Stella Dimoko Mama Tee Series - Christmas Lights


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Friday, December 21, 2018

Mama Tee Series - Christmas Lights

This incident occurred two days ago

Mr and Mrs Odu( not real names) and their two children came home for Christmas early this in month. They are based in South Africa.

The family stayed in their newly completed bungalow.

According to neighbours, they had bought Christmas decorations (Christmas lights, Christmas trees and the rest) and called an electrician to help and connect all the items.

The electrician came and started work, he connected everything and was testing them when one of the kids started screaming, their mum ran from the kitchen to the sitting room.

The small boy had died of electrocution, they said the Christmas light attached to the Christmas tree in their sitting room caused it. He had cut the wire that has the lights.

Now people are insinuating all sorts, some said Christmas light cannot kill, some said he was used for rituals as their dad 'looks' like a Yahoo plus practitioner.

I run from anything that has to do with connecting wires and the rest, before I started changing my switch myself, it took a while. When an electrician is fixing anything for me, I make sure all kids in the house are with me, I keep them busy with something.

Pls let us be careful this Yuletide, may we all have a joyful Christmas and New Year celebrations.

RIP to the little angel.

Mama Tee

*Ah ah,just like that?You didnt explain this well please...He touched the Xmas light and was shocked to death?how long did this occur?didnt anyone try to remove it?


  1. Christmas is the season of lights! My decor this year is top notch! Neighbourhood Folks keep strolling by to take pics or just enjoy the view from the street. I hope this tale is just made up cos if true, it will permanently kill that spirit of Christmas for the family.

  2. Spiritual attack,everyone should be careful with electricity

  3. Mogbe. Just like that!
    I have this extension box beside NY bed and am very careful with it. With all my hide hide, I saw my son carry the charger wire connected to it and the extension was on. If I wasn't there, maybe he would have put it in his mouth. Ha! I shouted. These things are little and almost insignificant but the devil can pass anywhere. Sheybi the bible said he is roaming and seeking whom to devour. I just remembered dbanj's little Daniel while typing this. Oh God!

    Let's be careful o

  4. na wa oh, may God save us from evil. rip to the boy

  5. Haha @ Mrs Dimorkokus, this is a true definition of stories that will either confuse or educate you.
    Thank you for creating a public awareness on this poster.

  6. Not everything is spiritual abeg. Cheap, illegally made decorations or decorations not wired properly can cause electric shocks. It is not uncommon for pets, children and even adults to be electrocuted. There are always warnings to make sure that wires are not tangled and connections are not loose when stringing up Christmas lights

  7. We need to be careful with electricity not only during Christmas but always. Nigerian artisans are generally not well trained. That's how one was called to install Air Conditioner and he electrocuted himself putting everyone in trouble. Ghanaians and Togolese are better. May his young soul rest in peace.

  8. RIP to the lad.

    Comfort to the family. So when they see someone with earrings na yahoo. Foolish neighbours

  9. Sad one.
    RIP to the little child.

  10. Why would an electrician even be needed to attach these things? Were they going to light up the. place like the circus. The voltage in Christmas lights is so low that I honestly have not heard about anything like this with he average simple at home tree setup. The only worry is if you have a real Christmas tree and the special care needed to be taken. Unless the lights were faulty to begin with, made in China crap, or the electrician created some illegal connections.

  11. I read an article some years ago about a child getting electrocuted by the lights. It’s rare but it happens. My heart goes out to the family. Christmas will always have a dark shadow for them.


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