Stella Dimoko Comedian Alibaba Advises Against Online Begging


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Monday, March 18, 2019

Comedian Alibaba Advises Against Online Begging

Comedian Alibaba Has expressed his opinion on online begging which is currently flooding the social media space in Nigeria.

Na wah,all this long writeup on top begging?Bros them no dey waste time read this oh....ake it short and they will read.....
This na work of Motivational speaker nah bro,you be Comedian!!!..LOL


  1. I believe if you can afford data to visit social media ( especially data- sapping instagram app) then you have more than enough money to eat. It is just misplaced priorities and laziness that make people beg on social media.

  2. Replies
    1. Sit your fake ass down Ali Baba. Coming from a man that abandoned Mary her baby Mama for the the former head of DSTV - the lady from Trinidad and Tobago Priscilla, and left her when she didn't have a good post for Mary when she got a good job? A real Gigolo

    2. No begging talk wey him yarn good. But he should stop playing saint as we all remember how he dumped mummymary and followed Patricia Leon who was an mtn big shot...she got him contracts and all...then dumped her when she was downšŸ™„šŸ™„

    3. At Anon 16.45. Exactly. He need to STFU

  3. People should be careful of their utterances. Ali baba, you may be a beggar tomorrow.
    You may not even see phone or internet to be able to beg online. If you can't help "their laziness",
    keep quiet and waka pass. E no difficult.

    1. Why will he keep quite. So people solely open Facebook or Instagram for begging.

      Look at Stella blog that is what a lot did

    2. Pleaseeeeee... Enough with nobody knows tomorrow. if you can afford to buy data and log on to Instagram to beg, then something is wrong somewhere. What Alibaba said up there is nothing but the bitter truth. Use those money you spend on Instagram data and start something no matter how small biko.

    3. But Anon 14:14, some ppl have used their last five dollars to buy a lottery ticket that changed their life. You would have told them to hold on to it and buy food or water instead of taking a chance on a lottery that the odds are stacked against them in winning. Having data means nothing if you can take a chance to reach out to someone rich and hope your call is answered and your life changed. Ppl are casting their nets hoping for the best.

    4. Oh puhlease, lottery has destroyed many lives. You know why? Cos when that amount of money gets into the hands of someone who is unprepared for it, it becomes a destructive tool. Give dangote, zuckerberg a billion dollars, they know what to do with it. It will yield interest in their hands. Give same amount to an unintelligent person with no plans and no business proposal and it will ruin him. Google what becomes of most lottery winners. If you weren't happy before the lottery, you will not be happy after the lottery.

  4. Instead of lashing out at the beggars ask for the spirit of discernment so you can see who truly needs help and who don't. Not every social media beggar is lazy or a liar. Desperate times desperate measures. It may be annoying af, but lashing out is not going to stop it anymore than it will stop all the other advertisers/marketers, flat tummy tea sellers, and the myriad of other ppl that flood your page promoting some useless thing.

  5. Rubbish! You think it is easy to beg? How many rich people do you see begging, who said beggars are just lazy some are very hard working but happen to find their selves in a situation they can not help. Most people that are rich today once begged yesterday and vice versa . Ali Baba face your front you might beg tomorrow

  6. I laugh when someone come with the line of ' don't know tomorrow' yen yen yen
    The funny this is that,they don't beg to invest in any business o,or start up a business in which they will keep the cheerful giver updated,but they beg for money to eat.
    For how long?
    Because you will eat everyday.
    They don't go to one person's page o,they roam around.
    Some even, beg with threat on top!#smh
    So,Alibaba I'm with you on this.

    Even If you want to beg,beg and use it to generate more fund.

  7. Me I like hustling.nothing satisfies me like getting a credit alert. I need break through account to manage o!. Marketing na Bastard.

  8. Na to hustle to the top sure pass
    I wasn't born with a silver spoon but my kids must be
    I left home 4am this morning.... Alert gives me Joy

  9. To me begging is not a crime, but entitlement is the worst. Nobody owes you nothing, except your parents and after 18, they really owe you nothing. Offer a job or value and see people pay for it. Beg and they give you coins which is really unsustainable. Get educated, have a strong network of friends, be a friend as well. Up to you to choose the life you want.


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