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Friday, February 22, 2019

Nigerian History

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  1. These here are the real slay queens.
    The one that has her purse to her face has very beautiful pair of legs.
    And to think the owner of that 'beetle' would be a slay king...choi. Uwa

  2. Clean environs.
    Sane, well covered, natural, beautiful, real (not fake, not bleached) women.

    Women in Lagos today are looking like chekeleke. Hardly distinguishable from naked, fake mannequins.

  3. Then slay queens lolzzz. Won't be surprised if those ladies up there are still alive.

  4. Lols. Awon slay queens of their time
    See the Range Rovers of those days at the background

  5. Na their legs I see.
    Sexy ladies, descently clad.

    These days, embarrassingly naked wild things.

    1. Welcome, na for holiday and weekend we dey see you . Happy election @Blessed Princess

    2. Afi descently
      To think you were shading some people on SP this morning for wrong spellings.
      Professor Madam vertue

    3. Anony 12:24 ... let me school you a lil.
      Descently CLAD means from the gear on their head, 'down' to the clothe on their knees. None wore anything long.
      In local parlance, we say "dem set die from head down to their toe". Downward.
      The word there is clad.

      If you're talking of DECENCY. Yes, they are "decently dressed".
      Know the difference between clad and dressed.

      And please stop being scared of the Vertu, use your blog ID.

      You can correct and move on then go suck on a bottle of chilled Fanta.

      Blessed Princess... thanks. Not easy I no lie, some days I nearly crash with my work clothes on.

      Bathory... sexy hot legs.

    4. XP this your reply no make am at all... Just admit that you spelt 'decently' wrong and move on

  6. See them slay queens back then.hehehehe

  7. Slaying no be today it startooooo. @Blessed Princess

  8. No be today woman and shakara start oooo, see person grandma and great grandma. Hot legs,Okpa oku,ese gbigbona Lol

  9. The real slay queens and pepper them gang.

  10. these women go don old well well o. they will be in their 60'-70' now. you hardly find them wearing long dresses.

  11. If your Grandma is the one wearing white gown and white shoe, please help me tell her she is hot!

  12. See clean looking hot babes 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Obalende back in the days, see that police building 4 background


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