Stella Dimoko Charly Boy Denies Collecting Money He Said He Collected From Buhari Presidential Campaign


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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Charly Boy Denies Collecting Money He Said He Collected From Buhari Presidential Campaign

Charles Oputa A.k.a Charly Boy,the convener of “OurMumuDonDo” Movement, has contradicted his earlier statement that he received millions of naira from President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign team.

Charly Boy in an interview with Oak TV on Tuesday said he could not have used the song where he abused the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to get money from Mr Keyamo.

Mr Oputa was accused by the co-convener of the movement, Deji Adeyanju, that while he was in prison for 78 days, the APC through Mr Keyamo gave Charly Boy money.

Days after the allegation, Charly Boy publicly stated that he received at least N100 million from Buhari campaign as payment for his politically-charged music video that attacked PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar and the APC.

Hours after Charly Boy admitted that he got cash from Mr Buhari’s campaign, Mr Keyamo denied ever paying any money for any song from Charly boy

However, on Tuesday, Charly Boy made a U-turn, saying: “For someone to believe that I collected money in nine digits from a politician for a video clip is laughable, because even if I am Davido or Wizkid, who will pay me such amount.

“Some persons are bent on denting the brand that I have built over the years, but I am not deterred because the struggle for a better Nigeria must continue, and my mouth cannot be shut.”

Charly Boy said he admitted to collecting the money earlier “to play along and understand if Mr Adeyanju, the person who he called son will believe the rumours”.

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  1. Charlie boy is a monumental disgrace. Yeye old man, so the reason he was shouting upandan was for an exchange of nine figures? Your mumu just dey start for old age oponu

    1. Sarcasm; thats what his first admitance was. I for ne thought of it but faced my front. Buhari go give u money as an easthener to sinh for him? Then the person will now come out and openly admit it? A Nigerian? Wey nobody pointam gun?. Then the person of all ppl will now be Charlie boy?
      I knew it would be either Sarcasm or propaganda to tarnish Buhari's holier than thou image.

    2. Charlie, Charlie our mumu don do

  2. Charlyman, your mumu don do naa, u havr gotten what you want. Enjoy

  3. So as the respected head of "our mumu don do" he had time to play mind games abi?
    Charlie, do you think we all wear diapers? Las,las, everyone has a PRI CE.

  4. Speaking from both side of the mouth. Oga go and sit down one place please. You disappointed and disgraced us your people.

    You betrayed the trust and confidence entrusted on you. How do we know you are saying the truth now? Credibility lost is very hard to regain.

  5. Charly boy you messed up. Own it!!

  6. We are not interested.
    The more this mumu comes online/in the news, the more he exposes himself to mumuism.

  7. i feel he is saying thr truth.keyamo said he gave no one money.and charly confirmed so too.
    deji knew he flopped.
    truth is truth.charly took no money.sometimes in life you get to test people to know how they think and react.last last,charly no send.everybody go dey alright under buhari regime.election time is over! but if you decide to wail are we should be talking about holding our leaders accountable on their campaign all leaders because nigeria is our own.atiku and saraki should start from their communities and start implementing their lets get nigeria working again document so growth can start fr their and other states can take follow as well.not a must you must be a leader before you serve your people.start now.sp your good works can campaign for you come 2023.
    obi should start implementing his economy policies in anambra and work with obiano.all those talked about china and this,he should start now too.buharo should continue in his policies same as osibanjo.that way nigeria go better..and to all aspuring politicians for 2023 like myself..let the wprk start voluntary work for your peoplw now.and start that grass root support base now.the time os now.

    1. You must be using puffing browser, so many typos on your comment.

    2. If you ask a thief in the village square if he stole...will he day yes. Ofcourse not

      There goes your answer

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. whom do we believe now?
    Was money given?
    Was money collected?
    If you ask me?
    Naa who i go ask?

  11. Dem don send am to change the story...Charlie our triple mumu square don do


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