Stella Dimoko Nigerian Man Who Fatally Stabbed Woman 116 Times Preached Motivational Messages On Facebook


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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Nigerian Man Who Fatally Stabbed Woman 116 Times Preached Motivational Messages On Facebook

A 31-year-old Nigerian man Kehinde Afolayan was charged with first-degree murder for the fatal stabbing of a 62-year-old woman in South Milwaukee.
The reports say he stabbed her 116 times ranging from her chest to her hands.

According to a criminal complaint, officers responded to the scene near Clark and 5th Avenue to find the woman breathing but motionless and covered in blood in her wheelchair. The victim died just before being transported to the hospital.

A responding officer said that while he was awaiting medical personnel to arrive, he saw Kehinde Afolayan leaving the upper floor of the apartment with a bloodied shirt in hand. Witnesses identified the man as the suspect.

One witness said he saw through a window the man stabbing the woman, and recognized him as someone that been getting the victim's mail, says the criminal complaint.

Afolayan had been living with the victim since October, said one of the woman's children.

Police say Afolayan was not communicative during an attempted interview, but uttered statements such as "Jesus forgives me."

I did some online investigations on his facebook page Kehind.S.Afolayan and found out that His wall is full of preachings and motivational messages from the Bible and Same day he committed the crime he preached these words on facebook

''I thank you all for the great things you are achieving already. You are all blessed beyond measures. Let the sick be healed forever. Let the poor and needy be blessed beyond their imaginations. Ask for want you want and you will be given without questioning. Your hearts are pure now. You will all live in abundance, now and forever. You are all equal in greatness, now and forever. Let the heavens rejoice and earth praise the Lord for his kindness and love''.

A day before he posted...

''No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. - Nelson Mandela

Let peace, love and freedom reign 😁''

This Brother looked so normal and looked like he had a happy life......Oh dear!!!


  1. Replies
    1. But how can she be stabbed 116 times.. How is that even possible.. I started demonstrating with my hand and got tired...Only God how it happened.. Such a horrible news

  2. Wetin concern religious belief and personal charcater?

    1. Nothing! That's just what people fail to understand. Emulate Christ's traits, they won't.
      Na to dey quote scriptures up and down them sabi.

      Religious fanatics!

  3. Is this where the word,tripolar comes in?

  4. Kehinde's case is a clear example of village people. Most of us take it as a joke but it is real. Kehinde was a happy and jovial man who worked with WEMA bank before securing his visa. He had no issues with his colleagues even at situations where he should be angry. He was so happy that he was leaving Nigeria for a better place. Now see what has happened. This case is a clear case of Village People Syndrome, VPS.

    1. Which stupid village people?

      You lot are your own village people.

      I repeat it should be MANDATORY to undergo a psychiatry test BEFORE assuming a new job and a regular one EVERY six months.

      Too many people are mad and more are roaming.
      Too many people are a second from snapping completely.

    2. Yaba left escapee19 January 2019 at 10:46

      Have you watched a fish taken from a fresh water and put in salt water? Their behavioural pattern changes... leave village people abeg.

    3. I found on his social media when I skimmed through it - don't know if it was his blog, Facebook or Twitter - that he did mention dealing with depression several years ago.

      I also thought he could be a different person than the one who killed the woman, because none of his blog/twitter/Facebook posts had mention of or pictures labeled as being in Milwaukee. There's pictures of him in Boston in the last 2 months and also in the Southern U.S., but none labeled as being in Milwaukee nor any mention about the woman and her son he was living with.

      One neighbor in the apartment said they had never seen him before while another said he'd seen him getting in mail from the mailbox.

  5. I guess he snapped. Life na wa.

  6. This reminds of the comment made some days back about the need for psychological evaluation on employees!

    Emotional intelligence and mind mastery is also a necessity for everyone to avoid these kind of stories.

    Logic over emotions!

  7. No matter what u all say I stand to be is spiritual....may or may not be ordinary

  8. Wonders!
    Rip to the woman

    Pls vote for our beloved Stella to win the African female bloggers award 2019 . Let's make her win.
    Use this link

  9. Even offa bank robbery leader, Ayo is always posting prayers and inspirational posts on Facebook, the heart of man is deep

  10. Religion has killed more people than all the world wars combined. Religious fanatism is a mental illness which is why a Nigerian will be shouting Jesus! And at the same time plotting to destroy people's lives.

  11. I know this dude much more than you guys think. He used to be a very calm and happy guy in those days he was working with Afeezco films international. I really don't understand what led him to perpetuate this evil act. May God help us.

  12. I know this dude much more than you guys think. He used to be a very calm and happy guy in those days he was working with Afeezco films international. I really don't understand what led him to perpetuate this evil act. May God help us.

  13. Mental illness. Schizophrenia. No doubt some voices have commanded him to kill the woman.

  14. This seems like a case of immigration marriage scam gone bad considering the age gap. Folks, visitor visa or B1/B2 is no longer easy to convert to green card in these Trump days. He may have arranged something with her because forensic experts will describe 116 stabbings as one that involves "passion". A visitor visa is just that for now in the US. Be ready to go home unless you have another and better plan. AT 20 below freezing right now in some parts of America,not being able to get papers to work and pay heating can turn an otherwise normal person crazy. Just my opinion.


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