Stella Dimoko Faking It Till You Make It In Nigeria...


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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Faking It Till You Make It In Nigeria...

This content is Exclusive To Stella Dimoko Korkus Blog.....

''This is about the day I experienced the worst fakeness of a Nigerian entertainer.

He is a fast rising Nigerian RnB singer with some delicious love songs. To some ladies, he is a perfect gentlemenπŸ™†.

The TV show(shoot) was meant to capture the daily life of the musical artist and bros went to outlandish length to color his day. From a fake car owner; which unfortunately broke down as soon as we filmed the opening sequence. Baba insisted we must halt the shoot until "his" SUV is fixed but that can't happen. The show must continue.

We drove him in our production bus to Artisan Beach where another fake fashion photo shoot which barely lasted 10 minutes, took place.

To calm our nerves, bros ordered drinks as we wait for "his SUV".
Finally, SUV was fixed and we continued with the shoot. Artist kept whispering to me "did you capture the car well, please make sure you filmed the car well" lol

We drove to Cubana(in VI) for a supposed meeting. We filmed all the way to the club and as we were about entering a certain office, bros said "actually, dem nor go allow cameras into the meeting" huh!

"How about we film the opening three minutes, at least make we capture you exchanging pleasantries with the people you are meeting?" I quietly begged.
"I tell you, dem no go gree. They are Americans from a world famous record label" artist pressed on.

Okay, we gave up and he went while we waited in the reception. In less than three minutes, baba re-emerged, meeting is over? Wathefeck!

We continued filming....

Next stop, his record label office somewhere in VI, were a supposed fan is to present him a huge painting. We got there, filmed the scene but that same painting was in his house when we got there earlier on, hmmmmm!
At this point I was fed up and told my camera guys to just film whatever and anyhow they like it, I already knew what I was going to do in the office

Next stop; Fahrenheit, opp. Eko hotels for a dinner with the Fan of The Week.

We arrived the lush hotel, oyibo full everywhere and the place looked really exotic as our artist's latest song was playing, softly everywhere. As soon as our cameras started rolling and artist walked into the large dinning, one of the hotel's female staff, (damn! She looked too stunning to be a waitress) rushed our artist. She was so star-struck and they started singing and vibing to the artist's song which was playing via the hotel's sound system. She was almost in tears and all over him before security escorted her away...

While the dinner was on, I stepped out of the hotel to "free my head". It was already past 10PM and all my crew were exhausted.
As I stood at the Hotel's gate, I saw the stunning "waitress" hurrying out in a smart outfit as an Uber pulled over.

"Closed already?" I threw at her playfully.

"Yea, yea" she hollered back. No smiles as she hoped into the car. Zoomed off.
Of cause she was part of the script. Asked/paid to come play the Star-struck Waitress and she was done with her beat. Lol.

It was getting late and I needed to go wrap-up the shoot. As I re-entered the car park where our location bus was parked, I heard the driver of the SUV ranting "See time, 10 don pass. No be the agreement be this o. Una tell me say kpata kpata, 6PM una go finish. Una go add money, na over time be this o"
“Boss, I hope there is no problem?” Curious, I threw at the artist manager.

"Nothing baba, na one ish we dey try sort" he stylishly nudged the driver away from me. The driver later told me he hasn't eaten since morning and his company was paid 40k for the artist ro hire the SUV for a day job. Lmao!

I went into the restaurant where the camera guys were still filming, my crew were all damn tired already. Then suddenly.... "R.....H.....i" another female fan screamed, running to hug the artist.

"Cut! cut!!" I called out.
"Bros, wetin happen?" artist stood, flabbergasted.

"Sir, we are out of batteries" My head cameraman, smartly offered.
Artist was so stunned and pissed, perhaps; they had more "gripping" scenes coming. The manager and his team tried to talk us into "charging" and continuing but my camera guys "did not bring chargers" lol.

Next day, we got to the office, watched the rushes and took a decision immediately.
Two weeks later, artist no allow person phone rest, "baba, when the show dey air nau?" I kept telling him "soon" until I downed tools.

Stay true to yourself. Nobody expects more from you and you don't owe anybody a flashy lifestyle. Live within your means and stop faking it till you make it; that's an extra unnecessary pressure on yourself''.

By John Attah.

ATTAH JOHN EDEH is a former Director at HipTV. A Scriptwriter and Head of Production, Mark Angel Comedy Campus Tour.

*Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahha they are many like this and post it on the gram for their star struck arranged followers..Nothing on the social media excites me cos it is not what it is!!!


  1. HHahahahahahahahahaha... This is funny

    1. You see, that is why I don't believe in this "fake it till you make it" I'll rather work it till I make it.
      Who fake life help.

    2. Did anyone figure they were talking about Ric Hassani?

    3. Told folks all the time to stop believing their fake lifestyles, fake bags and shoes and bank finance house or cars. Is all hype to help their Runs and hustles

    4. Anon 10:27
      I figured because he was a "perfect gentleman! But I am still having my doubts, Ric Hassani? Unbelievable!!!


    5. I will say this till tomorrow, Simi is my best Nig. Artist cos of her lifestyle, like her or hate her,girl is TRUE to herself
      All this rubbish is due to COMPLEX!!! I better pass u mentality, poor upbringing, lack of contentment jeez, inland na dir headquarters
      If u no fit like me for who I am, pls take a walk. Naked we came ,Naked we must return

  2. What people fail to understand is "it takes excessive energy to live a fake life",it's so exhausting. #teambeyourself

  3. I know the writer and the artist, but I won't say a jack...

    1. Obviously the artist is Ric Hassani. We already know.

  4. Why am I not surprised?

    Normal levels!!

  5. Faking it self is stressful and somehow expensive so why worry your head? Na wah!

  6. Ghen ghen now I'm calm
    I used to wonder how some artist and actors do blow and make it in just one hit. Well no be only celebs dey live this kind life. A particular coursemate of mine who lives in a self contained house is a rich man's daughter on Facebook.all her pix on facebook are snapped in a duplex and a driver drops and picks her up from school. All this for about 600 likes and 350 comments.
    Fellow Nigerians,it takes nothing to be real but it takes so many things to be fake.if you get πŸ‘‚ make you hear

    1. You can actually blow from just one hit eg Jumoke the former bread seller, Nupita Young dunno if i got that spelling right

    2. My brother /sister (or anything in between), no you did not get the spelling right.

    3. Anon 10:05 Lupita did not blow from one movie.
      1) She studied at Harvard before that - getting into Harvard is not beans. Staying the course and graduating, no be joke. And we've not mentioned school fees
      2) Lupita has accused Harvey Weinstein of trying something with her. The only way that could have happened is if she was in a certain place - not in her house. No, I'm not blaming her. I'm saying he only saw her to try nonsense because he knew she was trying to get a foot in the door (like they say in the industry). Meaning she was attending meetings, going to parties, networking - like many others. She had an agent before she did that movie; you think it's coincidence?

      Nobody truly blows from one event, oh. Even I didn't. The one event is what the public chooses to see and focus on. Even the Jumoke you're talking about, that wasn't the first day she sold bread. Adesua didn't get where she is, overnight. To make first class degree while you're worried about school fees abroad, takes a miracle. And even that is no guarantee of a career. Many people choose not to know that Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva did some of their training abroad. They didn't just fall into it. Pete Edochie used to work at a radio station before he played Okonkwo in the film adaptation of "Things Fall Apart". To get a job on radio in those days, you had to be trained in a particular way. Today, every girl thinks if she bleaches her skin and speaks with a fake accent, o seti go.

      The problem is "unu anaghi anu nti". You people don't hear word. When a person in the public eye is saying "Calm down and give it time", it's not inspirational enough. There's a way no normal human being spends money they did honest work for. But people want to read lies and Instagram has made it easy for those without sense to set themselves up to be used for rituals.

  7. Lol..people respects such people more, fake people, when you're real and speak the truth they'll hate on you but when you are fake they'll be all over you

    The beginning might not be easy as an upcoming but remember you'll have to start from somewhere

    Its good to pick a stand because all those fans will run when the chips are down

  8. Nah so then dey do. Fake people full Lagos

  9. Hahahahahaha**rollingonthefloor**🀣🀣🀣🀣my stomach ooo ***yepa**

  10. Hahahahaha. Can't stop laughing

  11. Well whose fault is it? Same society that says live within your means is the same society that turns around to mock the hell out of you when you do same. We are all in this blog together and we have seen people bashed for the way they look, what they put on, their hair for girls, etc. This is just small. Didn’t they mock Banky for his “rickety” SUV? I will suggest parents raise their children to be themselves no matter what. Hard work will pay eventually. If your parents didn’t train you that way you can begin to train yourself. Na dem sabi jare.

    1. Thank you!!

    2. The people who do the mocking know themselves and that is how they are collectively because they feel inferior to others even when they have money.

  12. I do watch dem on trybe,upclose&personal,their hype is too much

  13. What all those with fake lifestyle fail to understand is its even more expensive being fake than being who you really are with lots of headaches to please and get peoples admiration and attention.

  14. And some innocent youtha will now be doing all they can to be like those yeyebrities. God help Nigerian youths

  15. The funny part is how gullible fans think Followership,Likes,banging pictures and comments somehow means the person is ‘balling’ in real life.
    The truth of the matter is, This way of life isn't exclusive to celebrities alone. Facebook,Whatsapp status and the likes are a breeding home for it.
    Living ones truth is no longer attractive. LOL

    1. Lol. You can imagine someone photoshopping himself into a flight. Come onnnnn,that's the height of it.
      Or girls that are bullied into asking for a bigger diamond ring cos their proposal ring wasn't big enuf according to their followers.

    2. That photoshopped plane trip off me🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  16. Where are the tappers?πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  17. Ndiara. Who faking epp.

  18. Isn't this that was sending awkward scripted photos of that skinny female BBA contestant round the blogs.
    He should nyansh down.
    People always know how to criticise others even when they are rolling generously in the same shit.

  19. They are all over Instagram littering the place.
    We have the:

    1. The dancing drums and the town criers.
    2. The ones that fake the accent till you get confused as to which country it is till you assign it one.
    People literally worshipping human beings on social media cos of fakeness.

    I just pity all these 2nd Corinthians kids.

    1. Lol, Who are 2nd Corintians kidsπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  20. hajajajajajajajahahahaaha nice read.

  21. Fake life, huge bills.

  22. LMAO πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  23. Fake life 😁 😁

  24. Fake life 😁 😁

  25. Okwa nde FAKE na dat insagram celebrity post, una go tell me to close my mouth?
    Have you seen it?
    It is all faked. All those their quotes; fakes.
    Their dresses; fakes and borrowed.
    Their bodies; faked and photoshoped.
    fakes, fakes, fakes.

  26. hah hahaha funny, but really they are everywhere.

  27. Where are our values? This is the height of insecurity. Hollywood celebs (actors and singers) with all their money and fame are even more real than most of these our Naija celebs.

  28. Its not new at all,
    If you know them,you'd know they are drum of lies
    pictures Fake
    Quotes Fake
    Cars Fake
    Accents Fake
    Like the one that posted new home setting up ..lmao!blabla ,very very fake.
    Do they at times forget that there are people who actually know the REAL them...
    Do not let them fool you,work smart and pray.move at Gods pace you will be fine

  29. Most Niger celebs are damn fake


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