Stella Dimoko Woman Divorces Husband Who Told Her That She Performs Less In Bed Than His Mistresses...


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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Woman Divorces Husband Who Told Her That She Performs Less In Bed Than His Mistresses...

An Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Tuesday dissolved the marriage of a woman who claimed that her husband regarded her as performing less in bed than his girlfriends.

Adenike had sought divorce, because Tosin, her husband of seven years, regularly told her that she was not good in bed.

She said that Tosin, 36, was adulterous and complains: “You’re not hot in bed.”
“I know he was using that as an excuse for his infidelity,” the mother-of-two said.
“I cannot have access to his phone because he coded it so that I will not know about his illicit affairs with other women,” she told the court.

She also accused Tosin, a teacher, of battering her.
“My husband beats me up at any slightest provocation; he started beating me during courtship, but I endured, thinking he would stop.
The petitioner added that Tosin was jealous. “He is always accusing me of dating any man he sees me with,’’ Adenike said; adding that Tosin threatened to kill her and might carry out the threat.

Responding, Tosin admitted beating Adenike but blamed it on his temperament. He also accused Adenike of infidelity.

The Court President, Mr. Adeniyi Koledoye, held that although the respondent, Mr. Tosin Owolabi, wanted the marriage sustained, his wife, Adenike, insisted on divorce.
“The court cannot prevail on the petitioner, Adenike, to rescind her decision to quit the marriage.

“It is crystal that the marriage between the couple has broken down irretrievably, and there is nothing the court can do to sustain it,’’ Koledoye said.

The court granted the custody of the two children of the marriage to Adenike, and ordered Tosin to pay N5,000 monthly to her for each of the children’s feeding.

It also ordered that Tosin should be responsible for the children’s education.
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*This igando court always recommends only 5k allowance all the time...ah ah


  1. I don't know whether the 'accused people' always settle the judge. Na wa but they have money to give Mistresses.

  2. Enter your comment...good for them,before we hear stories that touch

  3. This Nigerian judges are so annoying, what is 5k for 2 children?? What rubbish!!!!

  4. what will 5k do for 2 children in a whole month? Such yeye judgement

    1. he said for each of them, and am sure this arrangement is based on the man's

  5. 5k for that even wa for the judge sha

  6. 5k for each child as per their father's income

  7. 5k as monthly allowance???
    Nawa ooo...

  8. Whilst this is a step in the right direction (women refusing to remain in abusive and adulterous marriages), i must commend the yoruba women who are championing the cause. Often, its even the women of "lower society", the supposedly, "uneducated and unexposed" that stand for their rights whilst the "middle class" educated and "exposed" ones remain in loveless boundages whilst bearing the "Mrs" title, spreading sob stories of how they cannot "start over" again or have "No funds to stand on their own nor look after their children" or "lack financial support to survive" without their abuser

    1. You couldn't have said it better @Sylvia!

      Better to be divorced than being battered all in the name of temperament!
      Now he can go to his mistresses and be getting 'hot hot sex'😏

  9. Igando court again.

    Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

    Any screenwriter looking for inspiration should visit that courtroom. Unlimited drama.

  10. 5k for each child is not good enough.. Nawah

  11. Stella,leave this igando court alone nah.their case tire me oh

  12. 5k for each child na waooo.. Igando Men their Wahala is damn tooo much o, them And court is Like 5n6...

  13. The day an irresponsible Nigerian man knows that his assets will be shared equally with his wife and subsequent earnings taxed 50% for his children's upkeep will be the day. All these 5k and 10k upkeep judgment is an immorality booster for them sef. Money they spend many times over at pepper soup joints. Women wey dem dey judge their marriage and divorce matter for Igando court, una doh o. The Lord is your muscle.

  14. 5k ke for feeding two children. Na wa.


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