Stella Dimoko Apostle Johnson Suleman Releases 50 HOT Prophecies For 2019


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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Apostle Johnson Suleman Releases 50 HOT Prophecies For 2019

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the President of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide has released his 2019 Prophecies concerning Nigeria.

He said:

(1) Great agricultural boost for South Africa

(2) I saw an eclipse

(3) 2019 Nigeria election- 100% rigged

(4) Northern response to election results to shock the incumbent Government. They had strong response from the south.

(5) Election- Nigeria vs Military/ Police

(6) China to openly confront America

(7) Great set back economically
(cool Election funds controversy/scandal)

(9) Biafra struggle to gain massive support

(10) A new activist to launch campaign against presidency

(11) 2019, a shock for Governors

( 12) Ghana economy to get foreign support

(13) I saw another missile test in North Korea

(14) Nollywood to merge internationally

15) I see a major breakthrough in the cure for HIV

(16) Muhammadu Buhari needs prayer, please sir , go and rest

(17) Abubakar Atiku should focus on North during campaign

(18) I see an Igbo Presidency in 2023 but they must not have any deal with present Government

(19) Tinubu should forget 2023

(20) I see internet fraudsters, new ritualistic ways of making money( blood hunt)

(21) A presidential aspirant to be arrested

(22) I saw Boko Haram invade a police station

23) The Almighty God is unhappy at the continued detention of El- Zakzaky....And what of Dasuki?

(24) APC wins Lagos election

(25) Keystone banks needs prayers

(26) ASUU to pray against losing a top member

(27) I saw a major politician declared missing

(28) WAEC to be re-modeled

(29) I saw farmers package welfare from the government and it results to crisis between them and the state government

30) I saw most Eastern states won by APC at the National level

( 31) Strange killings in Togo

(32) Mali should pray against strange virus outbreak

(33) The Government should protect police station and military barracks because I see people break in searching for arms.

(34) I saw fire outbreak in a media house

(35) I saw a Nigerian airline grounded totally

(36) America should not relax a deadlier terrorist group is emerging

(37) I saw a probe group disgrace U.S government

38) Donald Trump to lose 2nd term

(39) Brexit crises to implode U.K

(40) I saw a terrorist attack in America.

(41) Fire outbreak in Canada but quickly managed

(42) Nigeria to win awards and relevance in cyber world

( 43) Let’s declare a prayer day against massive bloodshed in Rivers state ( Too ugly)

(44) I saw a horse, written on it was ‘ pray against Americans being homeless. I saw something happen that made them scampering for safety. Natural disaster

(45) July and August in Nigeria, serious prayer.

46) Many weddings, 2019 is a year of multiple marriages

(47) I saw people with children in multiples of triplets and twins

(48) Pensioners to smile

(49) I saw a lot of politicians in Prison

(50) A top legislator in USA and a known senator- peaceful passing away.
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  1. Yimu
    Years ago you gave a prophecy that you published on your monthly booklet that Stella obasanjo will come out of hiding when obasanjo is no more the president of Nigeria

  2. Look at No 9 of that prophesy, this was the same prophet that said last year that Nnandi Kanu will be disgraced both locally and internationally but the reverse became the case. Now his No 9 prophesy is about a support of the Biafra course.

    1. You say reverse? Lol. Nnamdi the coward was not only disgraced locally and internationally but he was exposed as a big fraud and chicken Lilly livered who only uses his tongue to make noise but cannot dance the rhythm of his words. See how he ran away and cannot come back to his base. A forced exile. Fighting a electronic distance war πŸ˜‚ with no courage. Such bullock! The fear of operation python dance is the beginning of biafraud’s learning of wisdom.

  3. 50 "hot" prophecies. Na hiphop songs? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Lol ������ e be like na hip-hop music playlist

    2. Laughing my azzna out in "broda shaggi's voice",,,,50hot prophecies,e reach to ask weda na hip hop song,,,chai


    3. Eesah, number 9 hit is the best. It sounds so funny. The hit is for the chicken hearted and rhymes for the jacks of nnamdi the coward.

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚stooopet @Eesah πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  4. 21,24,29,48 and 49...points codedly to buhari winnin re elwction.

  5. No 16 is sooo true.
    Sir,please go and rest..

  6. LMAO @ 16.
    Rivers state? God forbid!
    Keystone Bank needs prayers? Like seriously?
    Nollywood again?
    I'm happy for pensioners. They deserve to smile.
    Oh Lord visit all my TTC friends, relatives and BVs this year in Jesus'Name.
    God forbid the terrorist attack and disaster in America, my friends are covered in the Blood.

    Lord take away the bad and give us the good.

  7. I claim no 46 for myself and all the singles believing God for a life partner...

    47 is sure @ Olori Orente
    My sister's
    My friends
    All the TTC"s here
    Those believing God for it

    My humble self

    A resounding Amen to no 48..

    No 49,our politicians deserves it πŸ’―%

    1. Thanks darling Stella
      It is done already in Jesus name

  8. This sound like advise not prophecy. @Blessed Princess

    1. Leave this fraud man to be deceiving himself. Who cannot project all these things he mentioned? Just a mere look at our present situations is a visible and easy thought on these.

  9. Show us a picture proof of all you saw

  10. No 47 is my portion oh Lord. I claim it in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for the twins you have given me.

  11. Hmm these are predictions.I don't think is a prophecy.

  12. These sounds like predictions.I don't think is a prophecy. There av always been multiple marriages every yr.River state is known for bloodshed.

  13. I claim no 47... Majority of this write up are his thought not prophecy..

  14. I claim 46 and 47 in Jesus mighty name . hmm keystone? I need to act fast

  15. That number 2 tho... Eclipse are always predicted years before. Goggling eclipse, July 2, 2019 has already been predicted for solar eclipse...and I thought its 2019 predictions, why am I seeing 2023?... Make I just keep shut oo

  16. All predictions, no prophesy here. Rivers will be peaceful Amen.

  17. I claim 46 & 47 .Amen n Amen

  18. Things you and I can predict. Number one falsity - I saw most Eastern states won by APC at the National level. Eastern states will reject Buhari.

  19. In case of a Buhari really won't necessarily be because of rigging. There is more to winning an election that issuing press statements and making spurious allegations like PDP does. I think they gifted the win to APC when they picked the two candidates they did for president and VP. They left logic and misread the Nigerian people especially from SW.
    It is difficult to wish the stigma of thief hanging on Atiku away. For VP SW has Osinbajo who is relatively not encumbered by corruption weight. To divide the votes from that zone logic suggests they pick another SW highly respected individual. Yorubas can be pious. And anyway, why on earth will they leave their own to vote PDP and Obi..the one matched against their own? To majority of them the question is are you saying he is better than our son? Naija is tribalistic. No matter the level of education. And the least so i must say are the Yorubas. Question again is a professor in Law, etc among other accolades..why would we vote for a rival?
    Apart from these their campaign momentum nosedive with that policy doc where Presido to be yarn that he wants to sell nnpc.
    Many if my friends that were aticulated ran when they heard that!! Atiku!! Selling what? All the best I. Wetin I know

  20. Are there people that still believe these prophesies?
    All these are normal things that happen in a country every year. People must die including politicians, natural disaster must occur in the US and other countries every year, some people must get married, get disgraced, go to prison, etc. All these so called prophets should just give it a rest already.

  21. I claim no 47 in Jesus name

    This year is my year, can't wait to carry my twins

  22. I receive 46 and 47. Dear Lord, please have mercy on me.

  23. No 38 is a LIE. US election for president is 2020. Read Ezekiel about false prophets

  24. No 38 is soooooofake. Presidential election isn't till 2020 here. These people should fear God!

  25. i claim no 47 in jesus name amen


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