Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Anti-trafficking Agency Set To Bring Back Over 20,000 Girls Kidnapped To Mali


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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Nigeria's Anti-trafficking Agency Set To Bring Back Over 20,000 Girls Kidnapped To Mali

Nigeria's anti-trafficking agency has said it found thousands of missing girls and women in southern Mali, many of whom were sold as s#x slaves.

According to the agency NAPTIP, there are between 20 000 and 45 000 kidnapped Nigerian women in Mali that it intends to return to Nigeria.

General Julie Okah-Donli, NAPTIP Director, said the women mostly came from rural areas of six different states in Nigeria.

They were tricked into going to Mali by giving them the impression they were going to get jobs in hotels, for example," Okah-Donli told Al Jazeera.
"Some were actually abducted while going to school.

"There are over one million Nigerians residents in Mali, out of which about 20 000 are trapped into forced prostitution. 

The conditions are horrible. They are kept in the thick of the forest where they cannot escape and with the 'madames' watching over them."

According to a 2018 report by the US State Department, human trafficking is a major problem in Africa's most populous country.
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  1. This is very sad. 20,000 is a very high number. Our leaders have failed us woefully in this country. If standard of living was decent and jobs available, these girls wouldn’t be in this situation.

    1. I the past 10yrs I have been shouting to the top of my voice that Nigeria needs **Very Urgent** policy on how to reduce is population growth and how to vigorously grow the economy, WITHOUT this, we are just seating on a time bomb, all the shoe makers, farmers and go marrying 4 wives with 15 to 25 children, should continue. One day you will seee. Ooooh when I did a research, I discovered that most young girls have now turned to prostitution , charging as low as N100. Things are this bad!!!!!!!! This girls are from extremely poor families, where the siblings they average 15 to 30 children just in one nuclear family . Stella pls start a post that will focus on the ***Dangers of Over Population ***
      For Jobs, better standard of living, robust economy , factories , industries, better funding in education, optimum funding in agriculture, real infrastructural development , value for human life, zero tolerance to killings by boko haram and herdsmen etc VOTE ; Atiku/Obi2019;,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019;Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019; Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019; Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019; Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019; Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019; Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019Atiku/Obi2019; Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019; Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019; Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019,Atiku/Obi2019

  2. To come and add to the already over bloated population.

    Serious survival of the fittest.

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! And someone is making money out of this. Toooooo BAD

  4. Thank God for the rescue team, I pray they get back safely.

  5. So men are very sex starved now. The one they are having is not enough

  6. And a lot of girls on this blog still will believe that there are 'jobs' in hotels in Mali, Sudan, Libya?


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