok to conclude that everyone is bad, there are still good Nigerians out there, may God help us to keep meeting them. I've also learn't never to write people off cos you see this Big God up there is so full of surprises and the person whose case seem hopeless will just turn into someone you just can't imagine. Life!!!

  32. I really feel sorry for the BV that was robbed.
    Happy birthday baby Alex and Peju. God bless you.
    Today's IHN is "woow".

  33. Thank you Lord for your mercy and grace..back to life..thanks to Jah once again

    Mc pinky

    1. Pinky are you a Jehovah witness?

  34. To prevent wicked souls from swipping ones hard earned money at a go; have at least 2 accounts, one should have a card or a mobile app that you can use for daily expenses and the other where you transfer 90% of your money to and you can only access it by walking into the bank and filling a teller or form to avoid stories that touch the heart.
    Imagine carrying a card that hold the key to the bulk of your money and having thieves take it away.

  35. I read the article written by tee jay and he is very right, I didn't know I had high bp till I went for check up last month, my blood pressure was 190 and I am just 30. The doctor said I was lucky to have found out. Please we need regular visits to the hospital.

    1. Glad you went to the hospital and was lucky for it to be discovered. So many persons died out of carelessness. Those days we have this belief that diabetics is for old age likewise rheumatism but today we are wrong on that. Children are victims of both sickness now.

  36. How do i get this dude back? Noticed he liked me so i took him for granted. I was rude to him on the phone and now he doesn't call anymore and i kinda miss him. He greeted me on the phone and I replied 'eh hen'
    Ps. I won't call him cos pride won't let me

    1. Abeg swerve mofo. Let somebody see road for intelligent gist. Not all this igbankalu igbakalu tata stories.

    2. Then keep quiet and stop disturbing our eyes with this yeye you typed here. Mannerless person. If they check you well, nothing gum you. Wait for bvs to go and beg him for you.

    3. You're not his type.

      Move on, and while at it, find out the thin line that divides the art of playing hard to get, from that of being rude.

      You're welcome.

  37. Some Nigerians are evil, and I'm saying this without mincing words. I'm saying this because of the evil experiences I went through in the hands of so called Nigerians.

    I travelled out of the country, reunited with my so called Nigerian friends. I never knew that they weren't happy that I left Nigeria to join them abroad. I'm a very simple person and I always wish people well. I always try to extend my kindness to people I come across with. I'm no saint but I love helping humanity.
    Finally, I got a job and I told them about it, they acted like they were happy and all. Could you believe that these guys ganged up against me, lied to immigration authorities that I used fake documents to enter the country. They also told my boss that all my credentials were fake! Jeez! When I was told all these and those behind my predicament I couldn't believe my ears. I kept on asking them what exactly I did wrong. One said that I just came and I have things going on well for me. I'm really sad right now as I type because it just brought back those sad memories.
    I cut those people out of my life for good but now I have trust issues. I no longer trust anyone as it stands because of my experience. I thank my starts that they didn't kill me.

    1. My dear, the fact that you are good to people doesnt mean they would always be good to you. That things worked out for you.....who told you God doesnt see our hearts?

  38. Stella can you do a post on best and worst lightening creams?

    1. Hahaha, even bleaching creams, then go to the market and check their prices as well.

  39. The chemistry between king and chikito tho

  40. I enjoyed today's ihn.. both the post and the comments flowing. Chaii Bv Pinky... so sorry about what happened, better job awaits you.

  41. Thanks Stella, am Loving this blog. So many things to learn from all the writeups and even from the comment section.
    The rejected guy on the snm, my view on that aspect is that the lady in question is not meant for you because if she has stayed with you the possibility of you not getting that job will be there. God just allowed it to happen so that his blessing can come to pass in your life.
    Though as human you fill disappointed, for people like me when such thing happen i will quickly move ahead because i know who i am and what i can achieve by his grace.

    Thanks, once again stella i learn alot from your blog is very educative.

    Remain Bless

  42. Replies
    1. I always wonder why men advertise for a woman online. What could be the reason? Does it mean they can't woo women they see on daily bases or the ones around their vicinity, work place or even local church. I can understand for a woman advertising since it isn't the African culture for a woman to propose to a man but I don't just get it with the men.

    2. Teejay, it's 'basis' plus I agree with your comment! I believe they're not bold enough to approach a lady

  43. Replies
    1. BV Chikito thanks for sharing this information! Please next time try natural pepper like shombo I use it to make jollof rice nice colour and good taste!

  44. Beautiful FOIHN...

    HBD are so beautiful.

    Bv that was robbed.......may you gain back all that was lost.

    I add tomato paste directly to my food but i wont try that anymore....thanks bv chikito

  45. All these idiots that keep perambulating at odd hours because of vigil, you deserve all the nonsense that come your way. Oyibo brought church to us but I am yet to see oyibo people going on vigils at odd hours even though they have semblance of security in their countries.


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