Stella Dimoko Boyfriend Of Lady Who Ended Her Life Over Their Disagreement Explains What Happened


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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Boyfriend Of Lady Who Ended Her Life Over Their Disagreement Explains What Happened

 OH DEAR!!!.....Kenile Nwabuzor,a lady resident in Lagos,has killed herself following disagreements with her boyfriend David.

It was gathered that the duo had endured an unhealthy relationship since they met about two years ago.

It was learnt that the matter came to a head on Thursday, April 11, 2019 when the 26-year-old hairdresser decided to commit suicide after David reportedly said he was no longer interested in the relationship.

Shortly before the incident, she was said to have sent a text message to her boyfriend, lamenting he had made life miserable for her and that she would soon kill herself.

Speaking to newsmen during the week, David, a graduate, said he hooked up with Nwabuzor two years ago while she was mourning the death of her mother.

He said Nwabuzor, who is a secondary school leaver, expressed fears that their relationship might not work out because of the disparity in their educational qualifications.

He stated, “She was my girlfriend and I loved her so much. We started dating each other about two years ago. She was not that literate, but I told her it didn’t matter. When we met, she was in distress. Her mother just died then and she was living alone. She said she could not live without her mother. Her brothers are based in Ghana, but they usually sent her money.

“She told me she finished secondary school, but I don’t think so. I really wanted to help her improve on her education. She easily got angry and if she had a disagreement with someone, she might not talk to that person again for years. As our relationship continued, I tried to correct her. I persuaded her to be going to church and bought a Bible for her. We usually had disagreements over petty issues.

“If we had a misunderstanding, I could be in her house for hours begging her and she would not say anything. If I decided to go, that would be another fight. At times, the misunderstanding would last for days.”

David, a photographer, told newsmen that Nwabuzor usually accused him of being promiscuous, adding that he found it difficult to dispel her belief.

“Because of the nature of my job, I have girls around me. She would be complaining that I was going out with them. I tried to tell her that she needed to trust me. I also saw boys around her because she was beautiful, yet I trusted her.

“Recently, she said I didn’t love her again. She changed her phone’s password to deny me access to her phone. She accused me of sleeping with women. It was true many ladies wanted me to ask them out, but I ignored them,” he added.

David explained that four days before the unfortunate incident, he had missed Nwabuzor’s calls while on an assignment at an event. He said he got back home late that day and returned her calls, but she did not pick them.

The photographer stated that when he called Nwabuzor the next day, she started insulting him and he ended the call.

He went on, “She sent me text messages, but I didn’t reply. On Tuesday, I went to her house to return the charger she lent me and when I was about to leave, she returned all the things I had bought for her. That night, she sent a text message to me, saying that I had stopped loving her since December 2018 when we had fun at different places.

“She said she was no longer interested in the relationship. In my reply, I told her she was free to find her peace anywhere else. On Wednesday morning, I thought about everything again. I knew she was depressed and I had been the person encouraging her. I sent her another message, begging her. Most times, she would be the one to say she was not interested in the relationship, yet she would be crying. I was always the one saying sorry.

“That Thursday, she came to our house for the first time and met with my parents. That was the day my father knew her as my girlfriend. She reported me to him and said she was no longer interested in the relationship. My father sought my opinion and I said I didn’t have any comment.

“She started crying. She called one of her brothers and told him she was coming to Ghana. My father is a clergyman. He tried to counsel her. As my father was talking to her, she was crying. At a point, she stood up and left. Afterwards, I left for my workplace.”

David told our correspondent he was in the studio when he received WhatsApp voice messages from Nwabuzor, but he was busy to listen to them.

He said she later sent a text message to him, saying, “You want to kill me; I will help you kill myself. Thank you for making my life a hell.”

He said immediately after he read the message, he took a motorcycle and headed for her house.

“On getting there, I peeped from her window and saw her body dangling on a rope tied to the ceiling. I shouted and barged into her room. Her neighbours helped me loose the rope while I brought her down. She was already heavy, but I was not feeling the weight.

“I was not in my right senses again. I took her on a motorcycle to a nearby hospital. She was referred to Randle General Hospital. A doctor confirmed her dead on arrival. I called her brother and relations. The police arrested me and detained me for two days. They said I should not have brought her down,” he stated.

Newsmen learnt that the deceased was buried on Saturday, April 13 which was David’s 26th birthday.

“I have lost my sleep these days because of the incident. I am still going through the trauma,” David added.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bala Elkana, who confirmed the incident, said the police had received a distress call from the general hospital that one Kenile Nwabuzor was brought in dead by her boyfriend.

He said, “Preliminary investigation revealed that the lady had earlier sent a text message to her boyfriend that she would kill herself. Her corpse was removed and deposited in the Lagos Mainland Hospital morgue.”



  1. Will anyone now blame her for reacting like this ? This is her own way of dealing with it. So free tonto abeg

    1. When church hill starts his own,hope you will be very understanding like you are now.


    2. My dear;firstly love yourself.
      See urself as valuable person with so much worth.
      Think of ur loved one's.

  2. If you don't love yourself, no validation or love from anyone will ever be enough.

  3. Replies
    1. Someone killed herself, you said rip. How she wan rip na? Someone who didn't value her own life πŸ™„

  4. Na wah!!! This life that is as sweet as what I can’t explain? It is not all rosy but the thought of killing oneself! That’s what depression does I guess. Seek help people that should not be an option. I might sound insensitive but thank God her mom is not alive to go through the anguish and thank God she didn’t kill another person’s child. 🀷🏾‍♀️

    1. If her mum was alive she probably would not have killed herself. She was an insecure, unstable, emotionally fragile girl who met a womanising Naija man with the sensitivity of a he goat.

    2. Anonymous 22:10 you are a fool for that last part. A 26 year old man is not a shrink. She had severe mental health issues, depression, extreme mood swings and a 25 year old young man loved her as best as he could. Sadly she passed away. I guess men must have shown u pepper, perhaps if you took charge of your life and not depended on them to validate your existence then you would be sensitive enough to not post the shit you did up there that blames every Nigerian man for any problem a woman has. But then pls carry on thinking the way you do and let’s see how far it takes you. Insensitive idiot.

  5. Depression is real. sad

    Hang in there, David.

  6. We have heard from you, if only she were alive to speak for herself.
    #Sucide not the answer.

  7. Hmmmm!
    may her soul RIP.

    He shouldn't have cut her corpse down. their is a myth(or whatever it is called) that if one cut down the corpse of someone that hang him/herself, the linage of the person will start hanging themselves. some rituals or rites should be done 1st

    1. *there

      PS. I no go school , so no yab my grammar maka kitikpa enwenghi nne na nna alachagi anya.

    2. Hahaha so instead of saving her we should worry about lineage. She had no kids anyway so no lineage

    3. "He shouldn't have cut down the rope" really? So he should have let her die if there was any hope of saving her because of a bogus myth.
      Please don't sound uneducated fam.

    4. @17:43
      the linage I'm talking about is that of the bf that cut her down, not that of the dead girlfriend.

    5. Are you serious?? Wow! Hearing this for the first time

    6. I understand what Chike is saying. It is a taboo in Igbo land for one to commit suicide especially by hanging oneself. It is believed that if you cut the person down without the prerequisite rituals been done, then the deceased family members will keep on committing suicide for no reason.

      Anon 17:43...nobody said u shouldn't cut down the person if he/she is still alive. Assuming u walked in on the person still struggling u can rush and help him down so as to save him. But if he/she were dead already then the right channel should be followed.

      If you read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, you will notice that after Okonkwo hung himself, his friend and kinsmen and the entire village could not bring him down, rather, they pleaded with the whiteman to allow his 'kotuma' to cut him down and when the white man demanded to know why, they explained to him that it is an abomination to bring down a man who committed suicide. Not only that, his corpse would not be buried in the village rather, would be thrown into the evil forest.

      That is the norm in Igbo land especially in Anambra state where I come from.

    7. Even if someone doesn’t look alive she may still be alive. Rush such to the hospital

    8. Thank God for the death of Christ on the cross of calvary and taking away every curse. He only what he felt was right to safe a soul and he won't suffer any curse.

    9. He tampered with a crime scene.

    10. From a person who is extensively trained to work at a crime scene, to him he was attempting to save a life and it is not regarded as a crime scene until a crime has been reported. Which person seeing a loved one dangling from the neck would not cut them down? Nigerian police and their nonsense. Cutting the rope or not cutting the rope does not rule out the possibility of a thorough investigation. Throws some challenges, but doesn’t significantly rule it out.

  8. Kai devil really messing with people. You knew she was mourning her mother which affected her, you shook head to be her boyfriend.

    May God forgive you all

    1. Please put no blame on him because he dated her while still grieving her mum. I believe he would have even tolerated so much for that reason.

    2. Shurrup.
      Now go and borrow sense to use before commenting

    3. What rubbish are you saying
      Many people meet spouses while grieving

    4. Yes they do, but people grieve differently and to varying extents. People’s maturity levels also differ.

  9. May God not let us get involved with unstable people that will do whatever it takes to mess us up and ruin our lives forever.

  10. One thing I can say about this post is that she was depressed from her mother's death and when he came into her life he became a life support for her depressed self instead of a boyfriend and that alone is toxic...please when people are mourning let the mourn and find the strength within to moveon by themselves before promising them love.


    1. When you grieve that is when you need love and support the most. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about with the advise you gave here!

  11. Emotionally unstable personality disorder

  12. This is the meaning of depression
    May her soul rest in peace

  13. So sad!! The young lady was obviously battling severe depression. Losing ones mother can take its toll! The guy sounded like he tried his best to bring her out of it but failed. Sometimes love is not enough. She needed therapy. RIP to the dead.

  14. Depression is real, remember one time my ex threatened to kill himself infact he attempted but luckily he survived. After that insidence I ran away for my life . Sometimes he would threaten to kill both of us, I can't suffer for what I don't know.

  15. this is what we call depression


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