Stella Dimoko Lady Shares Mind Blowing Story Of Swinging Both Ways And Getting Delivered


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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Lady Shares Mind Blowing Story Of Swinging Both Ways And Getting Delivered

Everyone has a choice..................You are either straight,swing both ways,swing left or right!!!

May God give everyone the strength and wisdom to make the right choices......


  1. We are all born with Adamic nature of sin, whatever kind. Fornication, lying, homosexuality and we all need Jesus.

    Yes, I agree that some people are more "susceptible" to some sins than most. I don't believe anyone is born gay, but I agree that some women/men have a greater attraction to people of the same sex. Like I said, Adamic nature.

    The blood of Jesus washes away all kinds of sin and gives one the strength to withstand the temptations that will ultimately come.

    Is there such a thing as. A gay Christian? No. Is there such a thing as a Christian struggling with honesexual desires? Yes. Just like there are Christians struggling with lusts, masturbation, etc. But God is enough.

    The Holy Spirit is living in us, and He has promised to give us the victory over sin.

    May God help us all. Amen.

    1. My life struggle! You will never understand the depth of love you have for your fellow woman till you have a girl lover. It is magical. It is deep. It is intense. It is beautiful. It is everything sweet and more. Like how can this ever be a sin? The only soul that makes me smile and glow like a baby. The only soul that understands my heart beat. I really don't know how this is a sin yet. The only thing stopping me from marrying her is that when i go to God in prayer he says no. Don't know why he keeps saying no. But i am sorry the way my heart is positioned today; i am not letting go of this love anytime soon. Men are scum; they have shown me pepper. This girl? Makes me soooo happy!

    2. "Men are scum"...Funny enough,that was the same excuse a lesbian course mate gave back then in university.

      According to her a guy promised her heaven and earth, treated her like a Queen but when she got pregnant,he treated her like trash and threatened her to abort which she said she later did.
      I am a woman and I tell you anyone can be a scumbag.In this world we have good and bad people,so do we stop interacting with people all together?.

      Even in your lgbtqa community they are assholes there,cheats, players,users,power tussle.

      That same girl told us everything for she was shocked when what she met didn't match her expectation.

      You just met a good woman, that's all... and you should know if there are good women, there exists good men too.

      Men showed me pepper, nobody died and i also showed men pepper too, my sister nobody died. At the end of the day I am married to a good man,that i wonder how i got here sef.

      The same mouth you are using to pray about your relationship with her, why don't you use it to ask God to bless you with a good man. God is bigger than whatever you might have gone through, just ask.

    3. Men don't even want your heart. They just want your pussy. Want to oppress you, cheat on you, use you as a slave and everything degrading you can think of. How then will God say it's a sin to be with someone that understands your heart? Someone that cannever wake up and hurt you. Cries with you, shares with you, takes care of you. Always there for you and making you smile always. Did I forget pray with you? Encourage you. Please how is this a sin? Does it mean that God hate women? Is he not seeing how wicked men are to women?

      A married girlfriend was lamenting to me on monday how her husband said she must be making new soup everyday. This is a girl with three toddlers to care for. She goes to work too. She cries endlessly for stress and this wicked demon had the nerves to call family meeting for her last weekend that she either keeps cooking fresh soup everyday or park out for the next girl willing to do that.

      I refused to react before they will use me and settle. Just drove straight to my baby's crib and hugged her tight while we wait for this God's judgement on us.

      If he doesn't want us to be with our fellow women let him call his sons to order. They are soooo wicked and heartless and I just cannot deal.

    4. All of you justifying same sex please don't get it twisted. God is not an author of confusion. Nothing stopped Him from creating Eve and another woman to compliment her in the scheme of things. He made them male and female and that is the natural and right way. That you keep meeting men with wrong intentions does not make white black.
      There are good men and bad men, good women and evil ones also so stop deceiving yourselves with "men are scum" So therefore I'm sticking with lesbianism... My dear women are also scum! abi did you miss the memo?
      No one is born gay, same way nobody is born to be a pedophile or desire sex with animals. It's when we allow ourselves to become entangled with perverse thoughts and dwell upon them; that is the trap that the enemy sets out.
      Moreover saying both of you pray together meaning Nada. The same way a prostitute or arm robber will "pray" before embarking on sin okwaya?
      Pray that the Holy Spirit delivers you from the clutches of homosexuality.

  2. Replies
    1. A friends house boy was introduced to gayism in secondary school, a government school o, he even confessed that most of them touch themselves in class while the teacher is teaching. The day I heard this gist the kind of goose bumps I had that day enh.
      This is a day mixed secondary school o, I keep wondering how he got involved with this particular group of boys. It’s God that will save us o

  3. And some people are very proud of it. Saying there is nothing wrong with it... I just pity people who indulge in such, may God help them to realise the truth and turn from evil before it's too late.

  4. Homosexuality is a sin and there's no sugar coating it..

  5. How exactly do women love women and men love men????? I can’t seem to understand the rationale behind that. Well na their business though. So long as you no carry this kain rough play come my front sha.

  6. I wonder how people do it, how can I be attracted to my fellow female.. Yuck

  7. Homosexuality is a choice, it's used to be a disease before it was accepted as a natural occurrence 😎😎😎😎😎

  8. The enemy's tactics is to make you defensive to the truth.

  9. God created Adam and Eve,not Adam and Steve.....BT women are more attracted to themselves more

  10. omo no be only you I'm not a homosexual nor lesbian but I watch porn and masturbate. I have been struggling to quit

    1. Run a search on Facebook for a note titled "Overcoming the Flesh & Demonic Strongholds."

  11. The reason for this horrific decadence in schools is the exposure of young kids to Hollywood and NOLLYWOOD. I live in a country where there is rating on programs and it is enforced by the relevant agencies, we also put parental control on ALL the programs our kids watched till they turned 18. They couldn’t watch anything other than pg-13. They were upset, saying we were mean etc. we even subscribed to websites like “Our Pact” which helps parents block certain types of sites from their devices including laptop. If the government is in coma, individuals should please avoid watching nollywood where they leave nothing to the imagination.

    You can put codes for parental control on all your TVs and contact the website of porn blocking sites that help keep them pure and innocent. Get rid of this system of leaving your precious children to other children aka housemaids. You don’t know what they have already learned or if they had been molested. Don’t leave your kids with any uncle or relative without a secret camera. As for the adult, only Jesus can wipe what they saw that defiled them.

  12. Na so. Suddenly everyone cant seem 2 understand d attraction yet una full here remain. Oshey!!

  13. Homosexuality kaiii it Only Takes The Grace Of God For One To Repent From such Horrible Disease..ThankGod for Divine Mercy ooo..

  14. Me I consider myself pansexual and it's a choice and not how I was born. I am currently in a relationship with a woman who is in the closet and it's also a first for me..

    1. At least you are owing your sexual preferences instead of hiding under "born this way"
      Self control is a plus and trying to live under the confines of what God wants is a beautiful thing. Why don't you try it instead of roaming up and down the sexuality spectrum.

    2. Ralu go and sleep. We know your type. Say your mind with anon and act holy holy with id. Smell off abeg

    3. Anon 15:01 excuse me? You know whose type? You know nothing about me and the last thing I will do on a blog is to be busy alternating ID's. If you have the energy for such I don't.
      Who feeds me here? Signs my cheque every month end? Pays my bills? Justifies my existence? Last time I checked, NOBODY does any of that so miss me with that tag.
      Have you taken your bipolar disorder drug today? Because obviously you are speaking from a personal experience.
      It must be mind boggling for you to imagine that sometimes what you see is sometimes what it actually is about a person.

  15. I'm in love with my best friend.
    We love ourselves so much that we can't do without each other, but for the fear of God we don't f*ck ourselves, anytime we want to engage in the unholy act, there's this guilt that ll engulf us and we ll snap out of the mood immediately.
    I always imagine eating her up same as she, but we try to avoid ourselves anytime we have such feelings,
    we can only talk about it on phone.
    We are both married with kids.
    God pls have mercy

  16. Anon 13:16, when you start harboring such thoughts it will come to fruition. So please stop it now before you come here with another Chronicle

  17. I am a pretty lady with huge breast....and love ladies with same...


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