Stella Dimoko Boko Haram Attacks Gaidam Town


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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Boko Haram Attacks Gaidam Town

Suspected Boko Haram insurgents attacked Gaidam town in Yobe State last night.....

According to Daily Trust, residents in the town said that the attackers stormed the town around 5:30pm, and started shooting sporadically.

A resident said “The insurgents took advantage of the Market Day to infiltrate the town. Although they forewarned residents of their coming days back so the military were not taken unaware,” he said.

He added that two Nigerian Air Force jets arrived the town to support the military strength. 


  1. it's so sad that the govt has not been able to resolved or curtailed the activities of the insurgent


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  2. Stella good morning , can't sleep. I suppose you are up early. Or you set the post to fire up at this time. I'm gradually losing all the profit I made trading forex. I better take some days off to clear my head. I've been profitable for the pass 4 months, terrible 2 weeks so far.

    Back to Boko, hope lives are not lost. Ciao.

  3. I said sometime last week that boko haram often informed about their strike in the north eastern part of Nigeria before making good their threats. The anonymous troll who often comment only when the incompetence of his Mr integrity' is being criticize said it is impossible, how can the insurgents inform the military and still go scot free.

    Hasn't this news put to rest my initial comment and justify my stand? Now I understand why some trolling comments doesn't need to be dignified with response.

  4. And their oga is busy campaigning & and foolish people die in his campaign ground

  5. When Will The Northern Part Of Nigeria Free From Boko-haram...

  6. The govt shud fish out the sponsors of this dastardly acts. its becoming disgusting to the ears


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