Stella Dimoko Ten Year Old Boy Tells Court Of How His Mum Asked Him To Poison His Father..


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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Ten Year Old Boy Tells Court Of How His Mum Asked Him To Poison His Father..

A 10-year-old boy on Monday told a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan that his mother asked him to put poison in his father’s food and bathing water.

In his testimony, the boy told the court that his mother gave him a nylon which contained some powdery substance which she instructed him to pour in his father’s food as well as his bathing water.

“After giving me the substance, my mother warned me never to tell my father or anyone about it.
“However, I love my father and I told him because I never wanted any bad thing to happen to him,” he said.

Adenike Ayodele, the mother of the boy, had petitioned the court to dissolve her 15-year-old marriage to her estranged husband, Adeshina, on grounds of irresponsibility and battery.

“At any slight opportunity, my husband beats me.
“For 14 years, Adeshina has not stopped beating me and the last one he did was the reason why I made up my mind to call it quits with him.

In his response, Adeshina consented to the petitioner’s request for termination of the marriage, but denied all the allegations leveled against him.

He described his wife as a selfish woman, and more so unfit to be a mother.
"My lord,when one of our children urgently needed a surgery to be performed on him, I gave Adenike the required money for the surgery, but she spent it on herself.

“I sent her to school to acquire NCE, but she told the school management that she is a widow which means that I am nothing to her.
“Worst of all, Adenike told our second child to put poison in my food and bathing water, but, the child revealed the secret to me.

The petitioner, who was unruly during the court’s proceedings, was asked by the President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade, to bring her parents to the court.

Odunade adjourned the case till Feb. 27 for judgment.

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  1. Replies
    1. E fit be sey she wan jazz am.

  2. Dey shld dissolve their union,I saw a lot at mapo local govt,wen I was serving there,so many domestic violence.

  3. Whatever this man has done to the woman, killing him is not an option. To think she sent their son to carry out the act. Sigh

  4. Wow is all I can say...why send a child such an evil errand to kill his own father.....she would be charged with attempted murder right?

  5. Bring her parents to court kee? Is she still a minor?

  6. I wonder the kind of heart some people get.

  7. So many unhappy marriages..why don't you exit if you feel the heat is too much...

    Why resort to turn the son against the father?

  8. I remember this scenario in my younger days. Mumsy used to give me something to put in popsy food. But in my case it wasn't to kill but to make him love his family as she claimed..
    Then in my primary school days, they used to fight alot and popsy did not eat in the house. But if I told him i cooked the food he will eat even if it was her that cooked it. She will tell me to tell him I cooked it, then lined the food with some substances.

    Mehmmmmm!!! when I remember those things I hate my mother now. When I told her all the wicked things she used to do she denied. What do you expect?

    Now she expect us the children to love her and be there for her after seeing all the wicked things she used to do till popsy passed on. I am even so scared to allow mumsy into my home cos she may do something to turn my husband's heart to her.
    She is such a scheamer.

    Don't forget the seed you sow in the past. It will come back to hunt you. I give mumsy a long spoon.

    1. Anon , your mother wanted her husband’s love and attention back, he was probably cheating on her, hence the regular fights. She didn’t do anything wrong, abeg!!! Unless there is something else you didn’t mention above.

    2. 11:27, God bless you!! Some people can be so brainwashed that they can’t see the facts for what they are in their own lives. Anon 10:05’s mum might not be an angel and might have some faults of her own but from what was commented, being an evil killer isn’t one of them. Nigerian men know how to drive women to do the unthinkable sometimes especially back in the day. That was actually the first scenario that came to my mind when I read this post. What if the wife was giving the son love portions so that her husband can love her and stop beating her but the boy thought it was poison? Who would have their child kill his own father? If at all she wanted him dead, she would have tried killing him herself

  9. Why didn’t she do it herself

  10. Na wa... O my not leave the marriage instead of committing murder

  11. Wicked woman/mother

  12. Happened to my brother-in-law and his wife, madam asked the daugher to put smt inside the dad's food and she refused, madam did it eventually and the girl saw her, when the dad came back, she ran to him and asked him not to eat the food, that the mum added smt to it, Oga called madam and asked her to taste the food, madam refused and wahala started, the funny thing is that they still live together till today.

    1. It might not have been poison cos I won’t continue to live with someone who just tried to poison me. They both know something they’re not letting you and the rest of the family know about.


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