Stella Dimoko Controversial Life Pension Approved For Bayelsa Assembly Members


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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Controversial Life Pension Approved For Bayelsa Assembly Members

The Bayelsa State House of Assembly Wednesday approved monthly pensions for life for all present and past members of the assembly.

The controversial bill sponsored by the leader of the House, Peter Akpe, which was passed on the floor of the House, approved N500, 000 post service monthly pension to the speakers of the assembly, while deputy speakers will receive N200, 000 and members will get N100, 000.

The bill specifically provided that former lawmakers including persons of Bayelsa origin, who served in the old Rivers State, would enjoy life pensions for their services in the state as applicable to former presidents, vice-presidents, governors and deputy governors across the country.

To qualify for the speakership pension of N500, 000 monthly, the official must have served for two years and above.

It remains unclear whether Governor Seriake Dickson will sign the bill.
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  1. See them after you say Buhari is the problem of Nigeria. Wicked people.

    You serve for 2years and that automatically right to 500,000 as speaker. Please what are you speaking. Rubbish!!

    We have pensioners in Nigeria who after for 30years never have access to the meagre monies paid them. Now you guys want salary for life after stealing what is meant for the masses. Thunder!!!


    1. Chai... !!!
      My father served the Nigerian Army for 27 years, fought the civil war, retired as a staff sergeant and his pension right now is 52k. God are you seeing this?

  2. With all the take home na this one remain when there are pple out there suffering to buy garri #100....kwantinue

  3. Replies
    1. It is beyond ridiculous! The person sponsoring this bill must be a lunatic! For a State with close to zero IGR? Yes there are some oil companies operating there, but the presence is hardly felt because the State is totally dependent of Federal allocation.
      The Governor would be crazy to even consider this let alone put pen to paper...

  4. Imagine this kind bill @ bee10. Civil servants dat does the bulk of the state work nko? Infact they should share their allocation and IGR themselves na. Selfish people

  5. I hope for the sake of the masses that Dickson doesn’t sign this bill into Law. This is ridiculous!! There is absolutely nothing to show for since this state was created. Pensioners are owed a lot of money and civil servants remain unpaid. Why do they want to milk every dime away on themselves?? We are our biggest problem in this country.. Imagine these crooked politicians.. Furu otu..

  6. Bayelsa!
    I served in this state between 2015-2016 and seriously, the people are still suffering. They have 8 L.G. A's and 5 out of the 8 are across water. Most places are not accessible by road only through water. Why not use these monies and build bridges?

    What of their citizens esp the youths? These guys don't even like attending schools, the ones that come are not serious at all. Let's not even go into the high level of teenage pregnancies. It's almost a norm for all the young girls to have had 1 or 2 kids at home and when u try to advice them they send their agbero boy friends to come and warn u or even beat u up in the copers lodge. I remembered one of the NYSC officials advicing us never to try talk them out of their behavior as they will see u as an enemy and try to hurt u.

    So these selfish leaders should have channeled these monies into helping change the orientation and mindset of their youths, build more bridges( as they will attract more investment by that), construct new and maintain existing class rooms( my PPA was a secondary school so I know what I'm saying) and please build more housing as the level of people living in 'Batcher' and shanties where much more than I have seen anywhere else.

    God help Bayelsa state.

  7. God please punish them all.

  8. This is so ridiculous.

    Imagine, collecting ing salary for life, Maybe they don too watch diamond bank advert about salary for life

  9. This is so greedy of them, Bayelsa is so underdeveloped and backward. They should use the money to develop the state first. Rainy season is fast approaching and most of the inhabitants will be rendered homeless again. The speakers are thinking of siphoning the state fund through monthly pension, this will be so inhuman

  10. Nigerians will not protest this
    It is unnecessary arguments on the web


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