Stella Dimoko Crooner Davido's Girlfriend Chioma Rowland Say She Has Quit Drinking


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Monday, April 01, 2019

Crooner Davido's Girlfriend Chioma Rowland Say She Has Quit Drinking

Singer Davido's wife Chioma has made a decision......

Never drinking what again?Water or Juice falls into this


  1. Abeg make una no dey call this girl wife again. No persin don pay dowry for her head. She just dey live with a Baby papa x2 dey collect fork.
    No be persin born am so? Wetin Naija girls go do for money taya me.
    And this one she dey talk say she no dey shak again, she fit dey take style tell una say she don chop belleful. Na siddon look I dey so. 😎

    Men wey get balls for don marry her, no be to dey play music carry her name put there.
    Fan no go see this one yarn o. She don join dey call the man ogo. Aru!
    Na for which part of Igboland dem go call persin ogo wey no carry wine come pay dowry?🤢😯

    1. your personal problem....ahe is davido's wife...kill yourself

    2. @18:02
      Chai, na so you dey pray make I kill myself?
      You see wetin you write (out of anger)?
      ahe is ...
      Na who come be ahe na? 😊
      Liver no gree you write SHE because you sabi say she is not (and fit no be).

    3. AGN you no be Chioma papa,you no be her brother so how you take know say Ezigbo ogo never pay her dowry? You don see say you na ogbonge pharisee

    4. Ehnn! Him never pay, no be say him no go pay ooo, una go just dey disturb Davido up & down.

    5. @Fan
      I go yarn you how I take know.
      How you sef take know say them don pay dowry; you be her papa, you be her mama?
      If na ya sister and if na a civil servant for Nyanya secondary school she vamoose go im house dey live
      you go come here dey yarn this ya utaba?
      I know say them never pay shishi because anything wey them dey do them dey yarn am for social mmebi.
      You no see say yesterday he buy her watch, today, she tell us say she no dey shak again. Tomorrow, she fit
      tell us say she don dey vomit for early morning.
      I see say them don bully you sote, you don throway ya whip come dey hail side chickens. 😂😂😂😂😂

    6. Abeg na women dey pay DOWRY for man head like INDIANS while men dey pay BRIDE PRICE for women head.

    7. Annon 18:55, this issue dey pepper you for body like this? Chei! Why u carry Chioma and Davido matter for head like this? The way I see it, if he continues to call her his wife and vice versa, u might jump into lagoon oh! Face your front and shove ur opinion up your rectrum. Chioma no send you and your entire ancestors and likewise Davido!

    8. Dem no fit. Chioma no be side chicken na..
      Davido is a responsible hard working young man so I'm so proud of him. Anya furu ugo ja ya nma because,adiro afu ugo ever day

    9. Hahahahahaha..... una doh😂😂😂😁😀

    10. @Mao Akuh
      Thanks for correcting my yarns. Na wetin I talk say all of us dey learn this thing called Oyinbo. Na today I learn that one o. I just google am confirm. I been dey think say all of them na same mama born them. Thanks.

      A very blessed man; a noble man paid bride price on my smooth nyansh and na im get am legitimately (pounding wise).
      Why little little pikin them go dey "pepper me?"
      I no dey go social mmebi, na only SDK blog I get time for news/events inugo?
      So na here I dey see all of them o. Sdk blog am because she need my/our opinions make my Naija girls no dey see wetin
      these people dey do dey kopu. I don yarn my own (no insult), yarn ya own, and make you no insult inugo? 😜😜

    11. @Fan
      Active (Pharisee) dodger, you see as you take style dodge my questions?
      You been dey there as her sister when them pay bride price?
      All your hype is for the money and not the morals at all. Tushuekwa!

    12. Live d girl alone plzzzzzz!!!! I smell beef in d air. Its her life and her Pusey. Get a life broke ass bitches and niggas. And I go publish d mata for case,u make a man misbehave.... D work of a gud down chi baby...

  2. Chioma, my lover. 👌👌. This ain't even News worthy but it's our wife..she gets a pass.

  3. Belle don enter?
    Or you drink the one that disgrace you?.

    Everybody vow to quit drinking after some bad experience, but later go back after they have forgotten that same experience.

  4. Never drinking david's urine and sperm again she meant

  5. She trying to get knocked up or trying to instigate pregnancy rumor

  6. Maybe she over drank out of excitement of getting together with hubby again. It probably made her sick, hence d emojis that followed her statement. She knock plenty, hangover is a bitch!

  7. Chioma is pregnant...take it from a real source

  8. No she is not pregnant but went under d knife ,boobs enhancement abi na Lipo join thats y she has bin away for sometime

  9. PLS ohhh am just asking for my neighbor R her parent alive niiii because some things just can’t mk me understand parents of these days look at Regina boldly flaunting car property n her parent abi na mother just smiles like they don’t have a bible in there house..hmmmmmm let me just close my mouth before they call me old fashioned

    1. My sister the matter tire me

    2. she get na, but youknow how some girlshave no fear of parents again..silly girl, make she dey follow davido upandan till she wakes up oneday and realise time has passed her by

  10. A word is enough for the wise.


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