Stella Dimoko Cleric Blames Religious Leaders For The Increase In Panties Theft....


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Monday, January 28, 2019

Cleric Blames Religious Leaders For The Increase In Panties Theft....

Finally,We have who to hold responsible for the increase in panties theft.....

The founder, Faith Revival Apostolic Church (FRAC), Apostle Paul Adenuga has described the stealing of female pants to make quick money as very shameful.

He said the menace was on the rise because religious leaders no longer preach about the ills of the society.

Adenuga condemned the act at the Christian Press of Nigeria (CPAN) breakfast meeting held in Lagos on Sunday.

“You can imagine, some men go to steal women pants because they want to make sudden money and some of these men are caught and displayed on social media, what a shame,” NAN quoted him as saying.

The Apostle posited that many churches preached more about how to make money and neglected the real gospel message that has moral instructios to help cultivate good virtues in Nigerian youths.

He, therefore, urged parents, especially mothers, to intensify prayers for their wards not to be involved in the shameful acts.
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  1. Will agree with him but not in totality. Even if the churches all over Nigeria start preaching about social vices and crime, the evil ones will still continue in their crimes.

    1. Yaba left escapee28 January 2019 at 08:49

      Havent you heard Evil prevails when good men do nothing?

  2. Well, I don’t blame religious leaders. But they should preach more about salvation and how to live right

  3. This is sooooo true. Pastors these days don't preach true repentance anymore. All they will be telling you is that poverty is a curse, this year is your year, you must make it this year etc. This in turns put most of their followers into much pressure. @Blessed Princess

  4. True....prosperity talks everyday.

  5. Yaba left escapee28 January 2019 at 08:09

    The definition of church has changed over the years!
    When last did you go to any church & hear the pastor say "Repent, for the kingdom of the lord is at hand" lai lai.... maybe only in deeper life or Chosen people still hear such, the rest is about money money money, miracle miracle miracles for more money! Thats what multiplies their congregation na, i dont blame them, na the sheep i blame. Most times i just read my bible sit down for house, as the spitit leads jare

    1. I agree with you its all in the past ,no one preaches salvation again but get rich quick syndromes

    2. How many churches have you visited? Pls don't say what you don't know. Are you preaching repentance since pastors are not doing it?

    3. Go to Catholic churches, you go hear Gospel of repentance tire. Sunday in sunday out

  6. All we have now are yahoo pastors, give to receive blessings....

  7. You all want to lambast pastors as though you have been to all churches. Most of you are not doing anything to change lives or improve yourself.

  8. The mothers he's saying should intensify prayers, why will God listen to them? Are they not the ones putting pressure on their children to disobey God? Is it not Nigerian mothers that knowingly send their daughters abroad to sell their bodies? That hide their sons they know are doing rituals? And tell them "Look at what your mates are doing and bringing!" Is it not Nigerian mothers that carry their daughters to juju, so they can hook one man or more? The same ones who shield their rapist husbands that sexually abuse their children and maids? The ones whose sins are stinking so much, even from their church positions?

    Are those the ones this cleric thinks God will answer? If God answers them, we will not like the answer oh! I'm a pastor's child and the amount of evil I have seen in the past two years alone, covered by these women you people look up to - has made my liver to cut. I pray to God everyday to not allow me become a Jezebel to my husband, cos it is not that difficult to destroy a man. There is no successful man in this country (whether good or bad), whose confidence is not coming from a woman! There are clients I work with, and my first question is "Do you have the PERMISSION of your wife?" If he's not married, I ask for a fiancee. Cos I noticed that if the wife isn't in agreement, we can call anybody - even from abroad - the project will find a way to fail. Now, I don't even hire men whose wife or fiancee isn't blessing him. Don't come and scatter my business, please. This is me that keeps my hands clean.

    Let us not suggest the one that will cause God to destroy all of us. People who are not standing straight, are the ones he is saying we should look up to as intercessors.

  9. Let's not leave all duties at the foot of religious leaders.

    What are the duties of parents and guardians?

    With all the uproar against blindly following pastors, it'll be a bit difficult for pastors to force their teachings on their members.

    We all know it's not just preaching at the pulpit that changes one's mind, it's a continuous listening to the word of God that eventually yields positive effect.

    And now everyone is forming I don't want to go to church, parents should do what is expected of them.

  10. Sound funny to me, why blame them??

  11. Where did people get this notion that pastors don't preach salvation anymore?

    Mind you a pastor can't be preaching same topic every Sunday.

    Same people who visits herbalist midweek will still come to church on Sunday and still have an opinion about what a pastor should preach.

    If you're not getting the best of the word of God in your present denomination please change it.

    There's freedom in Christ Jesus.

  12. Gbammest. Same people don't allow babalawos, seers, etc rest.

    Nonsense and ingredients e


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