Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 254


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Monday, March 25, 2019

Labour Room Drama 254

This was not Planned!!!

Dear Stella,

I recently had my son and I have been wanting to share the details of the pregnancy and delivery. So here it goes...

This is going to be quite long so get some popcorn and coke.

My pregnancy was unplanned, I was not trying for a baby and surely didn't expect to get pregnant so easily. My situation was exactly the most ideal ; I was in my final year in my Masters program in Germany, and my partner lives in the UK. 

I still had to live in Germany for most of my pregnancy because I was going for lectures. The pregnancy was smooth, I tried to enjoy it as much as I could. In my 7th month my employer (I'm a student but also work part-time) stopped me from working because according to German regulations, my job was not conducive for pregnancy. ( I was working at the cash register at a fast food restaurant). That meant I was still getting paid without having to work.

 Apart from lectures, I spent most of my time sleeping, meeting out with friends and eating out at restaurants and getting fat.

At my 36th week, I flew to London to prepare for my delivery. Exactly on my due date, (40 weeks) I started to contract around 3am. Being my first-time pregnancy, I wasn't sure if I was truly contracting or not, so I just downplayed the pains. Later in the day, during a scheduled appointment with my midwife, I was called in by the hospital to come in and be induced. (This was due to a little problem in baby's growth noticed 2 days prior). I immediately went back home with my partner and Mother in law, very excited that finally, I was going to deliver my baby. We got the hospital bags and all necessary items and off we went to the hospital.

We got there around 2 pm and I was asked to lay down and they started to monitor the baby's heartbeat. My contractions had intensified and I was contracting twice every 10 minutes. Since my pregnancy was low risk, I initially wanted to deliver naturally at the birth centre with just midwives but that was not to be. At some point, they noticed the baby's heartbeat was reducing, so the midwife pressed the emergency button. Suddenly, there were about 7 midwives surrounding me, and they immediately took me downstairs to the labour ward. 

Mind you, the labour ward is where you have the doctors and assisted delivery in the form of surgery, forceps etc are more common. Around 10pm, a doctor came in to monitor me. He went down there and said I was 4 cm dilated and said I had done well. He broke my waters and I felt a warm gush of fluid flow down me. It was such a nice feeling. (lol)

After my water was broken, I was offered different pain relief by the midwife supervising me. I opted for 'gas and air'. The 'gas and air' was so've ever been high (from weed or alcohol), that was how I felt. It numbed the pain a little but of course I could still feel the pains from the contractions. During my contractions, I would scream and hold onto my husband very tightly.

After a few hours of very painful and more regular contractions, my midwife informed me I was now 6cm dilated. She offered more pain relief options, including Epidural. I had decided not to take Epidural but the midwife had earlier inserted her hands inside me and said my baby was back-to-back. She said back-to-back delivery was very very painful and that if I didn't take the Epidural now it would be too late to administer it. At the mention of back-to-back, I quickly requested for Epidural because I had already researched about it. 

There is no award for enduring (Back-to-back is when the baby's back is facing your back, and that position was not the best for your pelvic area). Within minutes, the anestheologist came in and administered the epidural. It was quite scary because I was told to be very still and the process lasted about 20 minutes. Whenever my contractions started, I alert her, and she would stop the injections till my contractions had ended.

After the Epidural, it was noticed again that my baby's heartbeat was decreasing, the emergency button was pressed and in came all the doctors, nurses and midwives rushing in. The doctor offered to take a sample of blood from my baby's head so they can analyse if he was getting enough oxygen.

They scraped the blood from his head using a long thin needle. After 5 minutes they came back and said the test was inconclusive, so another option was an emergency CS. At that point I wanted the baby out of me, so I agreed to have the CS. It was 5:20 am and I had been in labour since 3am the previous day. I was exhausted to say the least. I was wheeled to the theatre almost immediately. Unfortunately, my CS was performed under General Anaesthesia because the drugs for my Partial Anaesthesia didn't set in quickly and the surgeons' couldn't wait.

 As a result, my partner was asked to leave the theather and I was put to sleep. I woke up in the recovery ward, feeling very drowsy. I saw my husband and my mother in law and the first thing I asked for was my baby. My husband handed me the most beautiful baby boy ever and I couldn't believe we had created a full precious human being.

After a few minutes, the sedation was beginning to wear off and the pain that hit me was worse than all the labour pains I experienced. Thankfully I had a catheter and I didn't have to get up to pee. After 12 hours, however, I was asked to walk around (assisted by the midwives) because they said my recovery would be quicker if i started to move. The pain was so much it felt like my legs had been cut off. In fact, that walk felt like i was learning how to walk all over again. Alot more happened but if I continue to type, my labour room chronicle would need to be published in different parts. Lol

Anyway, after 5 days, I was discharged from the hospital (this was because i got an infection from the surgery). Its now 6 weeks and I'm getting used to motherhood. Its a complex experience filled with different emotions but most importantly what i feel for my child is the biggest love. I can now also relate to all mothers and appreciate mothers more.

Thanks for reading

*Eh that pain with CS eh,I just remembered it again and will never even wish on anyone I dont like!!!
Congrats on your pitter patter of tiny feet!...Motherhood rocks huh?


  1. Congrats poster.
    I had both kids vaginally, but I have not gotten over the birth of the 2nd.
    She's 17 months old and I still feel traumatized.

    1. Me too o... Two kids vaginally and I haven't gotten over the pains of the last child. He's 6 months and 1week.

    2. I feel you my darling, I can't even get over then pains for the 2 of my kids bibikoboth first and second especially first ,so I have decided to close shop .Economy is not helping too.Eish!!!

    3. My last baby is 10yrs now and the pain is still there on one leg, he weighed 4.2kg and my virginal was tight, infact I am still dragging the leg oo, it is well, the love for them covers all the pain

    4. What mothers go through. It is well with you madam, seeing the kids gives joy. I pray God blesses me too with my own kids.

    5. Anony 18:16, he will surely do it for you. It is well.

  2. Congratulations! It's worth the pain in the end is all we are thankful for. Kisses to the prince.

  3. Congratulations, kisses to the baby boy

  4. Pleasant surprises25 March 2019 at 12:42

    Thank You God .congrats on your bundle of joy.women, we rock!

  5. congrats dearie. CS was the best decision I made when I was in the Labour ward. I laboured for more than 24hrs and didnt dilate beyond 7cm. May our labour not be in vain....Amen

  6. Congratulations to your family. May God preserve the Baby.

  7. God please oo, I pray for an easy delivery as I lekpa with small nyash like this.

    1. Your comment is funny. Wetin concern your nyash with labour

  8. Congratulations to you,hubby and you young Prince.
    Motherhood rocks
    The joy of motherhood knows no bounds
    More blessings and joys to you and your family.
    To every woman in-waiting,Your time has come and it is here.Have Faith

  9. I had CS and i dint feel this pain oh, infact the pain i felt during labor cannot be compared. I will opt for a Cs again compared to vaginal birth mbok.

  10. Congratulations . CS was the best decision I took , My baby stayed for eleven months without any sign. There was no dilation even with the labour inducement. My hubby was there shouting I should wait and deliver like Hebrew women, I sneaked back to the hospital signed all the papers my self during the midnight the CS was performed and the baby came out with the body even peeling, My husband later came with his family blaming me for taking such decision, I no send oo, If you see the boy now, so handsome and intelligent.

    1. 😆😆I just had to laugh... Anon you are funny ... Congrats on your lovely baby...

    2. Haaa wow😁😁😁😁 that's a very smart thing to do

    3. Thank God for you. Anonymous 14:11.
      One woman died from a similar situation.
      Post date no sign of labour and her mother in law told her to wait it out till the baby died and decomposed in the woman's womb.
      I thank God for you.

  11. Congrats poster... That CS is something else though, but its nothing compared to holding your little one... God bless all mothers..

  12. congrats on ypur bundle of joy. motherhood rocks

  13. Enter your comment...congrats Poster


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