Stella Dimoko Presidential Candidate Sowore Says Prof. Soyinka Has Refused To Endorse Him...


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Monday, February 04, 2019

Presidential Candidate Sowore Says Prof. Soyinka Has Refused To Endorse Him...

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, AAC, Omoyele Sowore, has revealed that frontline playwright, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has refused to endorse him.

Sowore, who is among the candidates hoping to win the February 16 presidential election, revealed this in a post on Instagram on Sunday.

Sowore, who had earlier vowed never to step down for anyone, remains steadfast that he would be sworn in as Nigeria’s President come May 29.

Sowore wrote on Instagram, “Prof. Wole Soyinka has expressed to me in private his decision to back a different candidate.

“We should therefore not be surprised should he choose to announce this.

“While I might disagree with his decision, I have great respect for the Nobel Laureate and urge ‘TakeItBackers’ to accord him the utmost respect at all times.”


  1. As if his endorsement will give you victory. You should be hoping for an appointment from Atiku Mr Sowore.

  2. Whatever. I don't think this guy is ripe yet, IMO, he talks too much and he isn't humble.

    1. What does been humble have to do with been ripe...He is a young man with sound mind and can lead this until he turns 76 like Buhari before he is ripe or you prefer to vote politicians who go and plants women's hair at the saloon to humble...pls this guy is worth it any day anytime,who humble epp?


    2. For People like me humility matters a lot , it should go a long way in the day - to- day activities of people. Though we can only give what we have.

    3. Being ripe has nothing to do with age.
      Making hair in Salons or frying ' akara' by the roadside has nothing to do with humility.
      Good mannerism matters to people like me so much.

  3. His endorsement wouldn't make a difference at this moment

    I love the not too young to vote but Sowore's campaign team didn't do enough.

    No publicized campaign, rarely in the this news and all that

    Wish him the best

  4. He is rooting for Buhari because Tinubu Instructed him to do so

  5. With ur role in 2015 Election? Some of us have not forgotten too soon.

  6. Oga, even your family members won't vote you. You think it's 2015? We saw through y'all this year

  7. On what basis should Soyinka endorse Sowore? Tribe? Maybe Soyinka didn't like what Sowore is selling. Maybe Soyinka doesn't like Sowore as a person. So, why should he endorse him? He should please return to his Sahara brand or whatever he does to make money, and sit down. Sowore will NEVER become president of this nation - if he likes, he should rig, speak big grammar, play the victim, look for endorsements like a desperate Big Brother contestant. It was not happen. God will not do such a terrible thing to Nigeria.

    I'm not Yoruba but when I read of how he treated the Ooni (who is apparently one of the most respected Yoruba traditional leaders and public figures) in his own palace, I realised Sowore had to be what the Yorubas call an omo ale. If they had turned him into a goat, wouldn't it have been obvious to everyone what he really is? If he could treat his own traditional ruler that way in the traditional ruler's own domain, when he actually went there to ask the traditional ruler for an endorsement, there's no telling what Sowore will do in a position of leadership. He has the heart of Eliab, not David. Power-hungry, arrogant f**l.

    Now, he's forming victim - what was his real motive for making the announcement about Soyinka, especially as a) it's not compulsory, and b) nobody asked him? To stoke flames and make his followers troll Soyinka. Horrid man forming "saviour of the masses". He should please take his slimy, trifling, disrespectful self back to wherever he crawled out from.

    1. Ooni kept him waiting for 3 whole hours despite having invited him. I could have made 30 pounds in the time he was waiting. Ooni was a banker. Should know better. I m in full support of yele

    2. hnnm if its true the Oni did that then that was wrong of him. maybe he was just sending a subtle message. Africans and supporting traditions like mumu. so sowore cannot express his displeasure cos Oni na god abi? anyway dia cup of zobo

    3. Anon 12:16 it's how he expressed his displeasure that's the problem. I don't know how long he waited. I assume that the comments about how long he waited, came from Sowore himself. A man that is not exactly known for telling the truth. This is a very honest question - why didn't he leave? If he was kept waiting so long AND nobody was giving him feedback as time was going, that was rude. So, why did he wait?

      The problem with many of you is that you think Caucasians are your gods. You'll stupidly bend over backwards and do more for them (even when you have to sell your soul) than the traditional rulers you denigrate. Yet, you want a favour from the traditional rulers. I'm not Yoruba but the Ooni is not the mate of an average Yoruba person. Take it or leave it. But as they're supposedly not important, why not ignore them? Why bother going to them - whether they call you or not? Go to Buckingham Palace and behave how you like, so they can teach you that they too have traditions. And that for all the talk of equality, some fingers are and will always be longer than others! As Sowore is an "enlightened oyibo man in African skin",he should go and source for support from his superior kind. The Soyinka he's whining about is African, why did he go to him?

    4. Anon 10:37 Sowore said he was kept waiting for 3hrs. I agree that is brutal. I'd like to think that if someone came to my office, they wouldn't be kept waiting for 3hrs without being given feedback or an option to re-schedule, particularly if it was someone I actually wanted to see.

      However, here are some things a lot of you aren't aware of:
      1) A monarch isn't a law unto himself or herself. There are things you can do as a civilian that you can't do as a working royal. A Nigerian monarch cannot refuse to see a person. You can put them off, you can stall. But you just can't come out and say you will not see someone. It is not done. Particularly your subject; that's like your father openly refusing to see you.
      2) In a video I watched, Sowore said he had been trying to see the Ooni for some months. That in itself is already a red flag. Monarchs are kept busy but it's not supposed to take months to see them; not in the way Sowore was making it sound. It was like nobody was even willing to put him in the diary.
      3) When your own monarch doesn't want to see you, it's a hint that a clever person should take. Sowore was seen by monarchs of other places cos them saying no would be interpreted as an insult to the Ooni cos Sowore is Yoruba. Monarchs don't go about insulting each other
      4) Sowore said he was upset so he wouldn't prostrate. Lol. Then, when he did, his chest didn't touch the ground. When an oyibo man wants to marry a Yoruba girl, his chest touches the ground. When Davido took Chioma - an Igbo girl - to the Ooni's palace, he prostrated fully. And Chioma who isn't a Yoruba girl, knelt before the Ooni. Something I'm sure she doesn't do for her own father cos Igbo women aren't raised to kneel to greet. Sowore that's Yoruba and wasn't born abroad, said he was upset, so he wouldn't prostrate. And that's the first thing he said. There are pictures of Theresa May genuflecting before Prince William, who isn't a king or even the next in line to the throne.

      Some problems we cause for ourselves, are very unnecessary. I laugh at Sowore in my husband's native dialect.

  8. Sowore or whatever your name is...please stop deceiving yourself. You can't rule this country because you are not an honest person. You don't even know how to talk. Learn first!

  9. I love the fact that Karma knows every one's address. The money he made in 2015 from Propaganda & lies is what he's spending & still forming not corrupt. If he wins any position in govt, na false accusations him go heap on top oppositions or person wey him no like. Even if we dey sleep, no be u abeg.


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